Liquid Fuse

Liquid Fuse


We're talented, hungry young men who play rock and roll without being antiquated - we have our roots in 80s rock, but our sound is fresh, varied, and will "hit you like a freight train" (Rockpulse). Add loads of energy and presence, and you get an electric, captivating live show. We're ready.


“LIQUID FUSE are the definition of Rock ‘N’ Roll” – that’s how Little Bear Promotions put it. Hailing from Sussex, UK, these 5 talented young men have already been playing shows for 3 years and have two EPs under their belt: Loaded Gun (2011) and Party Trixx (2012), which have received rave reviews and radio play around the UK as well as the USA, Canada, Ireland, Spain and Mexico.

While they have their roots in 80s rock, their varied influences and versatile song-writing makes them set to “reinvent rock and roll” (Hot Buzz Magazine) with a fresh sound, compounded by a mass of attitude and presence.

Having already played at legendary venues in cities like London, Brighton and Barcelona, they are becoming known to a legion of fans as a live powerhouse that “hit you like a freight train” (Rockpulse Magazine). Now, the band looks ahead to greater things, while never losing sight of their purpose – to play exciting music and stunning shows that blow people away.


Loaded Gun EP (2011)

1. Loaded Gun
2. Sands
3. Now It's Time

Party Trixx EP (2012)

1. Party Trixx
2. Night Sky
3. Turn It Up

Radio Play: Total Rock FM, Total Biker FM (TBFM Online), Uckfield FM, CHSR FM, ADMM Metal Music Radio, Firebrand Rock Radio, MTM Radio, Biker Rock Radio, Acropolis Radio, Radio Reverb, ARFM, Radio Free Brighton, Brighton & Hove Community Radio, Wizards of Hilltop Radio, Northbrook Student Radio.