Lisa Lindley-Jones

Lisa Lindley-Jones


"When he came searching for the grave of his lifelong love, he found nothing but an open, empty pit. And when he looked up from his grief, he found himself surrounded by ghostly white forms". From ‘Giselle’, by Theophile Gautier & Vernoy de Saint Georges retold by Geraldine McCaughrean.


Lisa Lindley-Jones steps out from the wings with her enchanting 'White Shadow' EP Amazingly and perfectly, each song on the EP captures a deep sadness with an even greater optimism. Tripping between Brighton and London and also her native Stockholm, Lisa saw something bigger than any of the cooler than cool scenes she dipped into. This talented musician and lyricist's music has a fragility and power conveyed through both her vocal style and the songs' framework, managing to be complex without pretence.
Sometimes performing bijou intimate sets, other times with the thunderous power of a full Rock n Roll band, guarding her like a group of non-identities....
Lisa has also recently lent her voice to King Creosote’s critically acclaimed Album Bombshell and British Sea Powers top ten album Do You Like Rock Music? She is now in the process of putting the final touches to her LP “Selfhood”(tbc). The ‘White Shadow’ EP was mixed by Tim Holmes from Death In Vegas and a beautifully charged music film accompanies the track Step Back. It was directed by the maverick WIZ, who has previously directed for Arctic Monkeys, Manic Street Preachers and Dizzee Rascall amongst others.


Step Back

Written By: Lisa Lindley-Jones



'White Shadow' E.P

Set List

Push Me Pull you
No Dice
Paper Cuts
Anna Minor
Road to Nowhere- Cover

This is half an hour set. We can do longer but currently working on new songs so would rather wait to include them.