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"Nashville Music Guide"

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Liquid Village is truly a band of talented and creative musicians. The band has a musical chemistry that projects into their material. The music blends elements of jazz, funk, southern and English rock. Liquid Village has the progressive and technical flavoring of YES. This is a band that is not afraid to reach out with their music and be progressive, yet end up with tasteful songs that leave their melodic taste running through your head long after the songs have finished.

All At Once (rock) – This is the new album by Liquid Village. I could not think of a better album to kick off spring. It is fresh with progressive themes and lush vocals. My favorites are “Frustration Song”, “One The Flesh”, “Rockin’ In His Chair”, “Rope Of Sand”, and “Twisted”. This album is something that will provide a new window to rethink what music is all about. Check It Out! - Barrye Cassell

"Sea Of Tranquility"

What a cool name for a band — and appropriate, too. It hints at a constantly changing environment, which is exactly how All At Once, the expansive debut disc by these veteran Nashville players, sounds. Part prog band, part jam band and part classic-rock band, Liquid Village boasts four distinct vocalists (with pleasant, understated voices that don’t overpower the music) and a wide range of influences (ranging from Dave Matthews to Yes to Zeppelin). “Jazzy Thang” evokes Umphrey’s McGee; Crosby, Stills & Nash could have recorded “One the Flesh” — although they probably would have changed the title; and the instrumentation on the groovy off-kilter title track will elicit Steve Howe-era Yes flashbacks. Then there’s the acoustic percolation of “Frustration Song,” the complex vocal arrangements and multiple harmonies on “Twisted” and the ridiculously fun “Loony Bin.” For a change of pace in which every song fails to wear out its welcome, let Liquid Village flood your speakers. - Michael Popke, May 31, 2006


On their debut All At Once, Liquid Village explores R&B, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Southern Rock and many more, sometimes all within a single song. Thus making it hard to describe them even though the music is mostly song based. Within each track, all the musicians have ample time to add to the overall composition. In many ways, Liquid Village achieves in a shorter form what some bands do in long drawn out epics.
One thing that I enjoy about the music is that all the band members sing which creates some really good harmonies. This is one of the few albums I get that I enjoy from beginning to end every time I listen. It also has a timeless quality to the overall vibe of the album. If you want music that’s full of melody and adventurous yet assessable, then Liquid Village is the band for you.
- Ron Fuchs, 9/2/06

"Music Row Magazine- Row Fax"

-This band's debut disc shifts time signatures, has mystic lyrics, is punctuated by jazz-rock guitars and twists and turns in lots of other pleasantly unexpected ways. I especially liked it when everybody sang different lines and parts simultaneously. Complex and intriguing.
- Robert Oermann, May '06

"Richard Dodd"

"Classic style with a refreshingly honest approach to both performance and recording techniques"

- Quote used by permission


Let me start by writing that All At Once by Liquid Village is a very good album. This was the easy part for me, because Liquid Village's music is very hard to categorize or even describe.

Listening to All At Once I hear some R&B, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Southern Rock... and I could go on for a while. On few tracks I can even detect some obvious (at least to my ears) Gentle Giant influences.

The material is mostly song based, but every track offer ample place for the musicians (all excellent) to express themselves. This being said, in my opinion the two highlights of this record are the great melodies (very well written songs) and the singing. All the band members sing and this often makes for beautiful harmonies. Stephen Stills, Colin Hay and Richie Havens all seem to pop up in the mix, this for the listener's pleasure.

All At Once is recommended to fans of CSNY, Steely Dan and other intelligent yet entertaining music. Very nice stuff indeed. - Marc Roy, May 11, 2006

"GroundBreaking Entertainment Magazine"

This album was a pleasant surprise. The style reminds me of fusion/progressive rock. Some of the influences seem to be King Crimson, Yes, Dixie Dregs/Steve Morse and Mahavishnu Orchestra but there is an occasional feel of some vintage Frank Marino or Pat Travers.

The rhythm section (Gary Godbey on bass and Carlos Ruiz on drums) is very tight and lays down some nice grooves while also incorporating polyrhythms into several of the songs. The vocals don’t always seem to fit into this style of playing, but that’s a minor concern.

The guitarists (Matt Jacobs and Alan Powell) in particular seem to be chameleons on tone and technique, at times sounding similar to such groundbreakers as Allan Holdsworth. Highly recommended if you are a fan of out-of-the-ordinary, well thought-out progressive music. - Marty Barrows, May 2006


All At Once (full length CD released 12/05)



The Nashville, TN based group was formed in 2001 with Gary Godbey (bass), Alan Powell (guitar), Matt Jacobs (guitar), and Carlos Ruiz (drums). The four shared a common vision of a band versatile enough to play any style of music, creative enough to imagine unique combinations of styles, and bold enough to actually try it. The broad range of styles makes Liquid Village hard to categorize, but keeps ears fresh and intrigued by what might happen next. Some grooves are classic and accessible, while others are new and challenging. Prog rock, jam band, jazz, country, southern rock, Latin, and reggae- even with so much variety, a signature sound emerges to bind together the whole. All At Once, their first CD released December 2005, got some great reviews. Liquid Village also enjoyed a stint on college and AAA radio, at one point being played by over 150 radio stations in North America. At the same time the band began to define its favorite places to play as outdoor events. A second recording got underway in the summer of 2007, and will eventually become the band’s second full-length release. “The band is really finding its voice now, really starting to define itself”, Powell says. “Writing for us always starts organically, and then certain pieces get churned through the intellectually creative machinery of the project”. Powell, Jacobs, and Ruiz all have degrees from Berklee College of Music. Godbey is a groove master, was trained on several instruments, and has a great ear for vocals and arrangements. Liquid Village is the kind of band that can provide a well-balanced musical experience. With their unique grooves and juxtaposition of styles, you cannot help finding something to like about these guys. Liquid Village is prepared to flood the world with their truly distinctive sound.