Liquid Earth

Liquid Earth

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Our music covers a wide variety of styles. We have heavy metal,clasic rock,progressive hard rock,epic rock,all the way to acoustic songs.One thing I would say we are not, is elevator music.we are seasoned musicians , and love to play music.


Liquid Earth was Created in 1974,from a dream my friend,at the time,had,
which prompted me to come up with the name.The band went through personel
changes from 1975-1978,Until the fall when I met my Drummer,and lyricist,
Mikol Kramer. At last I had found a companion to write music with.Mikol had
heard of me when we were in high school.We hit it off right away,and it was a
perfect combination,with him writing the lyrics,and me writing the melodies.

We started playing in,and around Orange County,Ca.,and we had our first
public radio air play,on KROQ,in Los Angeles,in 1979.The band continued to
change bassists,and vocalists until 1983,when we finally found the other
two missing ingredients to make up Liquid Earth.The band started playing the
California circut San Diego,to Northern California.In 1984 the band started
recording again,this time with Stan Ross,of Gold Star Recording studios,in
Hollywood,Ca.The band came out with it's first single,called Lion's Den,
with Liquid Earth,the title cut on the other side.the song Lion's Den got
picked up by KLOS Radio on thier local lick's,Heavy Metal Six Pack program.

L*E* Continued to play everywhere,and anywhere,at parties,and autitoriums,
and festivals,until march 23rd,1985 when the band officially closed it's
doors.Life Happen's,as marriage and families took us down new,and seperate
roads......Forward 25 years into the future;Who would have believed...


Rockin' Cocaine Blues

Written By: Ronald D. Blankenship

Come on!,get up!
I'm high on cocaine,can't remember my name.
Being driven insane,by the stuff in my brain.
I've got the cocaine blues,i've got to get free.
I've got the cocaine blues,this trip is killing me!
This trip is killing me!
This trip is killing me!
This trip is killing me!--Yeah.
Big white lines!-from work'in overtime!
Hit'in the trail,for one more rail.
Back on my feet again,can't remember where or when.
I'm faced with this high expence,
Reality's growing dense!
I've got the cocaine blues,I've got to get free!
I've got the cocaine blues,this trip is killing me!
This trip is killing me!
This trip is killing me!
This trip is killing me!!--yeah!!

Rollin' Over The Ocean

Written By: Ronald D. Blankenship

Rollin" over the ocean,rollin" over the sea,
walkin"---walkin" down the sand,
just checkin"---checkin" out the land!!
Rollin" on the sea,--rollin" over the ocean,
Rollin" on the sea,---just you and me,---
Rollin" on the sea,---rollin" over the ocean!,
rollin" on the sea,---just you and me,---
just you and me.-----
Well im rockin" with my band,--
we're just travelin" throughout the land.
I've got this new guitar,---and I know I will go far!!
Rollin" on the sea,---rollin" over the ocean,----
rollin" on the sea,----just you and me,----
Rollin" on the sea,---rollin" over the ocean,----
rollin" on the sea,---just you and me!----
Just you and me!-----just you and me!!---
Well i'm headed for new york,---
probably wind up in red fork,---
I'm playin" my favorite song,----
and I know I can't go wrong!-----
Rollin" on the sea,----rollin" over the ocean,---
rollin" on the sea,--just you and me,---
Rollin" on the sea,----rollin" over the ocean,---
rollin" on the sea,---just you and me!----
Just you and me!----just you and me!----
Just you and me!----just you and me!!----.


Written By: Ronald D. Blankenship

8218,I really think you're a scream!
The way you look is obscene,I sure do think you're for me!8218.
You knock upon my door,it gets me beggin for more!
You've got me down on my knees,I want to love you so please,8218.
Ahhh---Yeah!! " GUITAR "
Oooo--8218!---oooo yeah!!!
I like the way you walk,it gets me beggin' for more!
You got me down on my knees,I want to love you so please,8218.

Lion's Den

Written By: Mikol Kramer

I know you're there,panting and learing
slash of the claw,you make me wonder
are you the cat,-from the lion's den?
proudly returning to claim her prize!!

---Maime her prize!!----

You scratch and you scream!
a nightmarish dream!--

--Enter the night.----

Where is the beast, with her claws
made of golden white light?
Can you taste what is not,-in her sick mind envisioned,
trapped in a land,where the fur's thick around us.
Now they've found us,--all around,--all around!.
You've got my scent,----I've got your tail!!--
--In Hell!!---

You're dying today!---

Ripping and tearing,i'm bleeding and swearing,--
taken to the ground again.
Mauling and clawing,-i'm bloody and i'm crawling,-
taken to the lion's den!----------
----Dead,---in the den!!-----.

Lost Reflections

Written By: Mikol Kramer / Ronald D. Blankenship

The stranger--wandered through,broken homes--nobody saw him.
Reflections--in his own eyes,were all he could see!.

-----Voices in despair-----
-----Cry out everywhere-----
-----Lost without a cause----
-----Cry out to beware!------
-----The're gonna' find you!---

Mirrored doors,--on the other side,
fading lights,--sealing the passage.
Soul-searchers,--caught in between,
what will they - all do?

-----Voices in the air-----
-----Cry out to beware!----
-----Lost without a cause-----
-----Cry out everywhere------
-----the're gonna' find you!---

I can see the light,---
--Can you see the light?---
-I can see the light,---
--We can see the light!---


Written By: Mikol Kramer

In the days of old,under trees of gold,
I can hear the river flowing.
For the lady's woods,have that magical air,
that keeps us all from knowing.
The secret!----
Mirror of the land,can lend a helping hand,
but try not to fall inside it.
Elven hearts rest here,their end so very near,
nifferdill ly all around them.
In the land of Lorien!---

King celeborne dwells here,but only till the fourth age!!
Because the halflings will shall fade the evil power!!
Our ways and weariness will soon be all forgotten,
when the dawning of man has taken all control!!.---

Our sweet time has come ,for leaving Lorien'--
Ooooh---starship destiny,---
Sailing on through seas,--we're now a mystery,---
what was---shall never be!!-----
In the land of Lorien'.------

Drunk 'N' Mighty

Written By: Mikol Kramer

As the lights go down,and we're ready to rock,
we can see you all there!
While we tune our guitars,and take our last swig,
we shoot off a flare!!
'Ya know im' feelin' drunk "n" mighty!
I can't even see the floor.
But we're sure here's enough power now!
To blow--away--you're door!!
This one girl strolled over, twinkling
eyes of fire, it's just another party.
Mesmerized by sound, I was struck in the head,
by a bottle of bacardi!!
You know i'm feelin' drunk "n" mighty!
My throbbing mind's in a swirl.
I'm cut and bleeding...For you baby!!
All on the stage it's a wirl!!!
Watching all of you people, having a good time,
really keeps me drivin'!!
Rock "N' Roll in my vein's, a little insane,
that's what keep's us thrivin'!!
'Ya know i'm feelin' drunk "n" mighty!!
my throbbing mind's in a swirl.
I'm cut and bleeding,down on my knees oh baby!!
All on the stage it's for you!!!..

Sad Affair

Written By: Mikol Kramer

Ooo--my babe,my heart it,bleeds for you,
when i'm alone,too sad and blue.
You tell me that,you've been home asleep all night.
But i'll know better in the end.
See i've been watching you,and now you've missed you're
mark on me,too bitter sweet will my taste be.
You thought that you could close,my eyes with lies.
-----Now I know,our love has died------
------Our love has died-----do,do,do,do,-do,do,do,--

You've now been gone,for so long my tears have dried,
and only god,knows how we've tried!--
I think of you,laughing Oh--so--joyfully,as the birds
of spring,begin to sing.----Begin to sing---La,la,la,---
-------La,la,la,----this sad affair-----


Written By: Ronald D. Blankenship

Babe,when I look into your eyes,-All I see is your sweet love
fill the sky.--Fly on my butterfly,--fly on untill I die,--
---untill I die,---fly high,--fly high,--fly high-Oh so high--
----I love you---yes I do---I love you----

The feelings I have for you,are so strong to me.
All your love,has sent me tumbling in a dream--a dream----
-----My Butterfly---Fly high---Fly high--Fly high-Oh so high--
----I love you---yes I do---I love you.---

Formula L* E*

Written By: Ronald D. Blankenship

--Yeah-We have the secret to living your fantasy.
It's trapped inside this bottle for you to see.
You do not have to take it internally,----
Just set it down ,un-cork it,and you will see.
---Oh!---The Formula L*E*-----
---Yeah!---Will set you free!---
Anything that you're thinking will come to be.
Your inner most desire's are happening.---
and your imagination will be complete,---
--your dreams--Re-al-i-ty.--
---No side effects you see!---
-----From Formula L*E*---
--It happens - Naturally,---
For all who want to believe!--
----The Formula L*E*----
----Will - Set - You - Free!----
----Formula L*E*--Will set you free!---


Now it is time for the doctor to intervene.
To put the cork on the bottle,and end the scene.
He takes it to his lab,where he makes it clean.
------Perfection - is - maintained!----
Until the next event,where it makes the scene,
----Everyone will see!-----
-----The Formula L*E*!------
-----The Formula L*E*!------
-----The Formula L*E*!------


Liquid Earth recorded their first stidio tape at United Audio recording studios in 1979 June 9th. The songs we recorded were Rockin' Cocaine Blues,Star Cruiser,and To You.We also got air play on KROQ fm.They played Star Cruiser.Then we fast forward to the year 1980 in May where we did a home recording with a friend of mine,Bob Cooper,he played rythm,and flute on a song we never used,but it was fun.Forward to Sept.24th 1982 we began recording our home demo tape in chrome with recording engineer,Rene Audette.Oct 16th 1982 we finally quit the demo project,and fire Rene.Dec28th 1983 Our first sponsored recording done at Gold Star Recording Studios in Hollywood Ca,engineered by Stan Ross.We spent 4.5hrs on Lions' Den to be brought to KMET,and KLOS radio stations to be featured on local licks programs.Feb 9th 1984 we finished recording and mixdown at Gold Star recording studios with Stan Ross Lion's Den,and Liquid Earth.May 2nd 1984 Denice Westwood on KMET plays Liquid Earth on local licks.May 22nd 1984 we were interviewed live on the radio for Peta Loma,Ca.KTOB radio gave us 10 min.KLOS featured us on the Heavy Metal Six Pack show later that same night playing Lions' Den.May 31st 1984 L*E* recorded Molten Rock ,and a song called The New at Total Access studios in Redondo Beach,Ca.Aug 24th 1984 the song Molten Rock was remixed at Rusk studios,Hollywood,Ca.this time we mixed it ourselves.Sept.22nd-23rd.We recorded again at Rusk studios Hollywood,Ca.This was to be our last time recording in the studio.The songs we covered were Battle Stars,Rockin' Cocaine Blues,and Sad Affair.We did a 24hr straight segment.Liquid Earth broke up in March 1985 Never to play with the same personell again..A VERY SAD TIME!!!!..Fast Forward to the year 2008, I Ronald D. Blankenship Refused to go quietly into the Music Graveyard..I bought my own studio gear,and started recording again,this time I recorded all the music I had written over the years.I started searching for my lost band members to reunite.I had no luck,and found out my old bass player Windsor Shanklin passed away in 1997.It was begining to look like I would have to do this alone.I recorded the first album L* E* in it's entirety alone and had trouble with the vocals.This was in 2009 The same thing with the second album,until I finally reunited with my drummer Mikol Kramer.We set a date for recording to finsih up the two albums.In the midst of doing these albums I applied for a Trademark for the band logo. Little did I know I would be put on a time limit to complete the two albums,and have to show the U.S.Trademark office I was going to do buisness and sell the music in commerce.So Mikol and I finally got together on June 11th 2010.We re-recorded the drums on Rockin' Cocaine Blues,and Liquid Earth,and decided it would be too hard to redo all the drum tracks,and meet our deadline. So we redid the vocals,and finished the first album before he had to leave. The next recording date I would be going to him,so we could finish on time. That was Aug 3rd-13th 2010,we finished the second album.The first album titled L* E* was released on sept.25th 2010.The second album was released Oct 21st 2010,and is now available for sale on CD Baby,and downloads on Digstation,i-tunes,and a variety of other download sites. Album number 3 is comming up next.

Set List

Liquid Earth, Has 38 songs we can shuffle around. We have two albums out right now,and are working on #3.Right now we can do an electric and an acoustic show.The set list for album #1 is:
1. Molten Rock 4:57
2. Rockin' Cocaine Blues 4:39
3. Better Run 3:56
4. Moonlight Star 2:33
5. Rollin' Over The Ocean 3:34 -Acoustic / Electric
6. Scotch Tape (sticky buisness) 3:59 (instr).
7. Gandalf (the wizard) 10:25
8. Loth'lorien 5:36
9. Liquid Earth 1:52
10. I Want To Be Found 4:27 -Acoustic / Electric
11. 8218 3:03
12. Drunk "N" Mighty 2:50
The whole set is 51 min 49 sec.
The set list for album #2 is:
1. The Quest 3:24
2. Lion's Den 5:54
3. Feeling In The Air 3:48 - Acoustic / Electric
4. 40 Years 4:46 - Acoustic / Electric
5. Lost Reflections 6:04
6. She's Gone Forever 4:28 - Acoustic / Electric
7. Sad Affair 2:29 -Acoustic / Electric
8. Butterfly 3:45 - Acoustic
9. Formula L* E* 4:33
10. Battle Stars 4:04
11. Out Of The Blues 3:35 - Acoustic Slide (instr).
12. E