Lisa Marshall

Lisa Marshall


R&B driven vocals and song structures w/ a bit of Rock to Gospel . Belting vocals with call & answer harmonies. Motown inspired bass & drums, with simple and textured guitar. A fun and highly charged live performance.


"...that pretty little pixie was a musician through and through. She knew her chops and busted ass to get there. Then she opened her mouth. Good Lord! She barely comes up to my ribcage but she has got the voice of a serious belter, and refreshing. What really makes it is that when she sings a can't imagine it being sung any other way."-Chopperman, Adventure Rider, WA.
Lisa Marshall has had the honor of performing with Big Brother and the Holding Company and with her first original group, Peculiar Boogie, she opened for Blues greats such as Robben Ford, Koko Taylor and Little Milton. Her then band self released 2 CDs and sold over 15,000 copies collectively and toured the West Coast receiving airplay from KPFK 90.7FM Los Angeles, CA. ; KPIG-Monterey , CA.
As a solo asrtist Lisa has performed live at KBCS 91.3FM Bellevue Community College, KKMS 1150am with the Dirty Girls, her fabulous 3 women who sing 3 part harmony, and call and answer vocals.
A native of Virginia Beach, VA., Lisa Marshall's influences began on Chicks Beach in a hippie neighborhood. Her young parents' large record collection exposed her to a colorful palette of music. Her Mother loved Elvis, Motown, Funk and Disco. Her Dad liked the Blues..straight, rockin', & psycedelic blues.
At 21, Marshall took off to California where she would spend the next 13 years playing the club scene from Gay bars to the Sunset strip. In that time she fronted Peculiar Boogie, an original band she co-founded. She also co-wrote the music. Some of the highlights of that era were opening for Robben Ford up the California Coast, Koko Taylor, Rosie Flores, and Big Brother and the Holding Company.
In addition to being lead singer in Peculiar Boogie, Lisa has made many guest appearances with other bands.
She moved to Seattle in 2002 where guitarist Becky Coltman of PB and Marshall continued Peculiar Boogie with guest musicians and Lisa playing bass.
Currently, Lisa is touring the Southeast with her new self-released album, Simple.
The new songs bring in elements of the early Soul/R&B days with a bit of a rock/psychedelic vibe and even gospel. Lyrically, Marshall writes abstract driven by her political convictions, and belief to put out into the world positive and empowering images and ideas. Her influences range from the Soul singers of the late 60's/early 70's like Aretha Franklin, Mavis Staples, and Janis Joplin to the rock jams of Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones...
Lisa Marshall plays solo and with her band and is excited about booking a European tour and playing SXSW!


High On Her Perch

Written By: Lisa Marshall

V1- you got me under
your quaint little spell you sure can
roll like thunder
across the dream, across the dream
don't hide yourself away
Ch- high on her perch
a woman of love is at work
if her stare don't make you back
she'll give you a worm from her
ground (2x's)
V2- you got me going
follow wich way to the sky
follow down, follow round
any way it's quite alright (2x's)
don't hide yourself away
In the years that go by so fast
Did she give a love to last, yes she did, she did, oh, but it took so long from high on her perch she looked down on you
she gave to you, she gave
but now she's gone
she's gone away (2x's)
ooo, and high on her perch
you know sometimes life it just brings on too much
but you got no choice, you might as well just face up, try, try, try
and let those little things just roll on by
you have to, you must
but then she gets down on her knees and ask for it to stop just for one, one minute
you see,
oh there's too much pain
so much to share (3x's)
with a gust a might wind one day you will be free the bird on her perch
the bird on her perch is a womn at work

Swamp Song

Written By: Lisa Marshall

Love a woman, what's my crime?
Hold your tongue, your judgemant time
If I'm leaving lift me up
I got my voice gonna raise it up
Woh , gonna raise it up

Well, I'm going down this time and I'm gonna find out when it all conspired
Bit by bit you can bare my soul, I got no shame put me in my hole..
woh, put ime in my hole

Ch- You got to love somebody 'cause no-one gets out alive honey, no they don't
Erase from your mond all the bad that's been done to you, all the good things you are go to let , let it shine, shine, shine

Here's my silver, my love is gold
Got no time for the lies been sold
Here's my skin, well it sure is mine. I stand my ground my drinkin' time
woh. my drinkin' time


Breakdown- drinkin time well it sure is mine!
I won't believe in the lies they're selling me
But I got ine question, I got to know..
what's my crime, my crime, crime, crime
I got no time ya know, know, know
erase from my mind all the bad that's been done to me ,
all the good things I am got to let, let it shine, shine, shine

drinking cup, raise it up, got my voice gonna raise it up (repeat)


Written By: Lisa Marshall

Driving home we felt nothing wrong
I'm here to say love ain't blind
Being with you it makes me strong and weak at the same time
We'd follow the stars alone to the edge of time if we could
And it's something so simple, so good

No, I'm not looking back
There's nothing there left to see
Dreams are made in the here and now
All the hurtin' does fade ,
And tonight it seems all the days are for us
Yes, I see it's so simple, so good

What don't you believe in yourself
You got the world at your feet
Anyone ever do you harm, you can find shelter in me
Let's follow the stars alone to 'til the edge of time yes we could
Yes I see it's so simple so good
Yes, I see it's so simple so good!


1993- Peculiar Boogie- Self Titled
2002 Peculiar Boogie- "Pay Toll to the Troll"
2007- Lisa Marshall - Self Titled demo
2008- Lisa Marshall- Simple

Set List

Sets can range from 45 min. showcases to 3 1/2 hour performances.
Some covers might include..
Come Together- Beatles (Tina Turner's version)
Get it While You Can - Janis Joplin