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Oneonta, New York, United States | SELF

Oneonta, New York, United States | SELF
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"Liquid Me to Release Highly-Anticipated New EP Fri 5/06 at On the Roxx Concert Event"

Regional hard/alternative rock power trio, Liquid Me, will release its highly-anticipated, self-titled EP, on Friday, May 6 at a special concert event, hosted by On the Roxx (73 Court Street, downtown Binghamton).

Liquid Me’s new EP was crafted through an incredibly-opportunistic partnership with esteemed producer Jeff Da Bella (Autopilot Off, Island/Universal, etc), and was mastered by Mike Dominici (Black Label Society, Mos Def, etc). The EP’s first single, and music video, “She Said,” has been made available online recently, and has generated enthusiastic responses from around the world. “She Said” is being played regionally by stations including 92.5 KGB fm (Binghamton), 93.5 WVBR fm (Ithaca), and RIP 97.9 fm (Hunter/Windham), and is already featured on scores of internet radio stations. The core of the band, Lotus (vocals, guitar) and Kris (bass), have been performing and honing their sound together for years: a significant effort, now yielding big-impact results, and a lot of excitement. Liquid Me is influenced, and inspired, by a variety of bands such as Nirvana, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Jane’s Addiction, and Led Zeppelin.

Heralded homegrown hard-rockers, Dropclutch, will co-headline the loaded-up concert event. Dropclutch has shared the stage with national acts such as Seether, Breaking Benjamin, and Anthrax’s Joey Belladonna. Their debut album, The Reason, produced by Billy Graziadei (Biohazard, Suicide City), helped earn Dropclutch world-wide acclaim, considerable national airplay, and legions of fans. The band will soon have a song featured on an upcoming version of the smash-hit video game Rock Band, and has recently released new single/video, “One Bullet,” from its upcoming new album, to exuberant reviews.

Members of the Rensselaer Falls metal/alternative powerhouse, Tyrade, are no strangers to the big stage, themselves; they have performed with the likes of Everclear, STEMM, Green Jelly, and Tantric, and will be performing with Skid Row this summer (as will Dropclutch). Tyrade will soon be touring the world with the USO, as well. The band has already amassed a dedicated fan-base of avid followers, and has a very bright future to look forward to, indeed.

Binghamton’s own Drunken Bastards at the Door complete the 5/06 special event line-up. Said hard-working, local sound-pushers have re-emerged in the scene with a vengeance recently, seemingly performing every weekend around the area as of late. When asked as to DBATD’s musical genre, front-man J-Rod explained (to paraphrase) that the band exists outside of any categorical genre, and that if Jameson’s Irish Whiskey made music, it would sound like DBATD. Coincidentally, patrons of the 5/6 Liquid Me EP release event must be 21+.

The 5/06 Liquid Me EP Release Event at On the Roxx is being presented by Sterling Live Productions, in conjunction with Clean Green Music. All involved wish to extend their special thanks to those at On the Roxx for allowing a show as big, and utterly insane, as the 5/06 Liquid Me EP Release Event, take place at their fine establishment. Doors at 8pm, $5 cover at the door.

For more on Liquid Me, and the 5/06 EP Release Event at On the Roxx, visit - News Channel 34 (Binghamton, NY NBC/ABC)

"LIQUID ME And What They Have In Common With Zakk Wylde and Mos Def"

LIQUID ME is 3-piece, punk-infused, hard rock from the badlands of upstate NY and…oh wait…here… listen to their tune “She Said” while You Read…

Much better.

Anyway, the three are long-time friends. Lotus (vox, guitars) and Kris (bass) have been working on their music together for years: tweaking their sound, writing volumes of gritty, grungy, groovy material. They got their break about a year ago by winning over regional-kingpin producer Jeff Da Bella (Autopilot Off, Island/Universal, etc).

Of course, because life is a bitch, the band lost a member to incarceration during the term of their production agreement with Da Bella, and things got scary, fast. Although the band had no knowledge of their wayward member’s activities, they were sure that the deal-breaker hammer was about to drop, death-by-association style, as dictated by industry standard. The toaster dangled, precariously, above the Liquid Me bathtub.

But then, the sun came out and illuminated that dog’s entire ass. The band recruited fellow old friend, Todd (drums), to sit the throne and appease the super-pissed producer. As it turns out, Da Bella had also asked Todd to join Liquid Me; while Da Bella wasn’t about to let Lotus and Kris know it, he was too convinced in the project’s validity, and truly signature quality, to let it die on the vine. In Da Bella’s mind, they had come too far together, and things were sounding too good, to kill it.

Long-story-short, there’s significant excitement on this side of the fence these days. The EP was mastered by industry strong-man Mike Dominici (Black Label Society, Mos Def, etc), and it’s hot. The EP’s first single, and music video, “She Said,” was pre-released in late Feb, and the buzz ensued. The band is working hard, gearing up for the May 6 EP release and subsequent shows. They also plan to complete their full-length with Da Bella this year.

Where you can find more LIQUID ME what not: -

"EP Review"

A couple of weeks ago, this guy sent me an e-mail telling me how awesome I am and asking me to review an EP by some band called Liquid Me. I like it when people tell me how awesome I am, so I agreed. I gotta say, not many bands in my little universe would name their influences as "Nirvana, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, and Queens of the Stone Age."

Turns out, they weren't joking. They sound pretty much like exactly everything that was on alternative radio in the 90's. I'm not sure why anyone would want to play a style that hasn't really been relevant since 1993. I'm not really sure why if they did, they'd want someone like me to review it. (I'm also not sure why they are releasing on a Friday. Mysteries!)

But the band does succeed at what they set out to do (assuming what they set out to do was imitate In Utero-era Nirvana and Pearl Jam - oh, and Queens of the Stone Age). The guitar work is impressive - lots of harmonics and nasty riffs. "See Thru" is probably the best example, with a mean solo and a hook doubled on octaves, a la Smashing Pumpkins. But the guitars are on their game for the whole EP. "Resist" also has a fun riff and the drummer Todd is at his best here, endlessly reacting to minutiae in the guitar line.

"She Said" (will people please stop using that as a song title?) branches out a bit sonically, with some distinctly industrial-inspired elements. Meanwhile, "Resist" has moments that recall Black Flag - but only a few. Most of the song is straight alt rock. The EP is also book-ended by their most Nirvana-esque songs so what musical range they do show is buried.

Lamentable lyrics aside, this is clearly a talented bunch. I haven't heard anyone do this genre this well in a long time. But I don't really understand the point of doing something that's already been done, and in fact, done to death and then had its carcass trampled flat and dragged through the mud for years and years by crappy radio stations nationwide. Never mind that Liquid Me is better than quite a few of the bands that made it big post 1995. Like any throwback, it's a fun listen if you're into that kind of thing. But it's not interesting and I can't help but think it's a waste of talent.

Who knows, if the band digs deeper, they may find some influences that broaden their horizons. But for now, they're just chewing up the 90's and spitting it back out. So, if that's your thing, check them out. - Radio Flyer Review

"EP Review"

Many rock bands list their musical influences, and every track they create sounds like an amateur attempt at an original cover song. Other rock bands list musical influences, and would probably be beaten to death by said influences if they ever heard the results and felt responsible for spawning such unorganized noise and chaos under the guise of making music.

Liquid Me is a three piece rock band from upstate New York that does not suffer from either of these afflictions. These guys know what they are trying to accomplish and create. They know what they are, as well as knowing what they are not, and this was very apparent as we listened to this self titled, five track debut EP. Liquid Me lists hard rock, grunge, and punk influences; and the band does an insane job of welding them all together with their individual styles and talents.

The album as a whole has an aggressive rock feel, driven by angry grunge and punk, sometimes charging up with heavy metal inspired guitar solos and breakdowns. Furious driving bass and smashing drums combine with heavy walls of guitar, complete with all kinds of nasty squeals and distortion. This finely complements vocals that are rich and full, yet raspy and pissed off without ever entering the realms of whining or crying.

The rhythm section of Kris (Bass) and Todd (Drums) provide a solid foundation for Lotus to rip his guitar and vocal work over top. They play with a purpose and keep the pace of each track solid in a simple, yet technical manner without becoming boring or repetitive. Both Kris and Todd have several moments, specifically in "She Said" and "Fallout", where they team up and move to the front to carry the song, as well as in other smaller moments throughout the rest of the album. This creates a nice change of pace to the overall EP and keeps the listener anticipating the next change-up on every track.

The EP was produced and mastered by accomplished professionals in Jeff Da Bella (Autopilot Off, Island/Universal), and Mike Dominici (Black Label Society, Mos Def), and they did an exceptional job. Rock this one in some quality headphones or speakers, and you will pick up all kinds of subtle studio effects, feedback, vocal effects and interesting tones. Post production tricks on this EP are subtle, fitting into and enhancing parts of each song without slowing it down or becoming ridiculous. It all adds to create a great production while keeping an authentic feel that can be performed live on stage and still sound like they are playing the same song.

"Liquid Me" will be available on May 6th 2011, and we highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy. Every track is solid, but our favorites to crank way the fuck up are "Fallout" and "See Thru", as both get particularly sick with guitar work and a faster pace as they close out. So we will say it again, go get a copy right now and enjoy it for your goddamn self. Or go turn on Jack FM and get the fuck off of this page.

-Angry Pirate, P. Plastino-Black Collar Radio
- Black Collar Radio

"EP Review"

Representing hard-crunching rough’n’tumble rock’n’roll at its most straight-up ballsy and exciting, this 5 song EP from an upstate New York trio totally kicks ass in no uncertain terms. The snarly vocals spit out the angry lyrics with lip-smacking in-your-face aggressive brio. The fiercely rippin’ guitars, churning basslines, and tough-as-steel steamrolling drums keep the quick tempos and barnstorming beats tearin’ along from start to finish. This is the kind of gloriously raw and gritty rock that goes right for the jugular with a savage energy and sense of go-for-it abandon that’s a complete nasty joy to hear. One hell of an immensely enjoyable and explosive roar of a winner. - Jersey Beat


Band members

* Lotus, of Otego (guitar and vocals)

* Kris, of Oneonta (bass)

* Todd, of Apalachin (drums)

How do you describe your music?

"We're a post-grunge, punk-infused, groove-oriented, hard alt rock power trio."

Musical influences

Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Sonic Youth

Upcoming gigs

* Friday, March 25: Flashbacks, Binghamton (with Catastrophe Me and Like a Cat Fight)

* Friday, May 6: Flashbacks, Binghamton (EP release show; with Dropclutch)


Future plans

"We hope to complete the full-length album this year." - Press & Sun Bulletin / (Gannett)

"Liquid Me to Rock Hard at Binghamton’s Flashbacks"

Regional alt rock power trio, Liquid Me, will perform a set’s worth of “post-grunge, punk-infused, groove-intensive hard rock” at Flashbacks (State Street, Binghamton) on Friday, March 25, as part of an exciting evening of new, original music.

The bill includes Syracuse-area rockers, Catastrophe Me, winners of the 2010 SAMMY award for “Best New Artist.” The upwardly-mobile band features celebrated vocalist Heather Brushell, has been performing with bands such as Tantric, and recently had two of their songs included on Tripple B Games’ College Lacrosse 2011 video game (Xbox Live). Check out Catastrophe Me at Popular local punk/indie/alt rockers, Like a Cat Fight, will kick off the concert event (

Liquid Me has recently completed its self-titled EP, which will be released this May. The EP was produced by Jeff Da Bella (Autopilot Off, Island/Universal), and mastered by Mike Dominici (Black Label Society, Mos Def). The first single, and music video, from the upcoming EP, “She Said,” has been made available online recently, and has quickly created quite a stir. The core of the band, Lotus (vocals, guitar) and Kris (bass), have been performing and honing their sound together for years, under a variety of different band-names. Liquid Me is influenced, and inspired, by a variety of bands such as Nirvana, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Sonic Youth, and Queens of the Stone Age.

The 3/25 concert event at Flashbacks is being presented by Sterling Live Productions, in conjunction with Clean Green Music, as part of the venue’s new Friday night concert series. Doors at 8pm. $5.

For more on Liquid Me, visit - News Channel 34 (Binghamton, NY NBC/ABC)


"She Said" single/video - Jan. 2011

EP (self-titled) - May 2011

"She Said" official video:

"Wrong" single/video - Dec 2012

"Wrong" official video:




LIQUID ME is a post-grunge, hard rock/stoner/punk band from upstate NY (Oneonta).

Liquid Me will release its new album fall 2013, with Lotus (vocals/guitars), and Todd (drums/vocals) co-writing and recording. The two have worked tirelessly on honing the band's sound into a signature, aggressive, hooky offering: ever-mindful of groove-intensive, rock-and-roll sensibilities, but eager to flip feels over, and pursue new-school sonic-hugeness by stripping down and creating space.

Liquid Me "released" their new album's first single, 'Wrong,' in mid-December 2012: they licensed the track, for free, to regional environmentalist group Shaleshock, accompanied with an official video. Wrong has been very well received, and added/spun by many terrestrial/internet radio vehicles, while the video ceaselessly racks up plays.

'Wrong,' and the entire, new album, are being recorded by Arthur Scott Verner (DMS Studio, Clarksville, NY), and produced/mixed by Jeff Da Bella (Mansion Audio, Johnson City, NY).

There is a ton of excitement about this fall's Liquid Me album release.
REVIEWERS / RADIO / MEDIA: please contact Clean Green Music and request a digital package (available late summer '13)

Liquid Me's first release (self-titled EP) has earned glowing reviews from folks like Radio Flyer Review,, Jersey Beat, Heavy Planet, Black Collar Radio, and many more (reviews: