Lisa Lawrence

Lisa Lawrence


"The music of Lisa Lawrence easily conjures the probably accurate image of one woman and a guitar driving up and down the highways of New England to one bar gig after another. This is the level of intimacy you feel in the performance of Lawrence’s songs.." Lucid Forge


Lisa Lawrence is a performing songwriter currently based in Worcester, Ma. She began her musical career 5 years ago in Hartford CT after meeting a group of great singer songwriters in a bar two blocks from her apartment called Sully’s. Every Monday night she would try out new songs and then go home and write more. It was a really encouraging group of musicians and Monday nights were (and still are) a blast. Lisa was soon nominated for best solo artist in the Hartford advocate 2 years in a row. Thomas Pizzola of the Hartford Advocate writes, “Like any good folk singer, her songs tell stories, but I am not going to overlook Lawrence’s musical abilities. She has a sweet sensitive voice that helps drive home the emotional content of her music. Lisa Lawrence sings from the soul.”

Lisa’s performance is a solo acoustic set of mostly original songs. Lisa’s musical style is very diverse. Her mother is a piano teacher and church organist and her father a Baptist minister so of course she grew up singing in a choir. However, it was in high school that she was drawn to rock and roll. When everyone else was listening to Pearl Jam Lisa was talking about a great knew band she just discovered called Led Zeppelin. In 2000 Lisa received a degree in musical theory and composition and vocal performance. She is just as likely to break out singing “Whole Lotta Love” or a Mozart aria at a moment's notice. “Music is about feeling and emotion but can be so confined if put in a category. The more diverse you are as a musician the more you can express to the audience” Lisa says. Not to mention the moments in between songs where she will educate the audience on Red Sox 101 or tell white water rafting stories.

Career highlights include for a wide variety of musicians such as folk duo Chris and Meredith Thompson, New Bedford Troubadour Michael Troy and the almost famous rock group Antigone Rising. Recently Lisa was finalist for the Dessert Club songwriting contest in Taunton Ma.

In February 2007 she released her CD “Yours to Break” for Sling Slang records. The Cd was recorded at Aliehn Productions in Bristol CT and features Scott Genereau on electric Guitar and bass and Craig Malone on drums.

Lisa can be found performing at coffee shops, bars, streets and campfires throughout New England and New York.


Yours to Break 2007-Sling Slang Records
Enjoy the Ride 2003- self released