Lipstick Voodoo

Lipstick Voodoo


Bluesianna Soul and Funk -Perfect for Mardi Gras Parties, festivals, clubs and anywhere else that people gather to celebrate.


Influences: James Brown, Meters, Dr John, Frank Zappa, Annie Lennox

What sets us apart from others? We are funky! A female lead guitarist, a breast-feeding singer, a cardiologist with a sense of humor, and a biker trumpet player, add some other questionable characters that keep coming to our house every week with their instruments and you have LIPSTICK VOODOO. Note- we are not a classic rock band...

Being a psychologist, the night Jodi auditioned for my band I handed her a two page questionairre (I was trying to weed out all the kooks), she actually attempted to answer the questions before she was called down to sing...she never did finish that questionnaire but she got the gig! Soon after I was lying on the operating table one morning and before I went under I mentioned that I was in a band and we needed a keyboard player...when I came to the doctor on-call mentioned that he played keys so he was invited to audition (he was the only one) and got the gig! After the three of us played for about a year with various drummers and bass players we finally found Kenneth McDonald on Trumpet/Percussion and John Gleim on Drums, and on Bass. We are where we need to be right now.


Coming soon...or later

Set List

1. Unnecessarily Mercenary
2. Use Me
3. Slipped, Tripped, Fell in Love
5. Feels Like Rain
6. It Hurt So Bad
7. Louisiana Red House
8. I’ll Go Crazy-
9. 99 Lbs of Soul
10. M.O.N.E.Y
11. Hey Baby
12. Let Me Play with Your Poodle
13. Fools Game
14. Watchdog
15. Money (That’s what I want)
16. Hey Pockey Way
17. You Can Have my Husband
18. Fire On the Bayou
19. Goin’ Back to New Orleans
20. Uptown Groove
21. C’mon Second Line
22. Little By Little
23. Detroit Swing City
24. Voodoo Woman
25. Take Me to the River
26. Fell in Love with A boy
27. Thank you (falletin me be mice elf agin)
28. Route 66
29. Crawdaddy–O
30. Let the Good Times Roll
31. Train Kept A Rolling
32. What’s Going On
33. People Get Ready
34. Dance to the Music S
35. Take Me Higher
36. Nothing but the Water II
37. Why Cant We Live Together
38. Higher Ground
39. Shakey Ground
40. Uptight Alright
41. Domino