Decatur, Georgia, USA

Standing only at 5'7, meet witty, diverse,charismatic,Ladies Loving, slick flowing Puerto Rican-Dominican, who's Journey began in Paterson,New Jersey in the late 80's has been making Tall Noise worldwide with his Mixtape "The Premiere", and two Smash Hit Singles "Chop It, Screw It" & "Get It In".


A dynamic duo fused into one person. The best friend of art freaks, band geeks, and scene kids. Taking on a variation of a famous cat whose name, Lynx, means light, is just the beginning of quest to inspire and be inspired for centuries to come.


Left, Right

Written By: Imani Clements-(Linx)

Its Za, the Zinger
The singer
Your favorite mud slinger
The bringer of the truth and the pain in your ringer
Rain dancin on ya lobes while I'm hummin in your eardrums
Bumpin to the tunes thats designed to keep ya peers dumb
No rage
Every year the same cage , time to turn a new page
2011 and they wanna make a new slave
But the master is the MENTAL so I'm dreamin of a new day. -Za


"Pouchi Moochi da 2nd Susan Lucci Mastadon Dong"

20 April 2010