Lisa Kwei

Lisa Kwei

 London, England, GBR
BandPopAdult Contemporary

My band and my album have a sound all of its own that is both Fresh and new but Retro and Classic at the same time. Classy, intelligent Pop music is the order of the day. The album doesnt pigeon hole itself in one vain, rather it draws people in from all genres and generations.


Lisa has done what she calls her apprenticeship. She has worked as a musician for many years now and has finally honed the skill of live performance, and she has the will to survive in this demanding arena. She would like to introduce you to her debut album. Her tone, quality and flair, all create an air of sophistication that only comes with a true understanding of how music affects us humans in our daily lives. It can affect our lifestyle choices and the things we believe in. She does not pigeon hole herself in any genre so the best word to describe her and her music is refreshing. It has a depth, a soul and a heartbeat and also the ability to touch many different types of listeners. She plans to release her debut album in 2013 and hopes that each of you will gain something from it, whether it is a smile a tear or simply a prance around your living room.

My influences include Stevie Nicks, Bob Marley, Paul Weller, Joni Mitchell and many more across the board.


The Girl You Left Behind

Written By: Lisa Kwei

Cause, ive made my changes, and im heading for the day. When all the hurting and suffering are no longer on the way.
I found my life, it was better just out of touch, im not the same girl you left behind, cause im made of a stronger kind.


Album - "The Girl You Left Behind" - 2013

Set List

Take the Fire
I would Never
Bullet Train
Lovers Past
The Girl You Left Behind
Dont waste my Time
Hang On
Listen to My Heart
Childish Side