Lisa Hewitt

Lisa Hewitt


Lisa Hewitt is a high energy country recording artist who loves to perform.



*2009-Current - The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (Prairies/NWT) Ambassador/Spokesperson; The title track of Lisa's new album, "Fearless", is the new theme for the CBCF
*2005 CCMA Independent Female Artist of the Year
*2005 CCMA Rising Star Nominee
*2005/2006 Canadian Music Week Nominee for Independent Country Award
*2006 CCMA Nominee for Independent Female Artist of the Year
*2006/2007- feature artist on CMT series “Plucked”
*2008 Nominee for Mommy of the Year (voted on by my family!)

What do you get when you combine an impressive amount of radio airplay with rave reviews of live shows, plus a stream of equally adoring accolades from influential members of the country music industry, and a string of bookings that range from high profile dates in Europe and Las Vegas to major summer festivals on the Canadian country circuit? You get a short but focused summary of what rising country star, Lisa Hewitt, has been able to accomplish in the world of country music. Hewitt understands exactly who she is, what her strengths are and knows where her passions lay. Couple that strong personality with a great voice, and a natural feel for entertaining and performing, and it’s no wonder the Saskatchewan born and raised artist, who has called Edmonton home for over a decade, was able to begin charting a course that has only known a sky bound curve.
In the blink of an eye Hewitt was being booked for engagements at the Calgary Stampede (The Stampede Grandstand, The Nashville North Tent, The Westin, The Petroleum Club, and various downtown breakfast events and clubs), The Canadian Finals Rodeo, The National Finals Rodeo, CCMA Showcases, ARIA award show performances, The Closing Ceremonies performance at the World Games 2001, the CFCW stage at Edmonton’s Klondike Days, radio listener appreciation events, concerts sponsored by Global Country, various rodeos, and major country music festivals, and a number of charity functions. It was at so many of those live shows that fans and members of the industry immediately recognized she’s the complete package. Her radiant smile and obvious good looks can be magnified by a delivery that is sometimes sassy and seductive. On the flip side she can draw an audience in with passionate reading of ballad that reveals a vulnerable individual who wears her heart on her sleeve. Like tunes found on her debut and sophomore discs, Hewitt continues to mine songs that are multi-dimensional and she sings every one of them like she’s lived every line. “I started performing in the summer of ’97 and have now played over 2000 shows. The shows ranged from five hours a night in the smokiest nightclubs, to concert sets on festival stages. There was no better education for me than that! It helped me understand the physical, emotional, psychological demands that the business of music insists you meet,” says the independent artist who has learned every aspect of the business including booking, creating and developing a show, and taking care of all the logistics involved in everything from travel to recording. The common denominator in the print reviews of Hewitt shows, focus on the fact that she’s such a dynamic and energetic performer who puts everything she’s got into every set. That is why renowned venues like The Barbary Coast Hotel and Casino invited Lisa to perform for 6 consecutive years running during the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. Who better to express Lisa’s magic and ability to keep a hold on an audience than the man who pays the bills at the Barbary Coast. “In my opinion this is one of the hardest working and best sounding acts we have playing in our hotel. There is no limit to what Lisa Hewitt can do…….working with her, makes my job much easier,” says Darren Dinga, the entertainment director (2006) at the Barbary Coast. For folks who have been hit by the sound of Hewitt’s personality via a tune on the radio, that introduction invariably leads them to seek out the charming and approachable entertainer in a live setting. In turn, it is also the live performance that wins the hearts of the people as they connect with such a sincere talent, drawing them to the albums that she has recorded.
“Country music tends to focus on very ‘human’ subject matter which audiences connect with and relate to. Fans appreciate it when they can get close to an artist they enjoy and support. As a person and performer I wear my heart on my sleeve and there is no pretense involved. To take the stage night after night and choose to be anything other than”Lisa”, would simply create additional work. So I choose just to be me. Being real and approachable has allowed me to develop a wonderful international fan base,” states Hewitt without the slightest hesitation.
To date, Lisa has shared the festival stages with some of country music’s most awarded and recognized entertainers, such as, Alan Jackson, Martina McBride, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kenny Rogers, Ronnie Milsap, Trisha Y


Too Used to Loving You

Written By: Julie Miller/Buddy Miller

Julie and Buddy Miller | 1999 Tinkie Tunes/Martha
Road Music Admin. by bug (3:24)
I leave the light on in my back door |
Though you don’t come round here
anymore | And the mailbox still has
your name | I forget, but it’s not
the same
I close my eyes when I’m in bed | But
that don’t get you out of my head |
I can’t sleep, and when I do | In my
dreams I wake up and reach for you
I’m too used to, I’m too used to, I got
too used to | Loving you
I’m talking to you just like you’re here
| Although I know you are nowhere
near | I left your things all right where
they are | They remain just like the love
that’s in my heart
Cuz, I’m too used to, I’m too used to, I
got too used to | Loving you
I can’t seem to face the fact | I keep
praying and you’ll come back | I don’t
want nobody new | I’m too used to
loving you
| chorus |

Better in Texas

Written By: Travis Howard

Travis Howard | Watsky Music (ASCAP) | 2008 | (3:30)
I like this road, I like the way it feels
underneath my feet | And as my boots
beat the gravel, I fell every degree of this
summer heat | And I like this car, engine
sounds like things I wanna say | Just
like pebbles off your bumper that fall to
the ground as you’re driving away | Ah,
just let me say
It won’t be better in Texas | You’ll still be alone | Another town
of soon to be ex’s | Another party overthrown | And I’ll be back
here cleaning your messes | So think about calling, but don’t |
You’re better in Texas
Don’t have any delussions, I’m gonna stay on this phone | I’ve
been to Arizona and I know it’s amazing , so just- roll on | Stop
talking just a minute, I just need to speak my mind | Remember
you came out here, cause there was nothing in the desert to
hide behind | Boy, have you lost your mind?
| chorus |
Now it’s raining hammers and nails as I drive past your old
studio | You did knock this thing off the rails, and there you go |
But I think you know
| chorus |


Written By: Lisa Hewitt/Duane Steele | Ahh Music/(SOCAN)Swede Sounds of Music/

She’s got a 92 Tempo | Filled to the brim | An old road map
beside her, she’d been studying | Twenty years old now and
she’s ready
They don’t want her to go | But
they know that she’s gotta |
All the tears in the world won’t
change her mind | She’s got a
heart full of dreams | And she’s
gonna get ‘em!
Fearless – young and free |
She’ll be anything that she
wants to be | Nothing’s gonna
hold her back | She’s fearless | Fearless-moving on in a big
bad world | Where you gotta be strong | One scary ol’ mile at
a time...fearless
She found a real good man and a real good job | Friends she
can laugh with | Faith in her God | And a baby to cuddle | Ooo,
life’s been good!
But she’s keeping a secret the doctor told her | At 40 years
old | It’s a hard pill to swallow | But she’ll fight this thing | For
all life’s worth
Fearless – with a will so strong | Never giving up,
always holding on | With the grace of
God by her side | She’s fearless
Fearless- like she’s always been |
Against all the odds – she’s gonna
live | One beautiful day at a time | Fearless!
| Repeat last double chorus


Written By: Troy Kokol | Reluctant Cowboy Music/(SOCAN)

He can leap tall buildings in a single bound
| He’s not out fighting crime in a little
one-horse town | When I feel the world is
closing in on me | I know he will be there to
break me out
Here he comes to save the day| No tight
suit or bullet-proof cape | But he’s the only
one who can get the job done | No black
mask, rocket car | Just an old truck and a
loving heart | He’s not invicible, he’s just my
average, ordinary hero
He doesn’t have a secret hideout far
underground | You’ll never see him flying
high up in the clouds | But when the weight
of the world is pushing down on me | I know
he will be there there to lift me out
| chorus |
But he’s the only one who can get
the job done | No black mask,
rocket car | Just an old truck and
a loving heart | He’s not invicible,
he’s just my average, ordinary hero
| chorus |

And when life couldn’t get no worse | He’ll
come running faster than a
speeding bullet | To rescue his girl
Here he comes to save the day |
No tight suit or bullet-proof cape



2009 - Fearless
2007 - The Road I Chose
2002 - Lisa Hewitt


2009: Better in Texas
2009: Too Used to Loving You