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Lion Ride promised to bring the rock and the rock they did bring. Smoke machines, floor lights, bandanas, pants tighter than tight and dials turned to 11 put the F**k in the F**k Yeah. Before Lion Ride became visible the crowd crammed into the front 10 feet of the stage not quite sure what they were in for however by the time the smoke cleared and the last riffs played the audience was screaming for more and early reports say three women left pregnant. They were just that good. Lion Ride is here to put the fun back into rock and they succeeded. - Curt Oneil -
Lion Ride is an 80’s band. Lion Ride is also, ironically, one of the most original acts I’ve seen in a long time.

Most 80’s bands are tribute bands. They play covers of old 80’s tunes, everyone goes ‘hey I remember that’ and laughs and has a great time and that’s it. But not these guys. Because while Lion Ride TOTALLY has the 80’s thing down… their music is all original! And it’s freakin’ WICKED!!! This is shit you can actually listen to, like you’d want it on your iPod, not just as a gimmick at some show. These guys are no gimmick… they are an AWESOME BAND!

Started as an online project between two musician friends (Mikey and Marky used to email each other pieces of songs between London and Toronto!), the response to their effort once it was posted online was so huge that they had to take it to the next level, and start playing live.

Omg, they look amazing! They look so 80’s it’s like being at a high school dance. Well, if you were in high school in the 80’s… which I was… hmm, should I have admitted that? Haha. But seriously, if you were old enough in the 80’s to remember all that zebra-print, one-shouldered, paint-your-pants-on trash, you won’t believe what you see at a Lion Ride show! It’s 80’s perfection. But, they’ve managed to do it so that they still look cool. And… pretty damn hot. They’re all some serious eye-candy, but Mikey (who is the lead singer, you know) is SEXY AND COOL! Just check this out:
(check link for pictures)

I mean come on, doesn’t that make you want to throw your panties at the stage?!?!?

To top it all off, the band has a following (yeah, already… they’re THAT good!) that knows how to pull off the 80’s gear too, so a Lion Ride show is truly trippy. The whole front row of this show was jammed with early-Madonna/Pat Benatar knock-offs, and it looked amazing!

The show was so much fun, the front of the stage was PACKED with fans, and they played… well, probably every song they’ve got! Haha. (Check out my favourite, Lazer Lover, on their myspace.) And it was STILL over too soon…

I’m looking forward to the next Lion Ride show so much, I can’t even say. And... we need them in Toronto!

So go check out their myspace, listen to the songs and WHEN you love what you hear… send the band a message and tell them you want a Toronto show! Because Toronto needs a LOT more trashy 80’s shows. Helps balance out the emo. And we all know how much this city needs that…. HAHA.
- - Kelley Doan

MSN is a wonderful tool for many reasons.

Recently, I discovered its usefulness in conducting interviews.

Mike Hawdon (Inner City Surfers) and Mark Rand, also known as Mikey and Marky Lion, have joined forces to form a new band called Lion Ride.

In their short time together, they have gathered 1,058 friends on MySpace, the four songs posted on their page have been played more than 5,000 times and they have a group dedicated to them on Facebook with almost 900 members.

They are playing their first ever gig a Foggy Notions this weekend, July 6 and 7.

The three of us logged in and had a conversation via MSN.

The following is what transpired, edited of course, for reasons anyone who knows these two will understand.

Mikey Lion: I just applied the last of my Mom's eyeliner. I'm ready for the interview.

Slackhopper (SH): Perfect! What is Lion Ride all about?

Marky Lion: Lion Ride is all about the volume knobs being at 10.

SH: What was the inspiration for Lion Ride?

Mikey: Marky Lion asked me to check out a couple songs he had written. He told me that he had a dream, or a vision of me singing on them. I thought they were rad, so I went to London and we recorded a couple tracks.

Marky: Hahaha, I constantly dream about Mike.

Mikey: We actually started taking pictures of ourselves long before we had actually recorded any songs.

SH: So the image came before the music?

Marky: Yeah! The picture on our MySpace with the leopard background and the two of us was from our first "photo sesh." It's in mine and my girlfriend's kitchen, actually.

Mikey: But if anyone asks, its backstage at CBGB's in '77.

Marky: We were much younger and better looking then.

SH: Now, although you joke about the eyeliner and leopard print, you're actually writing some pretty wicked songs. Who is the major influence for the music?

Mikey: Marky does most of the writing. We both grew up listening to punk rock obviously, but have always loved the classic rock too.

Marky: Yeah, also, there's a lot of bands nowadays that seem to take themselves and their music way too seriously. I wanted to write guitar riffs that almost anyone could enjoy, and keep the music really fun and upbeat. I think stuff like Motorhead and Motley Crue were a big inspiration.

SH: Will the show at Foggy's feature mostly originals, or will you be covering a lot of Motley Crue and others?

Marky: I think we're going to play a bunch of Inner City Surfers covers. Have you ever heard of them?

SH: Nope.

Marky: Yeah, me neither.

Mikey: I know those guys! I partied with them once.

SH: How do they feel about Lion Ride?

Mikey: They love Lion Ride. The Surfer boys are always supportive of anything to do with any of us.

SH: Who are the other members of the band...Lion Ride, I mean.

Mikey: Mikey Lion - vocals, Marky Lion - lead guitar, Mark O' Lion - guitar, Italian StaLION - drums and ..............on bass.

Marky: Let's leave it at that for now. Bass can be a surprise. We've had more member changes in this short span of time than Spinal Tap has had drummers.

SH: How much eyeliner do you go through in a week?

Marky: Mikey wears all the eyeliner. He keeps borrowing it from girls, but I know one day he'll break down and buy his own.

Mikey: Eyeliner I can make last for quite awhile. It's the KY Jelly that seems to go quickly.

Marky: Hahaha, we tried to get KY to sponsor us. I sent them an e-mail.

*Some cleansing of content took place at this point*

SH: Where do you see Lion Ride in five years? Are you serious about taking this project all the way?

Marky: I don't think I've ever been in a band that I've felt was temporary. And Mike and I are both pretty serious about playing music. It's pretty much the only thing we're good at. Well, the only thing he's good at. I also rule in bed. Hard.

Mikey: As long as the music stays rockin', and 18-year-old girls think it's cool, I'll play forever!

*More cleansing of content*

SH: Have you ever experienced a wardrobe-related injury?

Marky: I fell down at practice the other night.

Mikey: My b**ls get squished. Is that what you mean?

SH: Yea, sort of.

Marky: You really gotta "want it" when you put on pants that tight.

Mikey: I cry when I put on eyeliner. I get emotional. I just know it makes me look so good.

*Once again, the content here has been cleansed*

Marky: Hey! Fast fact. Lion Ride was "CRAZY SNAKE" before we were Lion Ride.

SH: Why change it to Lion Ride? Where did the name come from?

Marky: Crazy Snake was me and my bro Jamie, about four years ago now. When I wrote Cocaine Crazy, Jamie was actually the drummer. The Lion Ride name came from......I actually don't know. Mike?

Mikey: Lion Ride was originally just Marky and I writing songs, drinking and recording them late at night. We put some of the songs up on MySpace, and people seemed to really dig them. So, all of sudden, we have to play an actual gig! We brought in the right guys to fill in on stage with us. We also have our good friends Renderware opening for us to, which I'm really excited about. They're a young rock and roll band from the Sault!

SH: Is this an all-ages show?

Mikey: No. I wish it was.

Marky: Mike would LOVE that!

Mikey: The next one in the Soo will be. A lot of the 'kids' have been asking.

Marky: All-ages are cool because they haven't discovered heavy drinking yet, so they'll actually watch the band and have good "clean" fun.

Mikey: Its time to Rock and Roar, baby! FU**K YEAH! And you can quote me!

SH: After this gig, what's next for Lion Ride?

Marky: We're playing London, Ontario!

Mikey: More shows, more writing, more recording, more drinking. This ride has just begun.

Marky: Mike asked Pat at Foggy's to put 'F**K YEAH' on the marquee.

SH: Will he?

Mikey: No.

Marky: It would've been genius! Think of all the attention that would've generated.

Mikey: I dont know what he'll put up now. Nothing will express exactly what 'F**K YEAH' can.

SH: Agreed.

Marky: Also, we're gonna try to open for Hilary Duff when she plays here.

SH: If you could have one guest musician join you on stage, who would that be?

Marky: Hilary Duff.

SH: I didn't say "back stage"

Marky: She's way too old for Mike!

Mikey: Dood!!! You're KILLING me!

SH: Can we expect any nudity at this show?

Mikey: I want to say no, but those pants are tight...and sometimes they feel better around my ankles.

Marky: I look gross naked.

Mikey: Agreed.

Marky: So yeah, I'll probably get naked.

SH: I think on that note we should wrap this up. Any last words for the People of Sault Ste. Marie?


SH: This has been a problem?

Marky: A little tiny bump in the road. People see bright pink paper downtown, and they feel the need to rip it. As long as they're tearing them down and putting them up on their bedroom walls, I'm cool with it!

SH: Do you guys have merch?

Marky: We'll be selling bright pink posters, due to popular demand.

SH: When can we expect a CD?

Marky: Well, we were planning on handing out a self-recorded "sampler" EP at the show, but we decided we should just save our money so we could record something that sounds awesome, and then sell it. We haven't planned a date yet, but hopefully in the fall some time.

- By Slackhopper -

After selling out its debut weekend last summer at Foggy Notions, the buzz surrounding Lion Ride quickly progressed into a roar as the swelling fan base demanded to hear more from the five Sault boys.

This was boosted by teaser demo songs posted on Lion Ride's MySpace page.

The fans wanted an album.

Saturday, July 19 will see the release of Awesome, Lion Ride's highly anticipated debut EP.

"We had six tracks we really wanted to lay down," Mikey Lion told "We didn't want to record a 'good' album. We didn't even want to record a 'great' album. We figured we might as well go BALLS OUT and record an AWESOME album. And that's what we did. For five bucks, you can get awesome too."

This awesome rock metal band, now based in Toronto, will host the event at The Other Place, 119 Gore Street, with awesome opening guests, The Labour Of and The Scary Uncles.

That's awesome.

Mikey Lion (vocals), Marky Lion (guitar/vocals), Itch (bass), Marc O'Lion (guitar) and The Italian Stallion (drums) are making it easy for Saultites to get awesome.

Admission to this awesome 19+ show is $5.

Pay $7 at the door and you'll receive your own copy of Awesome.

The show kicks off at 10 p.m. and promises to be awesome.

Simply awesome.

- Slackhopper -

Video clip from AUXtv.
- AUXtv weekly.


released July 2008



Lion Ride is a 5 piece, balls-to-the-wall rock band, combining heavy metal guitar riffs with catchy, classic rock hooks, and bratty oldschool punk rock.
Started "as a joke", the band quickly evolved from an 80's style cliche, into an honest attempt at creating their own, unique sound.
Their first release was an independent, 6 song EP entitled "AWESOME" (July 19, 2008)
LR has been busy touring and writing since the release, and will gladly play every dim-lit, grimy rock and roll dive on the planet.

For bookings and general inquires please contact:

Marco Pedalino
phone: 705 257 5980