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"Lisa Bozikovic: S/T Independent"

ome people think we’ve reached the end of days for music. These people couldn’t be more wrong. Never has music been more in full bloom than it is now; not even in the golden psychedelic days of the 60’s when The Beatles and Bob Dylan were changing the world, song by song. While that decade and those artists blazed one hell of a trail, people should realize how amazing it is that we’re living in a time when any kid can record an album in their bedroom with nothing but some recording gear, instruments and some tunes bouncing around in their head. Not only that, but they can share that album with everyone on earth simply by clicking a couple buttons. As Lou Reed once said, “it’s the beginning of a new age.”

Lisa Bozikovic recorded her self-titled EP in her home by herself, with Matt Reeves joining in to play some banjo on one track. As most D-I-Y albums that featureonly (or mainly) one individual, the album feels very intimate. Like the four track Lou Barlow songs on Sebadoh’s early releases (such as the seminal III) and Alexander “Skip” Spence’s OAR, the artist makes their little bedroom recording space their world for as long as the record’s spinning and there really is something to be said for that. There’s something absolutely beautiful about being brought into another person’s world that’s filled with all their hopes, their fears, their joys, their sorrows, etc. The track that’s playing as I’m writing this, “A New City”, seems to fit the moment perfectly, as Lisa sings “I found a new city/ when I found you.” Back in the day, before the internet and myspace and you tube and peer-to-peer, it was very rare to find intimate records like these; you wouldn’t find one at HMV, that’s for sure. What’s great about this new age is that anyone can make their little album, their little world, and anyone can hear it.

This particular album starts with “The Whole Sun”, in which Lisa sounds like just another one of these quasi 40’s singers (see Le Caffelons) except with better harmonies. Luckily that notion is dispelled by track two, “Take + Take” where she sounds like recent Grubtunes “Band of the Week”, Katie Stelmanis. However, once again, she sets herself apart by sounding somewhat more human than Mrs. Stelmanis, whose sound is more like this made into music.

“Winter Road” is where her own identity begins to form, as she plays what sounds like the musical equivalent of the sun rising in the morning after a long and bloody battle. Imagine the most haunting lullaby ever sung and you’ll almost be there. “Closet Song” starts ordinary but then finds a great, strangely bouncy little chorus that provides a nice contrast to the rest of the song in a way almost reminiscent of Lee Hazelwood’s classic “Some Velvet Morning”. The aforementioned “A New City” is the album’s crown jewel, sounding like a lost Vashti Bunyan or Fairport Convention classic. Bozikovic manages to create a beautiful yet minimalist backdrop over which the song’s melody just tumbles. “These Days of Mine” serves as a fantastic bittersweet closer; the musical equivalent of that 3 A.M. drink as you just watch as the time slowly, slowly drifts along.

On her debut EP, Lisa, unfortunately, does not change the world, but she welcomes you into her own beautifully strange/ strangely beautiful one, and to deny such an experience, would be a shame indeed. - Toronto


I have one self recorded, self titled ep, and am currently being recorded in studio by Heather Kirby (Ohbijou) and Sandro Perri.



Lisa Bozikovic's music goes straight to the heart. Her songs tell stories of people that take and take, people that give and give, people that love like kids, and people that love to live. She has a huge, haunting voice that moves effortlessly from smoky places to soaring high ranges. Sometimes, she uses it to sound more like a bird or whale than a human. Her many years of singing and playing classical music have given her a passion for layered choral pieces and full, orchestral arrangements. Beautiful, lush pieces that sound at times like they belong in a saloon surrounded by whiskey drinkers, and at other times like strange, wandering lullabies for deep sleeps. Lisa has played shows with Julie Dorion, the Silver Hearts, Richard Laviolette, The Weather Station, Ember Swift and Entire Cities. For fans of Neko Case, Devendra Banhart, Jolie Holland, Billie Holiday, Tom Waits, and Karen Dalton.