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Lino Music is spectacular and unique guitar-based instrumentals with strong influences of smooth jazz, Latin, classical and world music. Layers of guitars are accompanied by sax, flute, cello, violin and piano. If you're looking for something fresh and exciting, you're looking for Lino Music.


Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Lino graduated college with two degrees (History and Pre-Med.) from Miami University of Ohio. But Lino's calling has always been to compose and perform music, so after college he moved to Los Angeles to do what he loves most.

Lino began studying guitar at the age of nine with classical master, George Bachmann. During his high school years, he was naturally drawn to rock music, although it never diverted him from his interest in classical. “I was very lucky to have been instructed in classical music before I ventured into the rock realm,” Lino explains. "It made me a well-rounded musician and gave me a lot to draw from as a composer later on. I learned to appreciate all styles of music, instead of just focusing on one particular genre.” This is evident in Lino's incredibly unique and versatile layering of guitars in combination with other instruments and his bold blending of musical styles. And it's what makes his music so distinctive.

“This style of music is very personal and exciting for me because it is the most honest music I have ever recorded. I don't try to accommodate the latest trends in a particular musical style or write music that would comfortably fit into a particular existing format,” Lino explains.

In September, 2006, Lino releases his third CD, entitled “Miami Jam” (in stores and online 9/12 - Borders, Barnes & Noble and are key outlets). Lino’s guitar-based instrumentals with strong influences of smooth jazz, Latin, classical and world music follow his tradition of using layers of guitars accompanied by sax, flute, cello, violin and piano. This unique style continues with this phenomenal follow-up to his previous releases “Return to Avalon” and “Satin Blue”.

Miami Jam (released by Splash Entertainment/EverSound), which features an cover of Mason Williams’ Classical Gas, will receive active advertising and promotional campaigns, including national television (Smooth Jazz TV), radio (Smooth Jazz TV radio affiliates), radio promotion (NAC, NAR and AC), print (SmoothJazz News, Acoustic Guitar Player), Internet advertising (,,, and press support. In-store retail promotion TBA.

Lino's composing skills are also in demand in the television and film industry. Lino heads up development for Splash Entertainment's production/music division with projects that include composing for television, film and cable programs. Most recently, Lino composed for the National Geographic television series, The Human Edge (Fox Star Productions). Lino also enjoys recording and producing for other artists in his own J-Wolf Studios located in West Hills, CA. In addition, Lino performs on other artist's recordings, most recently for (SAGA lead singer) Michael Sadler's new solo release Clear (

Sharon Grant-Splash Entertainment will manage all aspects of promotion, including radio promotion, print and television publicity as well as tour management.

Sharon Grant
Splash Entertainment


Miami Jam, September 2006
Return to Avalon, October 2004
Satin Blue, April 2002

All three releases receive national and international radio airplay on smooth jazz, AC and newage/world outlets, placement on TV/Film, satellite, cable and retail radio outlets.

Set List

Miami Jam
Salsa à la Mode
Classical Gas
Chardonnay After Noon
Alma de Caballo
Divertimento (Mozart)
Satin Blue
Dali's Hoppers
Ogoki Daybreak
Riding Midnight
Yellow Creek

Average set is 45-60 minutes.