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The best kept secret in music


"Lipriddle begins first tour"

A local band is getting close to taking its show across the country.
Lipriddle, a three-piece band that includes Olathe resident Chad Bourquin on guitar, incorporates in its show a unique blend of alternative, funk and jazz with a message on making positive decisions in life. During the last two years it’s done so in front of numerous audiences at local junior high and high schools. Last fall, it toured 30 schools.
Now, with John Robert Powers Modeling School as a major sponsor, it’s preparing to embark on a 60-date tour for students in about a dozen cities throughout the country, including Seattle, Beverly Hills, Miami and New York. However, the band is still seeking sponsorship for its “Reinventing the Real” tour.
“If we can get it pulled together and get the other part sponsored it still could happen in the fall,” Bourquin said. “We didn’t think it would happen this fast.”
Lipriddle’s show is part of Generation Relevant, an organization that is attempting to “inspire and encourage teens to reinvent, recreate and release a new ‘real’ that will revolutionize and revitalize American culture.”
The organization realizes many people are tired of today’s “reality” TV shows and want something that is real.
One of the band’s earliest shows was at Olathe Northwest High School, and the band won the endorsement of the Character Council of Olathe.
After its shows, the band, which also features Chad’s brother, Bret Bourquin on bass and lead vocals, and Gigi on drums, signs autographs and meets with students during their lunch period.
Bourquin said he expects the band to perform for at least 75,000 students during its national tour.
Terry Emerson, manager of Lipriddle, said he’s excited about the band’s increasing popularity and success.
“They’re really talented people and our community is lucky to have them,” he said. “You don’t meet a lot of people who are so genuine and real. I want nothing but success for them and their endeavors.”
Bourquin said the band’s success with students is tied to the music.
“I think it’s just because music crosses a lot of barriers,” he said. “I think it’s something we can all relate to . . . plus we’re getting them out of class for a rock concert so we’re kind of on their good side from the beginning.”
Bourquin said it also helps that he and the others in the band don’t talk down to the students as they try to get their message across.
“We’ve just had some experiences that have gotten us where we’re at and we talk to them,” he said.
The band also is scheduled to perform after the Kansas City T-Bones baseball game June 3.
Generation Relevant is growing in other ways as well.
“We’re already starting to plan to bring other groups up through this,” Bourquin said. “There’s certain demographic areas that our music just won’t fit into, so we want to have different styles of music for different areas. There’ll be a point where we couldn’t cover all the dates anyway.”
For more information on local and national sponsorship opportunities, call Bourquin at 238-0151.
For more information on Lipriddle or Generation Relevant, visit or

- By Kevin Selders, The Olathe News

"Assembly with a message welcomes back Northwest students"

Assembly with a message welcomes back Northwest students By NOEMI HERRERA The Kansas City Star Staff members at Olathe Northwest High School herded their students through the halls and into the theater of the school Thursday morning for a surprise welcome-back assembly.Marilyn Doyle, a sophomore, was excited to see what the school had in store."If it's Britney Spears, I'm jumping on stage," she joked to her friend as they filed into the theater.Once the students were settled, they rocked to the music of Lipriddle, a four-piece Kansas City band that combines different styles of music to produce a free-form, edgy sound.The band is part of a program called Generation Relevant, a new assembly reaching out to high school students with a message of eight fundamental points: respect, creativity, innovation, strategy, individuality, discipline, vision and teamwork.Dan Reusser, 15, got the message Thursday, but like other students mostly enjoyed the time away from class."I liked the band," he said.Lauren Warherst, 16, said the assembly was a nice break from chemistry class.Bryan Prowell, a 17-year-old senior, said he appreciated the band's emphasis on teamwork and individuality.After performing four songs, the band sat on stage and answered questions from an interviewer.Many of the questions focused on the band's approach to making their music innovative.Lipriddle -- made up of lead vocalist and bassist Bret Bourquin, Gigi on vocals and percussion, lead guitarist Chad Bourquin and drummer James Circello -- is among many artists, actors, TV personalities and others who have joined with Generation Relevant to influence young people to live healthy, meaningful lives.Part of Bret Bourquin's advice to the students Thursday was to "be yourself."It was a message that brought applause from the audience."If you have a dream, do it," he said. "Everyone has a talent. It's up to you to find out what that talent is."Olathe Northwest's assistant principal, Heather Oliva-Martinez, said the assembly was organized to kick off the second semester."It was a character assembly to reinforce the eight characteristics that Generation Relevance teaches," she said.But Oliva-Martinez also took time during the assembly to congratulate the sophomore class for scoring above the national average on the ACT Plan test it recently took."Not only did they score above the national average, they scored higher than any of the other Olathe high schools," she said.After the assembly, about 90 Lipriddle music CDs were given to students.The students also had a chance to meet the band members during their lunch hour and to get autographs. To reach Noemi Herrera, Olathe education reporter, call (816) 234-7729 or send e-mail to

- The Kansas City Star

"Rock for democracy"

Friday, October 8, 2004

"Hello Lawrence, so glad to see you tonight! Now, I've got a little question for you: Are you ready to rock?!"



"I'm sorry, I can't hear you! I said, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!"

(Louder cheers.)


(The crowd goes wild.)

OK, OK, that's a bit of banter that probably won't be taking place on the stages of Lawrence anytime soon.

But politics and music will be mixing in a big way next week -- starting tonight -- in three separate shows at The Granada Theatre, 1020 Mass., designed to get out the vote among college-aged students of all political persuasions: Republicans, Democrats and independents.

"Especially for our generation, music is one thing everybody has in common," said Katie Wolff, organizer of tonight's "Rock the Vote" show. "Not necessarily genres -- but it's an essential part of youth culture. ... It's just a very convenient way of getting out our message."

Thad Allender/Journal-World Illustration

Three concerts are on the agenda:

• Tonight's $5 "Rock the Vote" show featuring Murder By Death, The New Amsterdams, Sleep Station and The Afternoons. Rock the Vote is a nonpartisan organization that registers concertgoers to vote and encourages them to show up at the polling places on Election Day; the show is also sponsored by the Student Legislative Awareness Board at KU. The doors open at 7 p.m.

• Saturday's free "Rock for Kobach" show. The 9 p.m. concert features Kansas City bands Lipriddle, Sooner or Later, New Members and Roister Harbinger.

• Thursday's $5 Democratic show, which will feature local Democratic candidates, as well as The Girl is a Ghost, Fourth of July, Drakkar Sauna, Justin Ripley, Darling at Sea, Chemical Ali and Elevator Division. The rally starts at 7 p.m., with music getting underway at 8:15 p.m.

The show
What: Rock the Vote, featuring Murder By Death, The New Amsterdams, Sleep Station, The Afternoons
When: 7 p.m. today
Where: The Granada Theatre, 1020 Mass.
Ticket price: $5
Ticket information: 842-1390
More information:

Dual purpose

While the purposes of the concerts are definitely political -- voter registration will take place at each event before the Oct. 18 registration deadline, and candidates will be on hand for the Saturday and Thursday shows -- organizers are also hoping to have some fun.

"It just seemed like a good opportunity to play," says Wallace Cochran, guitarist and singer for Drakkar Sauna. "It gives everybody something to do on a Thursday."

Cochran adds: "It's just a show. There are seven bands on the bill; it's nice to play with that many bands."

Musicians at the other events are trying not to take themselves too seriously, even though they're promoting a serious cause.

Thad Allender/Journal-World Illustration

"Alice Cooper said that anyone who takes advice about politics from a rock star/musician is basically an idiot," Lipriddle's Gigi Bourquin says. "Musicians play late at night, sleep through much of the day, and are rarely found reading a Wall Street Journal.

But, Bourquin said, " for Lipriddle, getting involved with an event like this is a way to encourage people (including ourselves) to educate themselves about the issues and vote."

Tyler Bottles, guitarist and singer for the Kansas City Christian rock band Sooner or Later agrees.

"I think using entertainers to push voter awareness is one of the best moves anyone could pull," Bottles says in an e-mail. "Who's not going to listen to someone talk about the importance of voting when they love their music or TV shows or whatever? Entertainers are so impactful already and its about time that is used for something relevant."

Non-musicians involved in the concerts are counting on that influence.

The show
What: Rock for Kobach, featuring Lipriddle, Sooner or Later, New Members and Roister Harbinger
When: 9 p.m. Saturday
Where: The Granada Theatre, 1020 Mass.
Ticket price: free
Ticket Information: 842-1390
More information:

"We knew live music would draw students to the event. Therefore we can talk to them about voting," says Blake Swenson, who's organizing the Democratic concert with Ripley. "We're really trying to get the student vote out."

Justin McFarland, chairman of the KU College Republicans, agrees.

"Generally, these things are to promote voter awareness, promote the candidate -- get his name out more in Lawrence -- and have a good time doing it," McFarland says.

King of Rock?

The competing concerts beg the question: Do Democrats or Republicans rock harder?

The show
What: Democratic Party, featuring The Girl is a Ghost, Fourth of July, Drakkar Sauna, Justin Ripley, Darling at Sea, Chemical Ali and Elevator Division
When: 7 p.m. Thursday
Where: The Granada Theatre, 1020 Mass.
Ticket price: $5
More information:

• McFarland: "I don't know. Depends on what you mean by harder. I'd say it's pretty equal."

• Swenson: "I think it's clear -- Democrats in my opinion. But I'm probably biased. I don't know; it's my style of music. I'm sure there are Republicans who rock just as hard."

• Cochran, supporting the Democratic ticket, calls it a draw: "My (Republican) parents are pretty energetic in their appreciation of music."

• Bottles, the trash-talker: "Obviously Republicans, because I don't see any Democrats around here putting on any rock shows and if they are they are doing a terrible job at promoting. Plus George Dub (Bush) is pretty much the sweetest man to ever grace the White House."

• Bourquin: " I think that Independents might rock out better because they probably don't have a set of behavioral guidelines they feel they must adhere to."

• Wolff, who maintains her nonpartisan stance: "I've partied with both and it's definitely a different type of party for either side."

- By Joel Mathis, Journal-World

"HMS students learn character traits through concert"

Vol. 4, No. 12
November 19, 2004

Harrisonville Middle School students spent a recent Friday morning rockin’ out to
the sounds of Lipriddle. Lipriddle is a local band who performs at schools across the area
as part of the Generation Relevant program.
Generation Relevant partners with celebrities, athletes, musicians, and inventors
and sends them into schools to share the 8 Fundamentals of Relevance and life stories to
inspire young people. The 8 Fundamentals of Relevance include respect, creativity,
innovation, strategy, individuality, discipline, vision, and teamwork.
During the concert at Harrisonville Middle School, Lipriddle drummer James
Circello talked with students about teamwork in all areas of life, from the teamwork of
those behind the scenes that makes their show possible, to teamwork on the playing field
and in the classroom. Guitarist Chad Bourquin shared his life story, including his battle
with cancer, to demonstrate vision and discipline.
The event at HMS was made possible through the sponsorship of Sprint.
- Harrisonville Weekly

"We Call Them Generation Relevant"

With roughly 33 million teens, they are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. (U.S. Bureau of Statistics) They spend an average of $103 a week, and spent a total of $173 billion of their own money in 2003. (Teenage Research Unlimited, 2004)

(PRWEB) January 3, 2005 -- Generation Relevant finished 2004 strong, reaching high numbers of students ranging from 600 - 1100 students per event for 30 events in the schools systems mostly in Kansas City and surrounding areas. The reception was astounding. Generation Relevant is described as “A collection of individuals from artistic, athletic, and or entrepreneurial backgrounds who are committed to living genuine, meaningful lives and sharing their personal journeys to success and failure with young people.”

Bret Bourquin, bass player and vocalist for the group, Lipriddle, stated in a t.v. interview, "This is big, we're in uncharted territory, and we're having great success" Generation Relevant attibutes their success to the fact that, “Today’s youth are looking for an honest, practical account of life and its obstacles. GR and it’s affiliates provide that first through many different kinds of art and then by unassuming, personal story telling and encouragement.”

Funding for the group for 2004 was almost exclusively through corporate sponsorship. Companies including Sprint,LLC and the U.S. Army found benefits in attaching their name to a relevant cause. Sprint Senior Marketing Manger, Chris Schaper said "Generation Relevant brings a unique learning opportunity to students, one that they seem to really relate to. We were very pleased with the students' level of interest at the performances we sponsored. They were thankful for having the Lipriddle concert at their school and thankful to Sprint for bringing it to them. The motivational messages and words of encouragement from the band members throughout the performance seemed to resonate with the students and will no doubt leave a lasting positive impression that Sprint is pleased to be associated with."

Generation Relevant is currently in the process of booking and securing sponsors for 2005. "We are expanding out regionally and nationally this year and are looking for sponsors that want to have a high impression rate with the teen market. It's going to be an exciting year for us." stated Chad Bourquin of GR

- PR Web


"Waiting For James" August 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


For Lipriddle, the key element of music is innovation. This 3-piece K.C. band combines many different styles of music to generate a unique, edgy sound. Within the union of these 3 different musical personalities comes a sound that some say “has never been heard before”. The combination of extreme rhythm married to dramatic displays of melody produces a type of combustible energy that is sure to keep you exhausted and confused. It would almost seem that Lipriddle exudes pschycadellic colors of creativity. Each one paints their collective musical canvas with colors that pierce a heart and stop the traffic. Their commitment to each other and to the music they construct makes Lipriddle a very entertaining and captivating upcoming force. One fan has described what they heard as,"It's like tiny monkeys frolicking in my noggin, drawing graffiti on the walls and causing mischief along the way...
Influence include: Led Zep., Johnny Cash,U2,Prince,Van Halen, Pearl Jam,PerfectO,S.T.P.,AlanisM,DaveM.,Deftones,Sting,Miles Davis,Willie Nelson, and many more.