Lisa Bozikovic

Lisa Bozikovic


Might make you cry. Soulful and heartfelt. Full of haunting harmonies and wandering melodies. Sometimes intense, sometimes soothing. Lisa's sound is rich and full, and her orchestration varies from indie, to experimental, to simple, tragic country songs.


Lisa Bozikovic's music goes straight to the heart. Her songs tell stories of people that take and take, people that give and give, people that love like kids, and people that love to live. She has a huge, haunting voice that moves effortlessly from smoky places to soaring high ranges. Sometimes, she uses it to sound more like a bird or whale than a human. Her many years of singing and playing classical music have given her a passion for layered choral pieces and full, orchestral arrangements. Beautiful, lush pieces that sound at times like they belong in a saloon surrounded by whiskey drinkers, and at other times like strange, wandering lullabies for deep sleeps. Lisa has played shows with Julie Dorion, the Silver Hearts, Richard Laviolette, The Weather Station, Ember Swift and Entire Cities. For fans of Neko Case, Devendra Banhart, Jolie Holland, Billie Holiday, Tom Waits, and Karen Dalton.


I have one self recorded, self titled ep, and am currently being recorded in studio by Heather Kirby (Ohbijou) and Sandro Perri.

Set List

I have at least 20 songs that I play, and I can play for up to an hour and half straight....
1. the whole sun
2. take and take
3. winter load
4. inprint
5. egg breaker
6. raven song
7. accordion blues
8. new city
9. the letting go
10. closet song
11. we almost die