Lisa E and Mista B

Lisa E and Mista B

 Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Lisa is a singer and songwriter. Performances include acoustic rock covers as well orignials that have a Nancy Griffith folky flare. Her voice is clear and has a gentle quality to it, yet, she can also achieve a soulful sound too. Lisa is comfortable in a solo setting or with a 3 piece band.


Lisa was Influenced by many, both male and female singers. She sings songs from past and present, for example Colby Caulet, Katy Perry, Jefferson Airplane, and Patsy Cline. That being said, her songs can have a soft feel, the best parts of why acoustic music is timeless. Yet, they can also have an edge and rock out. Pull up a chair and take a listen, if you have a request, let her know. Being a teacher, she will make every effort to accomodate favorites.



Set List

Set list consists of original songs My Sweeat Pea, Julia, Me and Little T, and covers by artists such as Colbie Caultet, Sara Mclaughlin, Patsy Cline, etcetera. Can play 3 one hour sets. Everley After tries to do a little from 60's, to current artists.