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The best kept secret in music


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1996 The Sky EP
1997 Free Form Delusions
1998 Insomnia
Singles: Sail Away
1999 Linus
Singles: Satin, The Trial
2004 Retrograde Amnesia
Singles: What's Inside (live mix)
Currently The songs Red, Time to Go, and What's inside are receiving heavy rotation in the Bryan/College Station area on 103.9 the X (KXCS). These Songs will be on the forth coming album due out in February of 2006.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Chris Pate (VOX) is one of three original members of Linus. Originally from Houston, he formed the band in 1995 during his first semester of college at Texas A&M. Equipped with a set of pipes that can tear your head off, Chris writes lyrics, music and contributes on guitar duties. Live, Chris is a pillar front-man that really connects to the crowd.

Rich Caldwell (GTRS) is a mixed breed, performing both on and off stage. Currently on tour as a front of house sound engineer, his passion for music has him well traveled. Rich has been playing guitar since his was a kid and grew up on everything from Nirvana to Nine Inch Nails. Knowing this, it is easy to see what fuels his physically exhausting performance on stage. Joining the band in ‘03, Rich brought a rough-cut yet melodic influence to the rhythm section of the band.

Chris Moncivais (LEAD GTRS) has been playing various styles of guitar from classical to heavy metal. “Moncivias” (mon-c-vai) brings in the heavy artillery to the band with true lead guitar solo-shredding abilities influenced by Dime himself. Not afraid of the whammy bar or blistering amounts of overdrive, Chris pushes Linus performance right over the edge. The balance of Rich’s heavy melodic riffs and Moncivias’s scalding leads drives the Linus audience to pure rock bliss.

Eric Dickerson (BASS) is a true starving artist dedicated to his trade. Originally from somewhere in northeast Texas, Eric somehow showed up in College Station just in time to audition and fill the bass slot for Linus in Feb ’99. His playing is on the level, but his stage presence pushes him to the front of the crowd every show where he becomes one with the audience. Towering in at over six feet, Eric earns a well-deserved respect from his audience who is more than willing to shout the lyrics of songs right along with him. Neither of them ever need a vocal mic to support their performance.

Sean Eubanks (DRUMS) has been with Linus almost eight years now joining the band in October of ’97. As the third original member of the band, Sean hails from Rockwall, TX just outside of Dallas. Adding a touch of Dallas rock to the melting pot, Sean lays a solid foundation for the band to build upon. Peace drums has recently added Sean to their artist roster and equipped him with a new kit. Big shout out to Peace for the support, thanks for believing.

Linus has released four full-length albums, the most recent of which was recorded live and entitled, “Retrograde Amnesia”. This live disc was recorded after the band replaced/added a few members and set a course for defining their own brand of tasty heavy rock. After recording the live CD, the newly realigned Linus focused on turning out rock music that had more than just a bunch of heavy guitar riffs, cymbal crashes and lead singer screams. Rich Caldwell (guitars) adds: “We really are trying to write stuff that moves us emotionally and means something personal to us.” After countless hours writing, rehearsing, recording and playing live, Linus is releasing a sampler CD of their latest material which is included in this press kit. This CD will give you a taste of what you can expect from those guys on the full-length album that they are currently recording.