Exotic, cinematic and passion-filled soundscapes that touch the archetypal essence of distant lands and the human heart. The songs open a musical book and incorporate a sophisticated layering of classical, jazz, pop and ethnic styles.


Lion, a consummate musician, performer and composer strikes the rare balance between refined aesthetic and raw passion. A lifelong musician, his music is unusual in its ability to conjure the primacy of the past, yet maintain a percussive and melodic relevance. Perhaps fundamentally, his work is elemental, bringing a natural force to bear upon the listener. A natural evocation, his songs serve as a haunting mix of flesh and spirit, times past and lives present. To listen is to step into a musical alchemy, rich, intense, deep, beautiful, with each instrument calling, speaking, weeping, shouting out to the fiery essence, the extraordinary depth within.


A Life to Live - 2009 - EP

Set List

1 set - 30 minutes