Lipona is an experimental melodic hardcore band that intertwines the sounds of skate punk, post-hardcore, experimental rock, and a multitude of other influences.


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Hailing from the college town of Tallahassee, Florida, Lipona is a five-piece rock band that derives it's sound from punk-rock and experiments with elements of ambient and post-hardcore music to create a unique blend of powerful choruses, gang vocals and sing alongs. The band recorded their debut EP with Lee Dyess at Earthsound Recording (Mayday Parade, Across Five Aprils, From First to Last) in August of 2007 and self-released the album "Urbi Et Orbi" on their myspace free of charge, gathering hundreds of downloads in the first couple weeks. Their new full-length "Atlas" signaled a more mature sound for the band as they have earned great reviews from Rock critics and bloggers alike. With energetic live performances and healthy amounts of DIY ethic, Lipona is ready to take on whatever the future holds as they present their music to a larger audience via regional tours and self-promotion in hopes of garnering label support in the upcoming year.

"For once I don't have anything to rant about.
Lipona is just too good." -

"One of the best things I've heard out of the USA in a long time." -

"Punk rock records don�t usually take the time to create flexible atmospheres, but [Lipona's Atlas] lives and breathes with each new song." -

"The best unsigned band I've ever worked with" - Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit)

"Lipona are the real deal, with the drive to promote themselves and the songs to back up their promises. If Atlas is any indication these guys wont be dwelling in the ranks of the unsigned for long." - Mammoth Press

"Although it is hard to believe how the ever competing sound of past and present punk rock could work together in one venture, in Atlas, it does." - Front and Center Rock


The Citadel

Written By: Lipona

We were waiting for the moment
(Where are you?)
Drawn together by blood and a common bond
Life is fleeting sun, we must disown it
(We'll find you)
and Forge a higher ground
That will raise us to the clouds
They will never ever catch us lying down

Our weakness lies in the fact that we exist
Can you resist the lure of an existential fabric
that is woven by your wit
I'm laying down the groundwork
We could follow it down the line
or through your spine
These thoughts are mine
and not your own
So give me life or lose your throne in time

This time, I'll try
to fight off opposition
cause I won't let them get to me
these walls will hold them back til retreat
This time, We'll try
to limit their resources
and they wont weaken my defenses
I'm takin back what once belonged to me

Just one at a time, we'll bring them down

Day by Day, We're making progress
The lines are moving forward to
Speed up this exhaustive process
We're going to make it over you
and you've been laying in these trenches
Just hoping to survive
and following your senses
that bring us back to mind
(Don't run, Don't hide, This time we fight)

This could make or break us
But we're not leaving without our pride

Success Stories

Written By: Lipona

These steps lead up to something greater
I'm on the verge of excess and
I could stop on a point of complacency
This elevation could be the end of me!
Another routine case of vertigo
Confusion and there is nowhere to go
My mental state is quite unstable
This remedy could be my failure

I reminisced on former pictures of my youth
I asked
Am I a criminal? Am I an infidel?
Looks like your point of view is skewed

It's like another take after take
Of someone's fist hitting your face
and you're just an unpaid extra
It's like you crafted something new
but the patent was approved
to some dipshit in a lab that just invented it

Hold your tongue
And wait for me
To break the news today

I'm sick of reading all these
success stories
of the rich and boring
that are unlike me
Whatever happened to the Underdog?
Whatever happened to the right cause?
We'll I've shrugged off this skin and I'm ready to live
and transform into a force that's beyond their reach

Complete control is their only goal
They transmit it through the radio
and all these thoughts will block these thoughts
of superceding them
I'm sick of shades of gray
I'm sick of making way
For the next oncoming asshole to cut me off
while I'm driving to work!

Tragedy of the Commons

Written By: Lipona

It's a culture-bound phenomenon
To prove one's worth above the others
A dog eat dog world, run for cover

Where do you stand?
Where do you fit in the grand scheme of it?
How do you find
Your own piece of mind?

Our actions tell how much we overcompensate for the need to belong, cause we fear being alone.
This world has been changing faster than we've ever wanted, does it really feel like home? Well we fear being alone.

The sudden decline of moral fabric
The wars that were won through cold war tactics
Progressive thought, confess to God that it's the changing of our times.

And I know, the future is frightening but it's all we'll ever see
To fight for the counterproductive, doesn't make much sense to me
And I know, the future is frightening but it's all we'll ever see
To fight for something that's destructive, it doesn't make much sense to me

Where do you stand?

Where do you fit, when there's no benefit and you're left with nothing. The choice is up to you and after that you're through.


Urbi Et Orbi (EP - 2007)
Atlas (LP - 2008)

Set List

Average set list can go from 20 to 30 minutes but we are willing to shorten our set based on the demands of the venue in which we are performing.

This is our typical set list:
Shut up and Stay Positive
Only Silence
Ron Mexico
Moving Forward
Success Stories
The Citadel