Lips Against The Glass

Lips Against The Glass


Dark electronic music: a pure instant of ecstasy.
Lips Against The Glass deals with lust,ambient,literature, shoegaze,pulsating lights,violence-


Lips Against The Glass (Seahorse Recordings/New Model Label/Audioglobe - Bologna, Italy). They started their activity since 2010, through live-set and dj set, keeping an eye even to the world of IDM and remixing.

Lips Against the Glass have now published their first effort on Seahorse Recordings. “Vivid Colour”, recorded by Paolo Messere, appears as an “ibrid album”, mid way between elements that reminds of shoegaze and indie (especially in the vocals but also in some guitar parts) and an hypnotic electronic sound mixed with claustrophobic atmosphere. The result is without any doubt something unique. “Vivid Colour” is like a long mind travel through sensations and dark moods and feelings.

The band itself about the album:
“This record has been written and recorded in a very short time, to preserve some kind of instinct: actually the chance of losing it in favor of a deeper elaboration was too big and could have betrayed the initial purpose.
In "Vivid Colour" we were really pushed to investigate a particular moment of astonishment, right before the advent of something; an instant of pureness in which you barely realize, but can't figure it all out. This state of mind is suggested by the beautiful artwork by Bruno Armeni."


Vivid Colour (Lp, 2012 - Seahorse Recordings/New Model Label/Audioglobe)
Split Ep with Unmade Bed (TBA 2013)