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Knoxville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop


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"POZ Showcase: Lions"

Somewhere between the overabundance of “bro love” and smart, but quirky, guitar parts lies Knoxville, Tennessee upstarts, Lions... - Property of Zack

"Lions – MTNZ"

My first draft of this review was rather heavily focused on the oddness of Josiah Smith’s vocals. I have since realised that this was completely pointless – it’s like going to see the Pyramids and complaining about the colour. To reduce Lions to a single component is to do an incredibly talented and exciting band a complete disservice, so let me end this now: Smith’s voice is actually brilliant... - Sparks and Nerves

"EP Review | Lions – ‘MTNZ’"

Lions are an infectious alternative rock outfit from Knoxville, Tennessee and their latest release is certainly something to shout about. ‘MTNZ‘ is an EP consisting of eight tracks, all drenched in enough fiery finger tapping, intelligent drum patterns and soothing vocal tones to whet your appetite… - Musical Mathematics


Debuted our first official and professional release, MTNZ, at the end of March 2011 electronically and for free/donation on Bandcamp, and pressed to vinyl by Enjoyment Records. We are on the verge of releasing a second EP consisting of five songs which will be available again on Bandcamp for free.

- Nashville, TN and Phantom Limb have been aired on several college radio stations such as Wake Forest and University of Tennessee.

-March 2012 - 'MTNZ' (8 song album)
-November 2012 - 'ROOSEVELT' (5 song EP)



Perhaps, if we were a company our first sentence would illustrate our mission statement. So...We, as four rad 'bros', are trying continually to craft complex and unique music using guitars and bass strings and drum sticks while retaining a sense of accessibility that may be found all throughout pop rock, pop punk, and popular indie music. All four of us, including three members that attend the University of Tennessee in Knoxville pursuing Advertising/Engineering/Computer Science degrees, do not listen to music similar to the music we make. We listen to post hardcore, americana, folk rock, singer/songerwriter, post rock, punk rock, hardcore, r & b, and more, and honestly our biggest influence is Drake but we all agree that the music we make, whatever it may be categorized as, is the music we love the most and amazingly flows effortlessly. Nathan Larson, drummer/newest member, plays with precision and incredible rhythmic prowess. Josiah Smith, singer/guitarist, careens around the stage with at times a high pitched, full throated voice that is often heard without amplication ranging to a somber low and soft styling and even a meek falsetto is utilized. Jeremy Tisdale and Josiah both tap and pick and strum their fretboards, trading off and attacking each others melodies never providing a 'lead' or 'rhythm' to shine through. Richard Jeffords, bass, is the youngest and most level headed of the bunch. He is musically just as strong as the others but is also one of the more entertaining members because of his tall stature that lurches around the stage never compromising energy and passion often time going throughout the full space provided. We just love music and want the opportunity to play for as many people as possible.