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Lisa Downing

Littleton, Colorado, United States

Littleton, Colorado, United States
Band Folk Acoustic


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"A Delicate Balance Review"

I've been listening, and listening, and listening to Lisa's latest album, A Delicate Balance. I love it. But more than that, as I was driving back from Boulder, dusk approaching, the mountains silhouetted against an azure sky reflected on a small pond, your music exaggerated the moment making the scene come alive. It was the most perfect union of visual and audio experiences. In fact, it happens every time I listen. The world around me comes alive visually, I see little details like a barren tree reflected in a glass building in the morning sun. Those things are always there, the music makes them more apparent.

I believe this album should be a film score because it makes the visual come alive. The power of image and auditory emotion the music creates is a marvelous mix and begs to be a film score on par with Lawrence of Arabia.

Congratulations! I know you have something special here because passages and melodies keep popping into my head. I'm trying to figure out how to arrange the music for our mandolin orchestra. It's delightful. I'll be sending away for your Christmas album too. The review by Kathy Parsons was delicious.

Michael Billings
NSO Press
2010 - NSO Press

"A Delicate Balance Review"

I got this CD today and listened to the first few songs. Wow! it sounds incredible! I really, really like it! The piano sounds great and the recording is superb. Lisa's playing is incredibly mature, very clean and sensitive, yet powerful. Her writing has interesting progressions with some surprises, yet strong melodies that you can ride along with.

This CD is overdue! I think this one of the best solo piano albums I've heard recently. I also like the liner notes. The progression of her sons life for the first four tracks flows nicely. I like the title too. Anyhow, this is going on my regular playlist. I will be wearing out the grooves on this CD! (good thing I have an iPod) : )

Joseph Akins
Whisperings Solo Piano Artist
2009 - Whiperings

"A Delicate Balance Review"

These are wonderful recordings.....great sound...even on my computer the highs are terrific....that means alot. In fact, that was part of the key to the Windham Hill sound, really good treble!

I love the ending to Lost!

Liz Story
Windham Hill Recording Artist
2009 - Windham Hill Recording Artist

"Christmas for Two Review"

After all of my years of working on Christmas music with my piano students for 2-3 months each year, it takes a very special solo piano Christmas album to get my attention, and Lisa Downing’s Christmas For Two is just such an album. Downing’s impeccable technique and her unique interpretations of these Christmas standards make for a warm, cozy listening experience. There are usually at least a few carols in these Christmas collections that just don’t feel right, but this one has no fillers or near-misses - it’s excellent from the first note to the last. There are twelve tracks on Christmas For Two, but almost all of them are medleys, so the actual carol count is closer to twenty-five. How’s that for a holiday bargain?

Christmas For Two begins with a wonderful medley of “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” and “Carol of the Bells” - two of my favorites! I love the dark passion of both of these songs, and Downing gives them a fascinating combination of jazz, classical, and pop treatments that really work. Next up is a gorgeous arrangement of “O Holy Night” paired with “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.” Flowing and peaceful yet dramatic in all the right places, this is another beauty. “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” and “Do You Hear What I Hear” is an unexpected combination, but it works incredibly well. Downing keeps “Emmanuel” dark and emotional as is the tradition, but it feels like a much more modern song. Conversely, “Do You Hear” is much more somber than you usually hear it, making it sound older and more classical. Amazing! The biggest surprise on the album is the “Canon in D Christmas Medley.” Rather that mixing in religious carols, Downing blends in “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas,” “Deck the Halls,” and “Jingle Bells”! You have to hear this one to believe it! “Angels We Have Heard On High” and “Silent Night” are the only songs that stand alone, and they are both very elegant arrangements. “What Child Is This?” and “We Three Kings” are graceful and delicate, but deeply emotional. The concluding track is “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “The Holly and the Ivy,” another duo I wouldn’t have thought to put together, but it works seamlessly. If you only buy one new Christmas album this year, be sure to check this one out! It’s my favorite so far this year.

Christmas For Two is available from, Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Very highly recommended!

Kathy Parsons
11/9/09 - Mainly Piano

"Christmas for Two Review"

Pianist Lisa Downing is new to me, but her Christmas/holiday release, Christmas for Two (a solo piano CD) sounds comfortably familiar, since it features one well-known holiday classic after another. However, the artist injects enough new wrinkles through her interpretations and arrangements that this is no mere shopping mall background, as evidenced during the first track, a medley of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and "Carol of the Bells." I caught snippets of jazz here and there as well as other interesting twists and turns in time signatures and moods (from gentle passages to moments of energy and dark passion)...

Most tracks feature two carols offered as a medley. A welcome deviation from most instrumental offerings in this genre is the inclusion of the secular "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"...

Christmas for Two is a pleasant album for when you want to hear the holiday season’s "greatest hits" done with a little style and pizzazz.

Bill Binkleman
Zone Music Reporter
2009 - Zone Music Reporter

"Christmas for Two Review"

Lisa Downing displays an amazing amount of musical prowess in her latest album Christmas for Two. She must have gotten the gift of music from Saint Nick himself because her inspiring music sounds as if an Angel created it. Although the songs are all instrumental, they evoke emotions of joy and contentment, so much that lyrics are not even necessary. Any fans of Liz Story and George Winston, or lovers of ambient music and solo piano will instantly fall in love with Lisa’s music. This upcoming Christmas would be incomplete without Lisa’s soothing and nostalgic music playing in the background.

Track 1: “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/ Carol of the Bells” is a powerful and emotive 2-in-1 song that takes you so deep into the music, it feels as if you were sitting next to Lisa while she plays it. It is a truly moving track with a butter-smooth transition and flawless piano that leaves you wishing the song was five minutes longer.

Track 3: “O Come, O Come Emmannuel” is a very haunting, yet mysterious song that definitely captivates the listener. Lisa again displays her angelic piano talent in this song as it smoothly tells a story of its own. The listener may find themselves getting lost in the song and replaying it over, and over again.

Track 12: “We Wish You A Merry Christmas/ The Holly and the Ivy” is an incredibly beautiful two part song that makes you wish Christmas was already here! Lisa’s transitions are so exceptional in this track that you only realize the first song is over minutes into the second one. This is definition of an uplifting song!

Reviewed by Jesse Pimenta of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion - Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

"Christmas for Two Review"

In true artistic fashion, Lisa Downing uses the piano as her palette to create what is a masterpiece collection of holiday classics. Nurturing both her love and gift for music since a child, Downing’s solid musicianship has evolved into what is now a successful resume of solid albums, and a host of remarkable performances. To add to her list of credits, Lisa composed the Christmas for Two album, a pianists remake’ of Christmas favorites. Between the song selection, overall arrangement and expressive instrumentation, this 12-plus track lp is definitely the result of Downing’s classical training. Combining what is an undoubted mastery of the keys and a fine-tuned ear, this album is one of her finest pieces.

Track 1:“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/ Carol of the Bells” The fusion of these two songs made for a perfect pair. Beautiful chords and tweaks to the classic melodies produced an elegant introduction to the rest of the album.

Track 8. “ Silent Night” The overall arrangement and sonic quality of this particular rendition can only be described as angelic. Downing’s ability to transform the song into a new creation without sacrificing the classic undertone is what separates this version of “Silent Night” from any other. It flows. The transitions are smooth, and even to the untrained ear, Lisa Downing’s performance enhances keystroke after keystroke.

Track 10. “What Child is This/ We Three Kings” This is a well-thought out, perfectly executed song arrangement, even considering the hybrid of two polar-opposite songs. Even nearing the conclusion of the album, it is clear that Downing made a conscious effort to not only draw the listener in but to captivate them. Sonically speaking, this is definitely an ear and soul pleaser…just in time for the Christmas season or the off-season.

Reviewed by Camille Davis of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion - Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion


Think On These Things - CD
Christmas for Two - CD
A Delicate Balance - CD

All CDs have streaming tracks and international radio airplay.



Lisa Downing is a composer, concert pianist, recording and performing original solo piano compositions nationwide.

"A Delicate Balance" is Lisa's newest collection of original solo piano compositions. An intimate expression of the personal moments in her life, this CD is an inspired collection of solo piano impressionism. Lisa is completely re-defining the genre in this technically impressive and soul-touching masterpiece.

Lisa's Holiday CD, "Christmas for Two," offers traditional holiday music arranged for solo piano. The melodies will be recognizable and comfortably familiar to her audience. Fans of George Winston, Liz Story or David Lanz will instantly fall in love with Lisa’s music. Your Christmas season would be incomplete without Lisa’s soothing and nostalgic piano music playing in the background.

Her debut CD is entitled “Think On These Things” and is featured on the internet radio station “Whisperings”. Melodic, reflective and contemplative pieces will generate peaceful visualizations that are perfect for quieting your world and centering your soul.

Please visit her website: to learn a little bit more about Lisa, see her promotional pictures, hear samples of her music and to purchase CDs.