Lion of Panjshir

Lion of Panjshir


We started Lion of Panjshir a little over a year ago. The name comes from the nickname of Ahmed Shah Massoud, an Afghan revolutionary who was killed two days before 9/11 by Bin Laden. Our music is psych/folk music with a deep Afghan influence (Ariana is Afghan).


We recently returned from Afghanistan where we recorded with Afghan classical Ustads (a tabla player, rabab player, and del rhuba player). We basically moved a recording studio into Ariana's parents home in Kabul and set up shop. One of the musicians we recorded with is an 88 year old Del Rhuba player who is the last living master of his intrument. We faced many many challenges due to the shortage of electricity in Kabul, but we made it through! At one point we were running through the house grabbing all of the Afghan carpets to nail to the windows in order to further soundproof. They taught us a song called "liely jan" which is now our favorite song to play :)


we have a four song EP
we are currently mixing and mastering our album which we recorded in Kabul
we are played on little radio and dublab
we have a song being released on Manimal Vinyl's "through the wilderness: a tribute to Madonna" with bat for lashes, ariel pink, giant drag, and lavender diamond

Set List

we usually play around 7 songs. our set is usually 40 minutes long. it ranges from accoustic/classical sounding songs, to country/folk, to wild psychadelic explosions. we play usually play a cover of a traditional Afghan folk song