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Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Band Jazz Adult Contemporary


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"It's Time comes at the Right Time"

Review Summary:
Lisa Hugo's third album, It's Time, presents upbeat tunes and thoughtful songs that uphold love and foster inner discovery. It is most definitely an album for the twenty-first century that will find appeal across gender, geography, and musical genre. Lisa's voice delivers every nuance and the members of her band make sure what she says is underlined but not overshadowed by the power of their own talent.

Lisa Hugo's third album, It's Time, brings this Australian native's lively voice to a wider international audience. Lisa began her musical career at age eight, playing piano in her first solo performance that was heard by 400 people. That's a remarkable feat for even a seasoned artist trying to bring their music to listeners.

Though she could have turned to classical piano, Lisa discovered that she had a voice that audiences perhaps enjoyed more than her playing and so was trained at the Australian College of Entertainers, where her three octave range was cultivated. This launched her into television, theater, and film, and made her a draw at high-end hotels in her country. In 1994, she headlined her own show on cruise ships and then recorded her first CD of her own songs called, Don't Let Go, a year later.

During the latter half of the 1990s, Lisa played 5-star hotels in the grand cities of Europe and Istanbul Turkey. When she settled in Hamburg, Germany, she recorded her second album, Natural, and played regularly in her solo act as well as with a band she formed called the Urban Pop Ensemble. In 2004, Lisa moved to Belgium where she taught voice and gigged with a new band called Lushlive. Janos Bruneel (bass), Pieter Vandergooten (drums), and Dirk van der Linde (guitar and Hammond organ) offered the instrumental support she wanted that complemented Lisa's piano work and her voice. They provide the restrained backdrop for Lisa's new album, It's Time, which was recorded in Belgium. Today, Lisa is based in Dubai, UAE, where she is writing new music and coaching young voices, as well as gigging in the region and back in Europe.

It's Time is an 11-song album, composed of Lisa's songs and three covers. Her rendering of the Stevie Wonder tune, “Blame It on the Sun,” is delicious. Her voice against her piano touches and Dirk's contemplative acoustic guitar is exquisite. She also turns the rocking Joe Cocker's hit, “The Letter,” into a torch song. The band's backup is tight and hits more of a jazz note. It's tasty. But it is the Eva Cassidy tune “Time Is a Healer” that shows Lisa's range in style. Here she takes on the soul singer style and does it with a grace that even Aretha Franklin would smile at.

Hearing only those songs, some critics might just write off Lisa Hugo as a great technician of other people's music. Though she adds her own touches to these tunes, it is certainly her own songs that show Lisa's true talent. She writes of relationships and inner discovery that anyone, man or woman, could understand. Her initial track, “With You I Can Be Me,” sets a tone of freedom in a relationship—and perhaps an attitude about life—that pervades the entire album. And it isn't just about her. Lisa's song, “Lovin' You," is about clearly about the object of her love having freedom and the intensity of her love. She continues that unconditional love in “Oh, My Baby” and “I'm Gonna Miss You.” These songs could be about a lover or a child. That's clearly the case in “Butterfly,” which echoes an intense parental love while underlining the need for freedom to grow and become. “Find Myself,” like the initial track, echoes the power of a relationship to foster growth and change.

Lisa puts another spin on this quest for freedom and personal growth in “Please Try to Understand.” It's a poignant plea for understanding between two people when one grows faster than the other. It is a tender song with just bass and cymbals in back of Lisa's lovely voice.

The album closes with “Strong at Heart,” an encouraging story about perseverance.

It's Time presents upbeat tunes and thoughtful songs that uphold love and foster personal growth and discovery. It is most definitely an album for the twenty-first century that speaks to lovers and parents and women, in particular, though the songs will find appeal across gender, geography, and musical genre. Lisa's voice delivers every nuance and the members of her band make sure what she has to say is underlined but not overshadowed by the power of their own talent. - CD REVIEW

"RadioIndy is pleased to present Lisa Hugo with a GrIndie Award for the CD "It's Time ""

In the tradition of such venerable performers as Karen Carpenter and Eva Cassidy, Lisa Hugo straddles the boundaries of jazz and pop with equal ease and finesse on her fine new CD, “It’s Time.” With her supple, three octave vocal range and the instincts of a seasoned vet, the Australian born and world-traveled, pianist and singer/songwriter simply delights on this 11-song collection of pop, jazz, and easy listening songs. Backed by a small combo with exemplary taste and feel, Hugo’s piano sets the tone on jazzier numbers like the CD opener, “With You I Can Be Me” and “Oh My Baby,” while the subdued, “Please Try to Understand,” finds Hugo delivering an emotion-laden confessional with only the leanest of guitar, bass, and sprinkling of cymbals. Although very comfortable and adept with the jazz-pop style, the real highlight of the set is “Butterfly,” a wonderfully melodic pop tune as engaging as it is uplifting. Lisa Hugo’s bio is one filled with musical accomplishment all across the globe, but her new CD stands on its own merits. Fans of adult-oriented, tuneful jazz-pop will thoroughly enjoy the perfect blend of polished and sophisticated easy listening music on “It’s Time.” - RadioIndy


Genre: Jazz
Sounds Like: Natalie Cole, Barbra Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald
Technical Grade: 10/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10/10
Commercial Value: 10/10
Overall Talent Level: 10/10
Songwriting Skills: 10/10
Performance Skill: 10/10
Best Songs: Oh my Baby, I’m going to miss you, Butterfly.
Weakness: None

CD REVIEW: Melbourne Australian jazz singer/songwriter/pianist Lisa Hugo releases “It’s Time” in March 31, 2009. This is their 3rd release.

Logging in at just over 42 minutes the CD kicks things off with “With you I can be Me” a cool upbeat intro piece serving up steady beat, melodic jazz guitar, and smooth vocals from Hugo. Track 2 “Blame it on the Sun” is an impressive remake of this classic Stevie Wonder melody serving up impressive piano accents, solo guitar work, and more honey coated vocals from Hugo. Track 3 “Loving You” dishes out yet another strong melody with driving rhythm, impressive melodic harmonies, and well placed vocal accents. The music itself has a jazz vibe reminiscent of Nora Jones, Barbra Streisand, Eva Cassidy and a dash of Natalie Cole. As this CD slowly unfolds it’s obvious the players in Hugo’s Belgium band are quite accomplished. The guitar work of Dirk Van Der Linden is extremely melodic. The drummer Peter Vandergooten pushes the natural accents perfectly. Stand up bass work from Janos Bruneel clearly gives this production it's silky jazz aftertaste. Last but not least Lisa Hugo is impressive on the piano. What I like the most about this 4 piece is how well they groove together – testament to hundreds of hours of rehearsal time no doubt. As for her vocal abilities, Lisa Hugo’s voice fits perfectly into the Jazz genera - like a glove. Yep this is clearly where she belongs. Her voice goes down smooth and like the aforementioned, she fills the Jazz space flawlessly. Along the way you will no doubt notice some of her vocal influences - Barbra Streisand, Natalie Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald. As for the music, all songs are extremely well crafted and consistent across the board. Hugo delivers11 solid tracks all providing deep, thought provoking wisdom with messages that are uplifting and positive. “Butterfly” and “Oh My Baby” "Please try to Understand" are jazz gems that flow cleanly and tightly. While pieces like “I’m Gonna Miss you”, and “Find Myself“ are emotional testimonies to life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Hugo delivers yet 2 more impressive cover songs like “Time is a Healer” and “The Letter”. Here Hugo successfully dabbles in sultry blues type rock. The music of Lisa Hugo has everything you would expect from a world class jazz production. From start to finish – It’s pretty much amazing. The CD ends with Track 11 “Strong at Heart” providing rich conventional wisdom that simply cannot be faked no matter how hard you try.

After spending 42 minutes with Lisa Hugo and company I simply abandoned all hopes of finding any weakness. Instead as the CD progressed I became more and more impressed. “It’s Time” is a world class musical production from start to finish. There’s not a weak song on this entire catalogue period! The musicianship is first rate; the songs are short and sweet musical experiences. Each one possessing a unique personality, flair, and signature groove. Lastly - the playing, writing, and singing abilities of Lisa Hugo are world class. Lisa Hugo is an artist worthy of attention, spotlight, and praise. Everything about Lisa Hugo screams talent and professionalism. Lisa Hugo is the real deal, and it's just a matter of time before she reaches critical acclaim on an international level. I guess could go on and on all night about Lisa Hugo you simply have got to get your hands on some of his music and see what I am talking about. You should start with “It’s Time.” What else can I say - It's simply amazing!
Cyrus Rhodes
- Cyrus Rhodes, President, A&R Representative, Producer, Syndicated Music Critic, INDIE MUSIC DIGEST,


2009: "It's Time", Recorded in Belgium
2000: "Natural" Recorded in Hamburg, Germany
1995: "Don't Let Go", Lisa's first studio album recorded in Melbourne Australia



Genre: Acoustic pop/jazz
Origin: Belgium/UAE/Australia
Official Band Website:
My Space site:

Lisa can perform solo from the piano or with the following musicians:
Lisa Hugo - Piano/Vocals
Dirk van der Linden - Guitar and Hammond
Janos Bruneel - Double Bass
Pieter Vandergooten - Drums

Lisa grew up in Melbourne Australia and, influenced by her musical family, began to sing and play piano from a very early age. After completing her Diploma in Music Performance at the Australian College of Entertainers at the age of 22, she has travelled the world with her music performing in musicals, on cruise ships and in numerous 5 star hotels. Lisa has won a large Fan Club throughout the world, particularly in Germany and Belgium where she toured and performed regularly for many years before moving to Dubai.

Now based in Dubai, has released her new album “It’s Time”. A blend of acoustic pop with jazz and soul influences this album highlights Lisa’s talent and versatility as a songwriter, singer, pianist and arranger. The music is engaging, sentimental, full of expression and easy listening. Relax, chill out, enjoy and soak it in. Although the majority of the CD presents Lisa singing songs she composed herself, she has included her own interpretations of three cover songs. Stevie Wonder (Blame it on the Sun), a version of Joe Crocker’s “The Letter” and a beautiful interpretation of the song “Time is a Healer”. People who love female jazz and blues vocalists will love Lisa Hugo’s music. Lisa adds that her new compositions are largely inspired by her family and motherhood. One of her favourites, Butterfly, is a slick bossa nova song that profits hugely from the singer’s signature three-octave vocals.

Over the years Lisa has been a regular guest singer with the Royal Australian Airforce and Army Bands and the Brussels Concert Band. She has shared the stage with many top Australian performers been a regular performer on the television show “Good Morning Australia”. At the Dubai Jazz Festival 2009 Lisa hit the stage alongside James Blunt, John Legend, Incognito, Peter Cincotti and Liz Wright.

Some of the festivals/clubs/TV Shows Lisa has performed:

1. Dubai International Jazz Festival, featured artist, Dubai UAE
2. The Hopper, Antwerp, Belgium
3. De Roode Leeuw, Brasschaat, Belgium
4. AB Brussels, together with the Brussels Concert Band, Brussels, Belgium
5. Good Morning Australia, TV, Australia
6. Melbourne Concert Hall, together with the Royal Australian Airforce band, Melbourne, Australia
7. Atlantic Hotel, featured performer, Hamburg, Germany