Liquid Sundrop

Liquid Sundrop


Liquid Sundrop is a band of dedicated individuals who hope to change the world by spreading a positive message and calling for people everywhere to unite under one nation, Earth.


Liquid Sundrop was formed in June of 2003 and has developed into an eclectic musical force that derives its sound from trance/electronic rock, jazz improvisation, and dub-influenced jams. By combing these explorations in sound with introspective lyrics of hope and change, Liquid Sundrop appeals to all members of the human race. After a rebirth in 2005, Liquid Sundrop has moved toward a fuller, 4-piece sound, that focuses on originals that usher in a revolution.


Rise Up

Written By: A.J. Purcell

I've been drinkin and thinkin that
this world is getting smaller
Yes it's shrinkin, we blink and,
it's dissapeared

I've been smokin and jokin with all my rowdy friends who say this world can not be saved.

Rise up! My son and fight the fight your time has come today,
If every day was sunny skies you'd never find your way
Rise up! these walls are crumbling, crashing to the ground
Rise up! and rediscover this heaven we have found
Rise up young bud and free us from the prison of our mind
Rise up and join together as eternity rewinds.

I told my preacha, i don't need ya
to find my way to heaven i just reach down to the ground.
Ive been walkin and talkin about all these ideas that i just cant get out of my head.


Railroad Town

Written By: Coe Allen

V:All my belongings i'm holdin
and my shoes are worn thin
Don't know how this story should begin
Travelin so far this time im back here again in this town.

All my thoughts are twisted but im still holdin on
Cause you got stories to tell me on the telephone
I remind you all those days will be gone if you give them time

Chorus: But I like the days that i spent with you
And all of the grasses that we trampled through
Come so far but know im back here with you in this Railroad Town....
Just call it home

V: Oh there was colors in Crimson, deep purple and blue
and your feet start moving right under you
It comes from deep inside and there's nothing you can do because its deep inside yeah its inside of you.

Chorus:But I like the days that i spent with you
And all of the grasses that we trampled through
Come so far but know im back here with you in this Railroad Town....
Just call it home


Written By: Phillip Louis Pelot

V:I'm going home to my Mother
Where the sun is gonna shine
I'm going home to that river
Where the trees live I can climb

I'm going home to see my sisters
and my brothers and my paw
I'm going home to see the sun rise
Sweet revival Morning air

Chorus: Home, Home,
I'm Going home

V:Cloudy days came to my travels
But the rain washed them away
Now the journey's still not over
As we live through each today

All the good times we have shared
As we roll on down the road
Shall never be forgotten
And those memories set in stone

Chorus: Home, Home,
I'm Going home

V:Summer days came to my rescue
In the middle of the night a cool breeze
Blows through all the ages
Setting all of the captive people free

Chorus: Home, Home,
I'm Going home

Set List

Typically consists of either one set of 2-2.5 hours or 2 sets of one hour a piece.

Liquid Sundrop Originals:

!Hot! Nights
The Battle of Fort Lamar
Tower of Babble
4UP 4Down
Rise Up
Broken Man
Railroad Town
Weekend Survival
Birds Of Paradise
What Are We Waiting For
One Thing
Get Higher
I won't go
A few of our covers include:
The Weight- The Band
Althea- Grateful Dead
I Shall Be Released- Bob Dylan
Cortez the Killer- Neil Young
Catfish John