Lisa Faust

Lisa Faust


Soft mesmorizing vocals singing unforgettable lyrics.


27 year old Lisa Faust is a singer/songwriter out of New Jersey. She grew up playing a variety of instruments from ukelele to french horn. Having left college in 2001 to fully pursue her music career, she teamed up with local band Five Points. They toured the tri-state area (that is, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) for nearly three years before the band decidedly broke up in 2004.
Recently beginning her career as a solo artist, Lisa released her first 3 song EP "Everyday" in 2005. Lisa is currently working on a full length album for 2006.
Lisa Faust is now on a local tour schedule and will be looking to make stops in many states along the east coast.


Burning Your Bridges

Written By: L. Faust

Every night it's a struggle trying to understand
every night it's a struggle when you won't hold my hand

I think maybe you're burning your bridges way too soon
The future is ours to takeover but it takes over you

Try to be independent
you try not to even call
i think you're a little scared you won't admit it
of losing it all

If You Don't Have My Love

Written By: L. Faust

Growing up it ain't easy to do
I'm 27 still living at home
so i relate to what you're going through
but please don't try to do this alone

If I don't have your love then I don't have anything at all
If I don't have your love
Then I don't have anything at all to live for

the road of life is littered with stones
some of them you can move on your own
but the rest are too heavy to bear
you can bet your dollar i'll always be there

If you don't have my love
then you don't have anything at all
if you don't have my love
then you don't have anything at all
to live for

We're Getting Older

Written By: L. Faust

Things are changing and I can't do without
Rearranging you better kick and shout

For my Love For your love For our love For this love

This ain't over
it's only just begun
we're getting older
and we had our fun

it's time to think about love
cause i can't live without love
that's what this world's about love
instead you threw it out

but i can't live without you i can't live
an't live without love


If You Don't Have My Love EP. Released July 7th.

Memories Of You EP. Released April 2006.

Everyday EP. Released in November 2005.

Musico LP. (Recorded with Five Pts.) Released in 2003.

Set List

One to Two 45-50 minute sets. Usually consisting of all original compositions and the occasional cover song.
Song List:
Make It Better
Just Like You
Who Are You
Miss You
A Little Love
Leaving For A Lifetime
Lived Here
Running on Empty
House In Carolina
The Wrong Life
Blue Collar Woes
Adolescent Daze
Baby You're The One
Oh, qu'est-ce que je peux dites