Alternative rock/Soft rock, with indie and pop sensibilities culminating into a new sound for everyone to enjoy!


Started off of a solo project by lead singer R.J., Linvey was thought up and conceived after a year of solo acoustic releases by R.J., that of which did not open the door's musically that were hoped for. Our music is a culmination of honesty, vulnerability and soul in every form musically one could think of. Our influences span from Son House to Spoon, we are all very eclectic when it comes to what we listen to. What sets us apart from other bands is the reality and honesty of our music. All songs lyrically are written by R.J. and melodically in the beginning as well until it comes to studio and jam time, that's when Josh the other guitarist and the other mates come into the picture melodically and bring these songs to life. We just hope to make music that means something to listeners, something that they can relate to in their every day lives, as well as something that will allow us to do what we love for as long as we can!


Finished recording our first album in November, just finished the mixing process and are about to ship it off to get mastered, we will include in our EPK 3 songs off the album that have been mastered in the studio we used to record the album, though we are sending the album as a whole to get mastered elsewhere.