Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee

 Salem, Oregon, USA

If you could step out of the daily grind for just a few minutes, wouldn't you do it? We spend so much time getting to the next moment we forget to enjoy the present one. My music can help you slow down. I am an Oregon born singer/songwriter/autoharpist with a 3 octave range. Listen and relax!


I grew up in the countryside of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. My father was a painter and teacher. He taught me to see the mystery of Mother Nature and my place within it. I spent hours walking in the woods, horse-back riding and gardening. My music reflects the beauty I see, the range of emotion we all feel, and I package it in gentle melodies and descriptive lyrics.

I grew up listening to folk music on records, and adult contemporary music on the radio. I wrote my first song when I was just 6 years old! Although I am primarily a solo performer, I have performed with a country band, a celtic band and as part of a duo. Gifted with a voice that blends power and tenderness, a sweeping 3 octave range and a clear, pure tone, I love taking my listeners to a place only they can go. My listeners come away captivated, soothed and centered. I am one with the music I perform - it all comes from the heart. My original music gently offers a view into the hidden parts of ourselves. I support freedom of expression, permission for the process, self-respect and respect for Creation. My music connects with people because it allows them to connect with themselves. Adding my autoharp to the blend creates an intimate aura which soothes, uplifts and renews your spirit.

Music has power. I choose to sing songs that convey a message. Some purposefully contain more than one. Each listener will hear the message that is right for them. I want at least one person in my audience to feel good about where they have been, where they are now, and to look at the choices they have about where they might be going.

"Lisa's music brings you back to center, nourishes your heart and soul, encourages your spirit, and nurtures love, hope and peace."


One Tiny Seed

Written By: Lisa Lee

Chorus: One tiny seed, dancing with the breeze,
One tiny seed, just like you and me,
A promise for the future with its own destiny.

Verse 1:Can this tiny seed decide when the wind sets it free,
Where it will land, and who it will be,
Should it fight the current or let go,
An act of faith to follow where the breezes blow,
Acquiese to the wind from whence all good things flow tiny seed!


Verse 2: Shall we journey with the wind,
Now that God has set us free,
Come, take my hand, come travel with me
to the inner sanctum we all share,
A leap of faith to trust the wind and fly the air,
Acquiese to the love that we'll find waiting there tiny seed!

Independence Bridge

Written By: Lisa Lee

I am crossing over another bridge tonight.
The river shines like silver in the quarter moon light.
A pale reminder that a new moon will come.
Just as a new day will dawn with the sun.

Crossing over the Independence bridge,
trying to reconcile life is the way it is,
trying to keep my sights from setting in the west
Get through one more day and just forget the rest,
one day at a time,
one moment's happiness
Just one more cross over the Independence bridge.

I have often wondered wherein the future lies
The path of becoming, the pain of last goodbyes,
Adventure awaits me around the river bend
Where new waters flow and old hurts will mend;


Long Roads

Written By: Lisa Lee

Long Roads wind to the sea
Many roads will lead you home
Some roads lead you far away
and make you feel all alone.
Which road you choose is up to you.
I'll be at the end of one to welcome you

Cold winds battle you now
bitter storms have crossed your path
Put one foot before the other down
they'll find the way to bring you back
Which road you choose is up to you
I'll be at the end of one to welcome you

Lonely nights and weary days
We all need to have a friend
When you free yourself from your cage
I'll be here at road's end
Which road you choose is up to you
I'll be at the end of one to welcome you.

I'll watche the gate,
open the door,
I'll take you in rich or poor
You make your choices on your own
You have the choice to come back home.

Long roads wind to the sea
One road leads to me.
When you find yourself
heading home again
I'll be here at road's end
Which road you choose is up to you.
I'll be at the end of one to welcome you.
Which road you choose is up to you...

I Saw Two Lovers

Written By: Lisa Lee

I saw two lovers kissing in the dark
by a lampost in the park
I was captured by their rapture
'til I saw them pull apart.
I couldn't move, there was nothing I could do, when I saw that it was you.
But I felt the broken pieces of my heart falling apart.
Their eyes were fixed on each other's smiling face,
as the held their warm wmbrace.
I saw a woman walking with a man I never knew.
And they passed me in the fog,
as the lamplight filtered through.


Written By: Lisa Lee

I am the enchanted young
who twirl in the mists of tomorrow.
I am the circles in a pond
emanating from the pebbles you toss
I am the Mysteries
forgotten by progress
I am the hand
that reaches to lift you up
when you are down.
I am the concept of Time
always present and pure
no end or beginning.
I am the wind!
I am the breeze...
I am the beasts of the field
the birds of the air
and the fish of the sea!
I am the new growth in spring
bearing fruit with the passage of summer.
I am the autumn leaves that fly
on the wind and onto the winter
I am the strength inside
that shoulders your burdens
I am the thought
that manifests being
and makes dreams come true.
I am the light and the dark
the seen and unseen
the known and unknown
I am the sun,
the moon and the stars,
I am the galaxies beyond
wherever you are.
I am all that is,
all that ever was
and all that is yet to be,
I am all of this, it's true,
but never forget
that you are too.


Lisa currently has 2 CDs available: "Phoenix Rising" : Nine original songs on tape and CD, completed in 1996, featuring 4 part self-harmony, piano, guitar, saxophone, and autoharp. This CD walks your through the trials and tribulations of being an adult and guides you to personal triumph. Available for purchase at CD BABY, and Best Buy as well as downloads on iTunes, etc.

"Journeys": Completed in 1994, 21 original songs on CD with Autoharp accompaniment. "Journeys" takes you on a trek from birth to personal identity.

Set List

Lisa knows over 200 songs by heart, from folk, country, and easy listening adult contemporary. She has nearly 100 originals, only 17 of which are currently on disc.

Sets range from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours, with 1 to 2 sets per show.

Typical set lists:
Folk/Celtic: Barbara Allen, Water is Wide, You'll Never Be The Sun, Roger the Miller, Ned of the Hill, Virgil Kane

Country: By the Time I Get To Phoenix, To Daddy, Silver Wings, Don't Think Twice, Angel of the Morning, Crazy

Easy Listening: Jet Plane, Annies Song, Suzanne, Circle Game, Snowbird, Vincent, Best of My Love

Originals: One Tiny Seed, Summer Sunsets, Long Roads, Three Small Stones, Secret Place, Train Tracks, Independence Bridge, Woe,Woe, Child of the Father, Phoenix Rising, I Am Your Refuge, Laying in Your Arms, Morning Rain, Home Down River Road, Oregon Born, etc.