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Roswell, Georgia, United States | SELF

Roswell, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Pop Rock


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It's not Over
Here Forever
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LiQuiD is a brand new all original power pop rock group from Atlanta Georgia, made up of Bria Kam- Vocals, Denis Rand- Guitar/ Vocals, Vaughn Webb- Drums, Levi Boz- Bass, Jennifer Shu- Keys/ Vocals & Matt Saturn- Keyboard. The 6 members of Liquid recently played showcases resulting in “Wow, you guys are going to be stars". "Your sound is so tight I can't believe it". "Play at my club immediately”. The six members of LiQuiD have just finished assembling a brand new album worth of material into a one hour show which will astound and make your heart throb.

LiQuiD has been rehearsing in a private studio facility for 4 months in preparation for a tour starting as soon as 2011 rolls around. The powerful avant garde sound of Liquid is full of thick hooks and well crafted popular songs sure to quickly grace the US radio air waves. Recent showcases have produced such comments as “I can’t believe you have so many hit songs, one after the other after the other, they’re all great". "I can’t believe they’re so many.”

The powerful performing prowess of this band will completely take you by surprise. The lead singer Bria, bounces around the stage belting out pitch perfect lyrics like a little singing ball of fire. At times two other members back her lead with harmony as thick as I’ve ever heard. The six members at times have 3 layers of synthesized sounds, beautiful harmony, and a thunderous rhythm section literally making you get up and move.

I’m physically pushed back feeling a large wall of resonance during their live show. Many groups live performance slips a bit compared to their recordings, but not LiQuiD ! They're sure to be one of the next and most amazing live performing acts in 2011. They far surpass recording and radio play, and are truly an act you must experience live. Any pop rock act or facility will be happy to have them on their bill.

LiQuiD has performed several recent promotional tests and scored 4 stars in large market radio evaluations. Denis Rand’s leadership of LiQuiD and well crafted popular writing style is sure to leave audiences satisfied, and radio stations across the US happy to participate in breaking this new group. LiQuiD plans to undertake a nationwide radio campaign, followed up by live performances. They're already negotiating a US tour, and working on a European tour.

All of LiQuiD's members are solid exciting musicians that you are unable to remove your eyes from, when they’re on stage performing. You can see they’re having a wonderful time performing and the emotion flowing off the stage is remarkably apparent from this group. The amount of musical emotion able to be transferred into the audience, via LiQuiD, is amazing. They are up tempo, exciting, pounding and ominous all at the same time. I’m sad when they leave the stage. A number of local club owners have remarked, "my club is too small for the big LiQuiD sound", "you guys need to be on tour immediately".

This is a professional group of musicians with obvious mastery of their sound. The sound is a wall of resonance with all members contributing to the whole. The beautiful sound of Bria’s voice with the powerful backing of a full professional act will have people all across the music spectrum wanting more from them.

The members of LiQuiD have all been in the professional industry for some time. They’ve all found a need to form a more perfect union out of the Atlanta market, and together have dedicated their resources and creativity to LiQuiD, since its original inception in September 2010. They have to their credit, multiple degrees in music, multiple awards for songwriting and performance, mastery of styles, and years of musicianship. They’ve learned tricks of the trade evidenced in their sound, equivalent to any pro act in todays market. The members carefully searched out and found each other, for the specific inclusion and membership in this group. Together in 2011, LiQuiD plans to initiate a professional management and representation agreement, record a full length CD, and embark on a significant tour promoting their songs in the US and Europe.

When you hear or see LiQuiD, realize these members have dedicated themselves to the new Atlanta scene. They’ve chosen to raise the bar and dedicate time ensuring this successful new product gets off the ground quickly. Don’t miss LiQuiD flowing by you soon. Drown in the Sound !

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