Lipstick Conspiracy

Lipstick Conspiracy

 San Francisco, California, USA

Surveillance indicates that there is new movement coming from "America's premiere trans band." Hailed as "the band with the plan," this San Francisco favorite is poised for new heights and new adventures that are guaranteed to blow your mind. Stay tuned.


Lipstick Conspiracy has managed to defy all description, and continually confounds attempts to pigeon-hole their sound. As early as 2004, the band was described as "The B-52s meet the Police" and "The Jesus Mary Chain with Girl Scout harmonies," but neither of these descriptions truly captures their genre-blending styles, atmospheric guitar-work, oblique sensibilities, and lush harmonies. Heavy-handed descriptions toss around terms like "power pop," and invoke references to the classic "girl band sound of the 80s" and "glammy" with equal interchangeability. The best descriptions to date include mention of the girls' performance and presence: "Josie and the Pussycats...all grown up" (East Bay Express), "an extraordinary experience...the girls your mother warned you about" (CURVE magazine), "monstrous tones" (Guitar Player magazine), as well as their social agenda and music. The SF Bay Guardian blew their cover in 2004 naming them Best Girl Band, and the girls have not looked back since. An international following, complete with a coterie of imitators, is compelling testimony to this award-winning band's success.


She Walks Away

Written By: Lipstick Conspiracy

She can move like wind
Which rustles brambles in the night.
And like a ghost her
Image rattles chains in my mind.
Lost somewhere again,
Lost here in the dark where I lay.
Moonlight escaping
She walks away.

The night moves slowly
Prowls like a thief in the graveyard.
Taking and stealing
Each time I lay down my guard.
A screech in the night
Keeps the wolves and hounds at bay.
Moonlight escaping
She walks away.

Running cross fields of lonliness
Frozen solid for seasons now.
Fogs rolls and creeps in overtaking
A mind lost in weather so foul.

Dawn comes eternally
Does nothing for the light of day.
Mist clings along the smoky fens
She walks away.
She walks away.


"A Perfect Alibi" - 2006 (12 song full length)
"Don't Tell a Soul" - 2004 (5 song EP)

Set List

"I Won't Go"
"She Walks Away"
"You (Do x3)"
"Girl of My Dreams"
"Locked Away"
"Just a Girl"
"Don't Think About Love"
"Andromeda Mita"
"Wishing Well"