Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
BandHip HopPop

I began performing, writing and recording in February of 2010. Since then I have performed all over the country, opened for international artists, put out a mixtape and a full-length debut album. I am currently re-releasing my first album, the Level Heads LP, for free, track by track over 6 months.


Welcome to Lipset music. I was born Michael Braun Lipset in Minneapolis on July 31st, 1987. I have been writing since I was 13. Over the last ten years I’ve worked and recorded with artists all over the country.

It wasn't until I graduated from college in December of 2009, however, that I began to place music above everything else in my life and shift all of the energy I had been putting into school, teaching, and my student groups, toward my music and the pursuit of creative self-expression.

Between December 2009 and February 2010 I finished putting together a mixtape, "In From the Cold"—the first collection of my work that I released to the public. The mixtape was tied together by the overall theme of transitioning from having music as more of a hobby, into making music the focus of my energy: the one thing that kept me warm on those cold December nights.

Since the release of that first mixtape, I have released my debut album the Level Heads LP, produced by Logan "Lokes" U'u of Solplayproductions and Juggernaut Records. The album was sponsored by and released in conjunction with, and Together, we are currently re-releasing this album, track by track over the next 6 months, for FREE. By the end of July, 2011, the entire album will be available for free download. Tune in for The Level Heads Project here I invite you now to come get down with me as I journey into the next phase of my career. Peace and Respect… - Lipset


Bottom of the Flyer ft. Initial MC - Single
Jan, 2011 -

The Game & Me ft. Mally - Single
Nov, 2010 -

Level Heads LP - Debut Full-Length Album
Nov, 2010 - itunes, amazon, rhapsody, etc.

Everything - Single
May 2010 -

In From the Cold - A Mixtape
Feb 2010 - available at