Lisa Hay

Lisa Hay


My music is by God and for God. It is worship based. Right now it's solo with piano.


I'm just starting out. No real band just an amazingly talented and kind friend who is helping me out.


Shadow of the Cross

Written By: Lisa Hay

Verse 1:
Day by day I rise and take this walk
By faith I must believe that you are there
And when I fall or fear that I am so alone
You send your love and show that you still care

Jesus I come to the foot of the cross
With these burdens I no longer hide
To lay them all down in your arms of love
And to rest in the shadow of the cross (x3)
Lord I come to the cross

Verse 2:
And late at night as I await sleep to come
For peace that will surround me once again
Your deep love comes and tells me of your sacrifice
That calls and frees my heart now to believe

How can it be
My rest at such great cost
You hide me away
In the shadow of the cross
Such a great cost
The shadow of the cross

Day by day I rise and take this walk



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