Linny Matthews

Linny Matthews

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS
BandPopAdult Contemporary

I'm a singer/songwriter doing it all on my own. I don't like to place a particular genre on my music as it's a mix of a lot of things, depending on the moment when it is written. Sometimes the song writes itself and I like to go with that. I perform many styles of music including pop, latin and soul

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Only One

Written By: Linny Matthews

Yeah yeah, ooh ooh ooh
Yeah yeah, ooh ooh
Yeah yeah, ooh ooh ooh
Yeah yeah, ooh ooh

Verse 1
Baby, I saw ya,
Sitting by yourself with nobody else
We met with our eyes, it seemed funny
I thought you gotta be my honey
You made me fly

Verse 2
We’ve been through a lot
We’ve shared a lot
But now you should know why
You’re the kinda guy I like
You know how to treat a girl so right
Baby tonight is the night
And just remember


You’re the only the I love
You’re the only the I love
The only the I love
You are the only one I love
The only one I love
You’re the only one I love
Cause you make me so right

Verse 3
The garden walks we did
The kind of fun we had
Made me realize that
You’re my kind of man
Didn’t make a seen
Of you and I with one in between

But I’ve realized
Yes I’ve realized
That you are

Chorus x 2

You make me feel so right
You make me feel so right


Written By: Linny Matthews

Verse 1
So why, do I feel so lonely
At night, I stay up in bed
If only, I had spoken sooner
Than I, thought I should have

All those other conversations (left a smile on my face)
All those crazy situations (you helped my mind to erase)
Felt like we’d go on forever (it never ended that’s what you said)
But now you two are together and all I keep on thinking is


Why, do I feel so empty
Why, do I feel so bad inside
I wish you would tell me
Who you truly feel for
Cause I’m not gonna wait

Verse 2
So why, do you keep on changing
You were, the kindest guy I knew
Does she, ever look in your eyes
And swear, she’ll never leave your side

I miss you way you said my name (but I’m so tired of your games)
Can you really see a future (without me in the picture)
Do you ever think of me (when you’re in her company)
But now you see her all the time and all I ask myself is this

Chorus x 2

Speaking part

Why, do I live outside of your world that you share with her
Why, do I hang around, when it looks like, we’re over

Can you tell me

Chorus x 2