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"Lionel Lodge, Definitely Schrägged. Excellent acoustic folk CD."

"Definitely Schragged" by singer/songwriter Lionel Lodge is an acoustic CD that stands in a class by itself. A masterpiece is made when the right conditions, the right musicians, and the right music converge. In this case the right place is the infamous "Cafe Schrag" in Vienna; The performers are musicians who enjoyed making music at the Schrag; And the music is Lionel's unique brand of acoustic folk eclecticism. The result is music that is real, authentic, and organic. The listener is invited to join the ambiance at the Schrag! The performances are all memorable and unique with contributions from a tuba, a violin, accordions, harmonicas, and various percussion instruments. This is real talent that does not need to be disguised! Our favorite track is "The Greatest Thrill of All," which features an exquisite guitar/accordion accompaniment. This CD captures the essence of friends creating music together and invites the listener to become a part of the experience. This CD is a classic for your collection! Pick up a copy today!"
Reviewer: Jean W. for RadioIndy - Radio Indy

"The Lionel Train, Roogalating"

“The Lionel Train may come rolling out of Vienna but it feels like the map reference ought to be somewhere between The Band’s Woodstock, New York, and the original Allmans’ Macon, Georgia. Old-time guitars, organ, light yet roogalating, everything in the right place.”

Phil Sutcliffe, Q Magazine.
- Q Magazine

"Stunning blend of country rock"

"It's Not My Fault" has stayed inside my CD player since I first listened to it, and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since then! I love everything you've done here, there is no weak point indeed: the voice is warm, the sound of the Hammond is delightful, the whole band plays very well and tight. But above all I love your songs, a stunning blend of country, rock, rhythm'n'blues and something else too. I seldom am so enthusiast because I listen to so much music, as you may understand, but be sure that this album will be a consistent part of my musical diet over the next while.

Today I have started playing "It's Not Fault" in my radio show. I started with "Day by Day" but more songs of yours will follow on air in the next weeks: it will be a hard choice because this is the rare kind of album where everything should be played, indeed!

I thank you again so much for letting me discover your fantastic music."

Massimo Ferro
Radio Voce Spazio
15040 San Michele (AL)
- Radio Voce Spazio

"Press quotes"

"He's writing wonderful songs, has a unbelievable feeling for melodies and writes lyrics that Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen would of liked to of written...and a great voice that's still looking for an equal."

Tom Proll, X-Act Music Magazine, Austria

"With words and music Lionel paints pictures so vivid you can reach out and touch the canvas."

Flicky Harrison, Swindon Evening News, England

"...great music and beautiful songs."

Raymond Swennen, ATL Radio, Belgium

"Excellent sound! The listeners of the Sunday Report on LU 102.7FM, Thunder Bay responded well to the music."

Dean Burke
CILU Radio, Canada

""It's Not My Fault" is an outstanding in every aspect...really like it!!!"

Rolf Hierath
Radio RheinWelle 92,5, Germany

"Though not a traditional country album I have found there is enough in the album to satisfy my listeners. To date I have played around half the tracks and will no doubt play the other half in weeks to come. Personally I found it an excellent album that, with suitable airplay, will please several markets."

Pete Smith

"Hi Lionel, Who’s fault it is?? Who cares!! The album's all right!!! "

Paul van Kuik
Radio 0162 Dongen, Netherlands

"Two great albums from one great artist! Loved the live set--made cover tunes fun. Great musicianship, and great rapport. I started playing music from the live one first, but I'm now featuring more songs off of "It's not My Fault". This has really grown on me, and I appreciate the breezy, fun songs like "Day By Day" and "The Heart of the Night". The intensity of "Storms Building", the leadoff track, is stunning. The keyboards are really great. Thanks again! I enjoyed making you the Featured Artist for November. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!"

Mike Lidskin
Twirl Radio, California, USA

- mixed

"Lionel Lodge's new CD should capture both ear and heart"

"Over the last fifteen or more years, international troubadour Lionel Lodge has been practicing his tender take on rock and roll with The Corndogs in Canada, in various guises in Britain and now in The Lionel Train, based in Vienna. With each move, his sound has improved and his song-writing skills - deft to begin with - have sharpened. New album, It's Not My Fault, proves this beyond doubt. Not only are the songs finely crafted but the band that Lodge has gathered around him prove themselves more than capable of expounding the lovelorn themes of the songs; Lodge's lyrical rasp of a voice is cocooned beautifully by the music, is given space to grow.

From the opening menace of Storm's Building by way of the fragile acoustic beauty of You Came To Me This Morning to the joyous mission statement of Over Into Life, The Lionel Train, with their subtle blend of alternative country, stomping anthemic rock and jazzy rhythms, sound like nothing less than Springsteen jamming with The Grateful Dead, The Band and Django Reinhardt.

It's an exciting and rewarding mixture that should capture both the ear and the heart."

Adam Horovitz
Arts editor, Stroud News and Journal, England
- Stroud News and Journal, England

"Some of the best music received to date!"

"It's Not My Fault, plus the Live album, has to be some of the best music received to date. It's sheer dynamism and its mix of roots/country/rock is undertaken in such a professional manner as to make one wonder where the hell Lionel has been all these years. With elements of Springsteen and the writing equivalence of the likes of Dylan, It's Not My Fault deserves world wide attention. Not only is this a good album, it is also an album that MUST be heard.
Tony Bates
Highlands 100.7FM

- Highlands 100.7FM, Australia

"Tight Roots Rock Feel"

"Excellent songwriting, and a tight roots rock feel accompany the new CD from Lionel Train featuring Rens Newland. My favorite tunes are the rollicking "Day By Day", the soulful heartfelt "Our Paths Have Crossed", the light hearted "Bad Day", and the bluesy "Over Into Life". The Lionel Train is Lionel Lodge on vocals and acoustic guitar and features some excellent keyboard and organ work from Valentin Oman. `It's Not MY Fault´ is a great collection of ballads, blues, and good time rock and roll. Buy it!"

Dallas Dobro
KPIG Radio,
Freedom, California, USA
- KPIG Radio, California

"Delicious menue of soulful Country-Rock-songs"

"On It's Not My Fault delicious menu of soulful Country-Rock-songs which can be compared to some of the greatest blue-eyed soulsters I can think of: bands like Green On Red, big names like Dan Penn or the great Eddie Hinton. Not only do they stand in one line with this artist their style is characterized by Lionel Lodge's songwriting which is filled with experience and close to life-wisdom that traveling and meeting people and cultures all over the world brings. No song is a highlight, it's the album itself."
Karl Fluch,
Der Standard,
Vienna, Austria

- Der Standard, Vienna, Austria


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