Lisa Kalandjian

Lisa Kalandjian

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A singer and songwriter from the UK who leans towards the traditional songwriting approach of strong lyrical content and memorable melodies. Best known for a sultry vocal style and versatility with regard to genre, having written, recorded and collaborated in new age, pop, alternative, hard trance and classical improvisations among others.

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Angels Breathe

Written By: Lisa Kalandjian

(Verse 1)
All this time we've been dancing in twilight
and we haven't seen the sun for years
the half light is falling
like tears

(Verse 2)
All this time we've been moving in shadow
maybe love is sweeter in the shade
and I would choose you

(Chorus 1)
Beautiful Blue
Beauty is me and you

(Chorus 2)
Angels may bleed
and their cries may invade all our dreams
rest awhile in the sighs of release
Breathe angel breathe, for me

(Verse 3)
Maybe time will bring rain to this desert
and something good will come from all the pain
I would still love you

(Verse 4)
close your eyes love there's calm in the darklight
there's no sense in raging at the storm
and I will hold you
till dawn

Angel Breathe
Angel Breathe