Lisa Ella

Lisa Ella


Fearless, Determined and ready to get down and entertain people


With a vocal prowess as infectious as her personality, Lisa Ella is the definition of ‘A Cheeky Manc Lass with Pipes to match’.

An R&B Diva, with a hint of Reggae, Pop and 90s dance flare for an added dash of flavour; Lisa began commanding audiences from the age of 7, performing Living Room concerts of Whitney Houston and Lionel Ritchie classics for her musical family, who quickly ushered her into local St. Anne’s Choir. Her choral training inspired her love of the Classical genre, which she went on to study to a Grade 6 Distinction at school.

Well-used to making a name for herself even then, Lisa soon became a regular fixture at events at both school and eternal events; the natural progression of which, led her to her first studio session at the tender age of 12 with Producer SeaniM (Damn Right Sean), when she and some friends penned her first solo track.

A Rebel With Her Own Cause, hijacking teacher’s desks for makeshift stages in her schooldays, proved Lisa’s confidence in having this ‘Music thing’ down to a Science.
A keen hockey player of 12 years and avid Ski fan, Lisa’s energy is infectious and comes from the roots of her personality; something she transfuses into her music with effortless ease. Her ‘Go-Getter’ mentality saw her achieve the rank of Colour Sergeant in the Combined Cadet Force during her school years, meaning Lisa’s arsenal is equipped with far more than killer vocals.

A BA Honours in Criminology and a Graduate Diploma in Law, mean Lisa Ella is certified to slay you with vocals, write a thesis on your demise to melody and argue her defence, all in syncopated time
With her sights set firmly on the top of the charts, be sure that you will hear more from this hugely talented young lady soon. Already featured in Urban Music Scene, Niji Magazine (to name but a few); Lisa Ella has no plans to keep off your radar because as she firmly believes: “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to Me!”

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