Linus Of Hollywood

Linus Of Hollywood

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Melodic singer/songwriter influenced by 60s and 70s classic pop whose songs have recently been featured on the hit shows "Weeds" and "Californication". For fans of McCartney, Beach Boys, Jellyfish, Elliot Smith, Jon Brion.


Linus Of Hollywood is a singer/songwriter and record producer from Hollywood, CA. His 60s/70s-influenced pop music has been recently feautred in the hit TV shows "Weeds" and "Californication", as well as several independent films. As a songwriter, he has penned songs for a diverse roster of artists including Bowling For Soup, Charlatans UK, MC Lars and Puffy Amiyumi. As a producer and musician, he has worked with acts like Cheap Trick, Diddy, Smashing Pumpkins and more. Linus is also currently a touring member of Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.'s (Jellyfish / Beck) live band, as well as a member of the influential punk/pop band Nerf Herder. A new Linus Of Hollywood solo album is in the works, with a planned Spring of 2010 release date and a national tour to follow. He is also working on a new side project with Kay Hanley (Letters To Cleo), also due out in 2010.

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Your Favorite Record (Franklin Castle / Sony Japan) 1999

Let Yourself Be Happy (Franklin Castle / Oglio / Sony Japan) 2001

Triangle (Franklin Castle / Sony Japan) 2006

Reheat And Serve (Franklin Castle) 2008

Attractive Singles (Franklin Castle / Broccoli Disc Japan) 2008

Set List

Say Hello To Another Goodbye
The Man Who Tells The Crazy People What To Say
To Be A Girl
A Whole New Country
The Girl I'll Never Have
Thank You For Making Me Feel...Better
A Perfect Mess
Farewell To The King
When Are We Gonna Do it
Let's Just Stay In Bed All Day
I'll Get Through It

Alone Again Naturally (Gilbert O' Sullivan)
Just Wait And See (The Knack)