Lisa Gillam

Lisa Gillam


Lisa Gillam is a Canadian singer/songwriter. Lisa's self-titled debut album crosses many genres from folk and blues to country rock. Her soothing voice, gorgeous melodies and playful lyrics are a treat for any musical taste. A live performance by Lisa Gillam is not to be missed.


Lisa is a singer/songwriter from Newfoundland, Canada. After teaching music in various public schools in St. John's for many years, Lisa moved to Taiwan in 2004 to teach English as a second language. It is there that her self-titled debut album was written and recorded. She returned to Canada in August of 2009 and now calls Fredericton, New Brunswick home.

Influenced by many different styles of music, Lisa's first album has a little something for everyone including folk, blues and country rock music. A true story teller, Lisa has that rare ability to captivate an audience. Her live performances are not to be missed.

Lisa is currently planning a tour of Atlantic Canada.


Take It Slow

Written By: Lisa Gillam

Take your time now, baby, take it slow
Take your time now, baby, take it slow
Let’s get back off the beaten track
Mmmmm, and take it slow, take it slow

Take it easy, baby, take it slow
Take it easy, baby, take it slow
Let’s just chill, we’ve got time to kill
Take it slow, take it slow

Driving ninety miles an hour don’t impress me much
Get your pedal off the metal, honey, what’s the rush
We go your way almost every time,
It ain’t working for me, so now let’s try mine (I’m saying)

Take your time now, baby, take it slow
Take your time now, baby, take it slow
This ain’t no Vette on a movie set, so
Take it slow, take it slow

You’re screaming down the road like it’s a racing track
The top pulled down and my head pushed back
To look at you, now, I’d say you’re in your glee
But hey, hey, baby, what about me?


You’re dreaming up the next one, I have no doubt
Take your map out, honey, pick a different route
We could stop a few times to enjoy the view
Trust me babe this’ll be good for you (I mean it)

Take your time now, baby, take it slow
Take it easy, baby, take it slow
Take your time, now, baby, take it slow
Take it easy, baby, take it slow
Take it slow, take it slow
Take it slow

2009 Lisa Gillam Music

Modern Day Woman

Written By: Lisa Gillam

Ms. Maple is a good girl, so simple and so plain
Seems to wear that “teacher” label like a big ol’ ball and chain
The pride of Johnson High School, she’s the best they’ve ever had
But if you catch her on a Friday night, you’ll see the good girl’s just gone bad

She’s a modern day woman, her life’s no open book
She’s breaking every rule and she has got a brand new look
She’s a modern day woman, she can make it on her own
But that doesn’t mean that she’s all alone

She’s Marnie on the weekends, when she lets her hair hang loose
Forgets all about her students and she drops that teacher noose
Her first stop’s at the corner for smokes and red, red wine
She primps and primes for hours, and then she meets her friends at nine

Turns all the heads at Retro, desired by every man
She may not even choose one, though she knows full well she can
She parties till the wee hours, then bids a fond farewell
Just don’t ask her for the details, ‘cause she’ll never kiss and tell

When Monday comes she’s at work after breakfast and a jog
Her colleagues sneer, “Poor Marnie, spent the weekend with her dog.”
She laughs at their assumptions, so bitter and oblique
For her weekends have no bearing on what she does all week

2009 Lisa Gillam Music

It's the Truth

Written By: Lisa Gillam

A little birdie let me know that you’ve found someone new
It was just last week we talked about what’s going on with you
Did you think I’d cry in pain or collapse in sheer despair?
I’m only asking for respect, and you know it’s only fair

It’s the truth, try it on for size
You’ll find it’s not so bad
It’s the truth, it comes with a prize
It’s the peace you’ve never had

It’s not about the one you’re with or what you choose to do
You’ve moved on and that’s okay, I assure you, I have, too
But someone else is in my house, and I didn’t have a say
You know that I won’t tolerate you treating me this way

Why is it after all these years, you still can’t set things straight?
I’ll never get your constant need to ignore me and to wait
Truth always makes its way out front, this fact you can’t dismiss
So why not tell it like it is before it gets to this

My friends think keeping you around really isn’t wise
But they don't know you like I do, they can’t see through my eyes
I see the things that others don't, and I've chosen to not to dwell
On stories of the years gone by that there’s no need to retell

2009 Lisa Gillam Music


Lisa Gillam (2009)

Set List

Sets are typically 45-50 minutes each and include the following songs from Lisa's debut album:

Modern Day Woman
Hard Times
Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell)
Take It Slow
Feminine Casualty
It's the Truth
Joe and Mary Family
Melancholy Road (Pete Coulam)
Can't You See

Lisa regularly performs the following cover songs:

Linger - The Cranberries
Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell
The Times They Are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan
Bird on a Wire - Leonard Cohen
Somebody Loved - The Weepies
Blackbird - The Beatles
16th Avenue - Lacy J. Dalton
I'm Alright - Jo Dee Messina
Wide Open Spaces - The Dixie Chicks
Landslide - Stevie Nicks
Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin
Other Side of the World - KT Tunstall
Thank You - Dido
Time after Time - Cyndi Lauper