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Hip Hop saved my Life and my music is me... returning the favor. My aim is to "Move the Crowd". I do this both physically and emotionally. Those who come out to party, my music will make you "Shift your Bodies" and for those who want a bit more, you can come and experience a "Shift in your Souls".


Just when it seems as though the icy-coated, flashy, stereotypical elements of the “Rap Game” has strangled the last breath out of the Hip Hop culture, a springing forth of new artist seem to be catapulting out of the woodwork with their authentic sound and innovative lyrical content. We’ve seen it happen over the last decade. Starving Hip Hop fans are forced to huddle, like scavengers, over crumbs that symbolize hope for anything that remotely sounds like “True Hip Hop“. With the success of highly creative artists such as Kanye West, OutKast, Ludacris, Common, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli, the door has opened ever so slightly to allow “True Emcees” to squeeze in and make their mark.

Pushing through the male-dominated world of Hip Hop comes just what you’ve been waiting for and missing, Lin Que. This Queens New York native takes it back to the original feel and grit of True Hip Hop with an up to date twist, on the rocks, that you can knock back for your pleasure. You might remember her as Isis when she was down with the group X Clan and a vital part of the Blackwatch Movement.

As she progressed further in her career, she teamed up with MC Lyte and Pam Wilder and opened up a management & production company called “Duke Da Moon.” She was then able to help others and making their dreams a reality. She understood the importance of marketing and promotion and was able to pass on that knowledge to the various artist they had on their roster. Duke Da Moon would also act as a vehicle for Lin Que to get her music back in the ears of her listeners. She was then signed to Ruffhouse Columbia and shared a roster with artists such as The Fugees, Nas, and Cypress Hills. The underground loved what they were hearing. “This Is It” & “Rip It Up” was just a small taste of what she was capable of and would lead to her moving from Sony Music into her next major record deal with Elektra Records. This is where and when she dropped the classic "Let it Fall." This track featured MC Lyte and was produced by Caspa. The video was directed by Hype Williams and is considered a classic underground portrayal of the last days of true Hip Hop. The fiends kept their eyes on her just waiting to get more acquainted with this multidimensional lyricist.

Although there is so much that Lin aspires to do, she has already passed several landmarks in her career that many would be considered lucky to have obtained. She has collaborated with various artists such as Will Downing, Mary J. Blige, Afrika Bambaataa, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Joi Cardwell, Steele/Smif-N-Wessun, The Beatnuts, Monifah, Ce Ce Peniston and more. Her last venture was a brief encounter with the Protect Your Neck group "The Five Deadly Venoms". After leaving the group for business reasons, she remained writing and creating music with producers such as .0 (Point Zero), Azteknique and Ayatollah. Lin’s uncanny ability to write blazing lyrics landed her a writing gig with MC Lyte on her “Ain‘t No Other” album. In 2005, Lin started to dabble with music production. She has produced many tracks in her arsenal.

Check out the first single, GODspeed, off of her new album which happens to go by the same name. Those music lovers who have been waiting for some real substance can now take a seat at the table and feel secured that they will be satisfyingly fed. "GODspeed", the album, is finally here. Her no-nonsense lyrical delivery sets the foundation for this long awaited album. In addition to the many tracks that will keep any “True Hip Hopper” happy, she captivates the listeners with her take on the state of Hip Hop. The track titled "Hip Hop Holy War" speaks for itself… It’s the True Emcees vs. The Rappers. "Let Um Know" explains her journey through the music industry while simultaneously elaborating on her inner voyage regarding her loyalty to the Hip Hop Artform. "Last Call" sheds light on one of the most painful struggles she has witnessed in her life. "GODspeed" reeks of her obvious Love for Hip Hop and her courageous attempt to save it's culture. "Someone has got to do it. We can no longer be mere spectators and onlookers neglectfully watching a very important part of our community loose it’s mind."

Her music, while still preserving its marketable appeal, portrays her struggle being a strong female in a male-dominated industry which seems to rather depict woman as “scantily dressed video hoes”. Lin Que is a breath of fresh air and has a lot to offer the Hip Hop Community. It would be nice to add a female to the roster to help relieve the growing desire for something “REAL”.

"Fan, for real, before I had my first deal, Love of the art form, respect for the field, I’m bringing back to life what this industry kills, True Emcee's, the Certified Artist with skills..."
- Lin Que 2007



Written By: LIN QUE

First Verse
I break it down, like it’s mathematics,
Baby, got it covered, like a prophylactic,
Shorty, to the side, said, you know who that chic,
L to the Q, dead it, like a casket,
N***** getting high, off the fame and karats,
Sell their soul and die, for some ice and cabbage,
Teaching all the youth, it’s about the plastic,
You ain’t made enough, for the cost of damage,
They inherit dough, they inherit baggage,
They don’t wanna grow, out of the tit and carriage,
What you really know, about this flowing savage,
Hip Hop is my life, it’s just like a marriage,
You don‘t wanna mess wit me, be embarrassed,
You don’t know my state, you don’t know my status,
Corona Queens New York, coming with the racket,
And I ain’t talking tennis baby, Lin the baddest…

Ooh, I love the way you bringin’ that fire,
Come on baby, give me that heat,
Gotta keep the devil down like the wire,
Baby, take ya time, Godspeed,
Girl, I love the way you cook that mic up,
Grab the beat, and just hook that right up,
Bring the heat, wit that look, when you fired up,
Keep it sweet, keep um shook, till the night up…

Second Verse
Black Dalia, know what that mean,
Cut you off, something like a guillotine,
Dangerous, soon as I, hit the scene,
Poison Baby, sought of like the nicotine,
Keep forgettin’, this a microphone fiend,
Mine’s a weapon, both full and wide screen,
Armagedean, disrespect this Black Queen,
I’ll keep you sweatin’, like you had a bad dream,
Get ya stunners, it’s a hundred high beams,
Like Stevie Wonder’s, Cool Mo D type things,
Blinding suckers, without diamond icings,
We move in numbers, like a bunch of Vikings,
First the thunder, after that, the lightening,
Conserve the verbs, as if I was right wing,
Another year of this here, is frightening,
Move it to the left, baby, do the right thing,


Third Verse
48 bars, it’s a mini shooting spree,
Check out the guitar, with the illy melody,
Shorty’s up to par, major like a felony,
How to be a player, ask Billy Belomy,
Always be on point, like in front ya enemies,
Comin’ wit them joints, like weedheads wit them trees,
I’ma bring it up, like a hundred ten degrees,
Hope you know what’s up, writing lyrics, makin beats,
Can’t test Q, cause she’ll bring you to your knees,
Soughta like church, how them priest be wit their peeps,
Take the last verse, and rehearse until they freeze,
They’ll be fallen fallen fallen, like Alicia Keys,
N***** wanna flash, walking passed, yelling cheese,
Come on settle down, you a clown, n**** please,
Bringin’ a new sound, with a taste of 93,
Hip Hop is alive, and it’s living up in me,



Warlock Records - "Ndodemyama" (Free South Africa) featuring Afrika Bambaataa, Brand Nubian, Busy Bee, Claude Gray, DJ Scott La Rock, Don Baron, Dynamic Force, Edward Rudolph, Ellis Williams, Joeski Love, Jungle Brothers, K-Solo, Kid Seville, Kings Of Swing, Lakim Shabazz, Lin Que, Lumumba Robert Carson, Melvin Glover, Milk Dee, Mr. Biggs, Nu Sounds, The Overlord X, Pamela Scott, Positive K, Queen Latifah, Queen Of Funk, The, Rahiem, Tashan, Ultramagnetic MC's, UTFO, Wildcat, The, X-Clan.

Island/4th& Broadway Records - ISIS - Rebel Soul Album - 1. "Rebel Soul" 2. "Face the Bass" 3. "The Great Pimpstress" 4. "In the Mind of One" 5. "Hail The Words of Isis" 6. "To the Crossroads" featuring Will Downing 7. "The Power of Myself is Moving" 8. "Wizard of Optics" 9. "The House of Isis" 10. "State of Mind"

A&M Records - Ce Ce Peniston featuring LIN QUE - "Keep On Walkin" Remix

Sony Music - LIN QUE - "This Is It" Single - Side One- "This is It" - Side Two - "Rip It Up" produced by Backspin

Sony Music - LIN QUE - "Rip It Up" Single - Beatnuts Remix

EastWest Records/First Priority Music - MC Lyte "Ain't No Other" Album - "Hard Copy" Single - MC Lyte featuring Lin Que and Kink EZ - Lyrics written by Lin Que

MCA Records - Mary J. Blige - "You Bring Me Joy" Remix featuring MC Lyte and Lin Que - produced by E Smoove - Lyrics written by Lin Que

Elektra Records - LIN QUE - "Let It Fall" Single - produced by Caspa - Side B - "Parley" produced by Caspa

Elektra Records - LIN QUE - "Illstyle Live" - Let It Fall Live

Street Life Records - Sweet Sable w/Diva featuring LIN QUE - "I'll Never Go Back"

Roey Marquis Mixtape - Da Germ - “It's Uzelezz” - featuring Finsta Bundy, Lin Que, Evil Dee, Roey Marquis II (Quiet Force)

Sony Music- LIN QUE - Die Hard Trilogy Playstation Video Game - "Viva Las Vegas": Fuzzbubble, Lin Que, Craig "Tiny" Pillors, Trevell "G-Dep" Coleman

Civil Brand (Movie) - "Illegal Penetration" - Written and Performed by MC Lyte, Lin Que, and Neb Love - Music Produced By Milk D

QUEB Recordings/Exclusive Music - LIN QUE - "Breathe, Spit, Don't Stop" - Ayatollah Mix

Ill Will Records - Nas - “Where Are They Now” 80's Remix - featuring MC Shan, Raheem, Doc Ice, Kangol, Kool Moe Dee, Sha Rock, Tito, Grandmaster Caz, Dana Dane, Pebblee Poo, Lin Que & Just-Ice

UniVerseWorks Recordings - LIN QUE- "GODspeed" Album 1. "GODspeed" 2. "Keep It Real Tight" 3. "Clap" 4. "Last Call" 5. "Hard Body" 6. "You Betta Tell Um" 7. "Get It Poppin" 8. "You Must Be Crazy" 9. "I'm Talkin To Myles" 10. "Hip Hop Holy War" 11. "Let Um Know"

Set List

1. Intro - "Fix Ya Face"
2. "Let It Fall"
3. "Let Um Know/Rebel Soul"
4. "Touch of Love"
5. "Last Call"
6. "You Betta Tell Um"
7. "You Must Be Crazy"
8. "I'm Talking To Myles"
9. "GODspeed"

Runs about 25-30 minutes.