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Rhythms shift seamlessly from dancehall to roots to hip-hop, dub, and afro-beat, with conscious lyrics, horns, and a heavy dose of afro-cuban influenced percussion, Lionvibes is making some serious moves and has created a style all its own!


his nine-person original Reggae/Dancehall Brigade from Grand Junction, Colorado has been breaking attendance and bar sales records since their first show in November of 2002. They bring a positive, righteous vibe to every venue through words, power, and sound. LionVibes' musical style began with ranges from Roots Reggae to Dancehall Reggae with major influences of Funk, Jazz, Afro-Beat, Hip Hop, and Rock and Roll. But recently, this unique group has invented a style all it's own!! LionVibes was created with the hope to increase the reggae vibes in our community. This powerhouse orchestra never fails to breach all boundaries during live shows. Lead singer/songwriter Professor Lynx, rips verse after verse of powerfully original vocals and high-energy dancehall style that is guaranteed to move a crowd! LionVibes manager, Mr. Vagts wails out phat licks on his tenor saxophone, and provides a rich baritone voice for balance. Crystal Vagts dances by his side on the keyboard. Bassist Bill "The Sinister" Monroe, is also a singer/songwriter who brings a flavor to reggae that is truly unique. Jeff "The Vault" Reiss, drummer and veteran of several very acoustically talented groups, brings a driving precision that is a joy to experience! The band is completed with Chuck Chrysler on rhythm guitar, Jared "JBALL" Fischer on the three congas, and Jared "Quick Draw" Napier on the trumpet and djembe, bringing powerful Afro-Cuban, high energy percussion to this exceptionally talented band. These eight people, plus the recent addition of the angelic voice of Kendra Krie on backup vocals, promise to make a solid statement each and every time they play!


Be Wise Copyright 2004 EMPLLC

Full Stride Copyright 2006 EMPLLC has received much radio airplay

Lionvibes DVD Copyright 2005 EMPLLC

Set List

Sets range from 45 minutes to 1hr30min
We can play anywhere from 1-3 sets
All original music exept 1 or 2 covers
Typical set includes:
Sinister (Original Medievil sounding suspenseful intro)
Rockford Rock(Reggae Standard)
Chop and Quench(Fela Kuti Cover)
Cobra Style(Cover)
Roll on Through(segue into-->)
Rasta Glossary(segue into-->)
Give It Another Go(segue into-->)
Don't You
African influenced Drum Jam (one of many)
Lion Can't Tame
No, No, No (Cover)
Fear Not
Run Things