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"Lisa McClendon - My Diary, Your Life"

For her solo debut, Lisa McClendon brings home a whirl of sumptuous neo-soul stylings. The big afro and large hoop earrings are appropriate hints at the great expanse of vocal expression this young singer brings.

My Diary, Your Life from the Shabach Entertainment camp is a glorious 19 tracks that McClendon uses to paint intimate portraits of her faith, using her extensive palette of vocal colors and supported by organic instrumental textures that emphasize the rootsy nature of her alto pipes.

The project kicks off with the ingenious “Still Alive”. Derived from The Bee Gees' classic, the song is written from the point of view of Jesus, and is marked by soft urban rhythms steeped in plenty of gentle urban flute. A.M.P. injects a brief rap mid-track as McClendon sings her easy vocals on the hook:

Although you drove the nails through my hand
And broke my heart, I’m God and I’m still alive…

—from "Still Alive"

From there the project unfolds into ripples of soft soul vibes and comforting grooves. Writing all the songs on the album, McClendon shows herself to be a vast talent for placing a succinct Gospel message to melody. She brings the listener close enough to know her heart and conveys such a purity of spirit that that identification with her is always easy. The album title is entirely appropriate.

Mo Henderson’s expert hand on production shines through with uncluttered arrangements that are perfect for McClendon’s vocal vibe.

Cuts such as “Clean Me” put the focus on the clarity of McClendon’s expressive vocals, and the brief “I Found You” finds a folk/soul niche with relaxed acoustic guitar.

Praise songs find their place midway through the project. “Hiding Place”, “Beautiful Is Your Praise” and “Praise Is Comely” are delivered back to back to back; each are sunny prayers backed by acoustic drums.

The album concludes with a pair of soft-drive invitational cuts titled “Revelation” (the second of the two being spoken word).

Then you realize that not only have you been allowed into the sanctuary of Lisa McClendon’s soulful diary of praise and confession, you have also been encouraged to join with her in bringing forth the praise to Jesus Christ —in newness of vibe and freshness of voice.


"Live From The House of Blues REVIEW"

Lisa McClendon brings a hybrid mix of jazz, soul, and funk to her praise & worship style of urban gospel, and backed here by an eight-piece band complete with horns as well as a seven-person vocal chorus, her sound on this live recording from a gig at the House of Blues in New Orleans is big, thick, and substantial. McClendon isn't a shouter in the deep gospel mold so much as a jazz-inflected singer who depends almost entirely on subtle phrasing and nuance in her vocals, and given this huge backdrop to work against, her vocal lines skip brightly over the surface almost as a counterpoint. It works, though, giving these deeply spiritual songs a wonderfully full and commercial veneer. Among the highlights here are the impressive opener, "Made," a straight in the pocket cover of the Winans' "Uphold Me," the stomping, joyous, and ever-shifting "You Can," and the set closer, "Move on Over," which is completely bright and infectious. Also worth noting is the 11-minute medley of songs, "Soul Music Medley," from McClendon's second album, Soul Music, which sandwiches "Hey Now," "Stuck," "You Are Holy," and "Secret Garden" into a pocket tour. Endlessly positive and hopeful, McClendon manages to avoid cliché in her praise & worship songs, making them even more striking, and with a band as good as this behind her, she gives this material a solid range of dramatic dynamics, dropping things at times back to a near whisper, then letting the band explode into joy on the turnarounds. ~ Steve Leggett, All Music Guide -

"Lisa McClendon focuses on REALITY"

Interviewed by Kiwi:

In 2002 a CD was sent to me that would change my life forever. The CD included various artists however one artist that was featured stuck out. The music, the voice, and, (whew!) …the lyrics had such an affect on me, I had to hear more! Now, 4 CDs later, LISA McCLENDON is keeping it moving while still writing, singing and producing heart felt, soul stirring music that literally calms my spirit and moves me to tears…

C2C: You’ve been in this over 5 years, have 3 CDs under your belt, just returned from London, nominated for different awards…plus, you’ve paved the way for SO many artists presently in the music industry…how do you feel when you hear some of your accomplishments?
Lisa: I hate to use the word “unworthy,” but that’s how I feel. I feel like I’m given credit for a lot of stuff that I don’t feel like I’ve done. At the same time, even though you said ‘I paved the way’ it’s like, yeah and no because so many cats have been doing this way before me, but for whatever reason, God saw fit that I was the one to get the platform on that level before anyone else. I’m like, “ok, God…why?...huh?” (laughing) you know? …I don’t understand. But I think about that scripture “to whom much is given, much is required”. I feel like the Lord gave me a huge responsibility…kind of like a trailblazer. People look up to you and you’re like, “why is everyone looking up to me? …for what?” (laughing) …but God knows. It really is an honor, it is… but I look at it as a responsibility to represent well.

C2C: Each CD has different flavas/elements mixed in, garnering different descriptions comparing you to Jill Scott, Lala Hathaway and others. Tell me about your music, how would YOU define it?
Lisa: I think it would be New Jazz/Soul or New Soul/Jazz…or something along that line. I heard that people have commented that I sing really laid back or monotone, and I can understand why people say that because my background is Jazz. I’m not a squaller…I don’t do a lot of runnin’…I don’t sing loud or hard, that’s my natural way of singing. If I try to squall I would not have a voice because my voice is not equipped for that. To me, that’s what Gospel [music] is more of…the voices are a lot stronger in regards to runnin’ and all that stuff. Also, lyrically it’s not really Gospel because I deal with everyday life as it relates to God. It can range from me singing a song about marriage to me singing a song about drugs or friends…we may never make it to the ‘church building’ because I’m too busy singing about life outside the church building.

C2C: So, to those who say “Lisa McClendon isn’t a Gospel artist”…?
Lisa: I would say, yeah…they’re right! I’m a Christian…I’m a believer. My message is Jesus Christ, always…no compromise. The message is The Gospel…but my style and sound is not. Everything I do points back to love…we have to win them first and then break it down in detail later. Bottom line, I know who I’m singing about and if I don’t say ‘Jesus’ every other line…don’t get it twisted, I know who I’m talking about. Maybe that particular song isn’t about Jesus but about a relationship with a man and woman…the ultimate goal is to bring resolution and solutions as it relates to the Word of God. I’m a proverbial writer …if you read a chapter in Proverbs it aligns with what I sing about.

C2C: You are a dynamic lyricist and I would put your music up against any emcee out today! What motivates your writing?
Lisa: Life! Everyday I live it’s something to write about…my experiences and others as well. People who know me can listen to my CDs and say, “oooo, I know who she’s talking about”! (laughing) I try and be very strategic because I don’t want any of my family or people to feel like I put their business out there…I’m really cautious so sometimes it’s a combination of people…

C2C: Looking through other’s eyes, it seems like “you’ve arrived”…Do you personally feel like “you’ve made it” musically?
Lisa: No, because I feel like I have so much more to do that reflects more of who I am. I don’t feel like the world has seen my best yet because I haven’t seen my best yet. I feel like there is so much more inside of me and the more I live, the better I get. [I think] as long as I’m living I will always be like Paul who said, “I have not yet apprehended…!” …So, no, I’m not there yet.

C2C: What other things would you like to tap into and experience that you haven’t had a chance to yet?
Lisa: The college market…I really want to saturate the college market, I think that is really going to be a blessing. Another thing is I want to see someone doing what I do and be able to be on the same stage with a Jill…with a Lauryn, with an India.Arie and hold their own in excellence, whether it’s me or whoever…because I feel like when I sit on the end of Gospel it’s always a step or 2 or 3 or 500 behind the world. The excuses are “we are doing this unto the Lord” but no…He’s a God - Cornbread 2 Caviar

"The Big Interview - Lisa McClendon"

Lisa McClendon

Lisa’s vibrancy and warm personality meets you before she says a word. Her laid-back style and humble attitude radiates a feeling of instant comfort- ability. After a few gushy moments of telling her how huge a fan I am, Lisa spoke openly about her past experiences and what she feels God has in store for her ministry.

KW: You’ve just had your first UK performance, (click here for the concert review) how have you found the London experience?

Lisa: It was very good; we are all ecstatic to be here. I’ve always really wanted to come to London, so I was overwhelmed with just being in London. We haven’t had much time to see London yet; we plan to do a little sightseeing before we leave.

“We are losing the sense of being a woman... Through my music, I just want to make it clear, that women should be proud to look like women and embrace womanhood.”
KW: Have you had the opportunity to do much touring outside of the US?

Lisa: Not at all, the furthest I’ve been outside the US is here in London; I had also done some work in Canada earlier in 2004.

KW: How long have you been involved in the Gospel music industry?

Lisa: Professionally I’ve been in ministry for about 4 or 5 years, not quite as long as most people might think. I have been singing for a long time but not on a professional level.

KW: When I first heard your music I wondered, “where did this lady come from?” When you first came out it was a new sound on the Gospel scene for the UK. Who does your music to appeal to? Define your target audience.

Lisa: I think the most important people I would say are college students. Simply because they are at a crossroad in life and I think what God has given me to say is basically to help people make a decision about whether they are going to do the right thing or the wrong thing. I think what I do does help to motivate people; well I hope that it does that. It’s not just for young people, but college students, those who are not young enough to be dependent, but not yet old enough to be independent.

KW: Ella Fitzgerald is one of your musical inspirations, who else inspires you musically and in terms of your ministry?

Lisa: Underground artists usually inspire me, I don’t know if that’s because most artists that are out now, if you’re not careful, everything could sound the same. If I named a US underground artist you probably wouldn’t know who they were! In terms of my earlier influences, I am definitely inspired by big band music, but now my interests have broadened. I am a big Lauryn Hill fan.

KW: In terms of Gospel artists, whom do you listen to?

Lisa: I have bought Mary Mary’s album ‘Incredible’, I listen to that when I am having a bad day and I need a pick me up. I have older Fred Hammond albums. I do buy Gospel music but there is nothing that stands out that I listen to a whole lot. You know what’s weird, when you are doing music for a living, music tends not to be something that you listen to a lot, because you hear music all day every day. So when you are not working you are like “I don’t wanna hear anything!” you just want peace and quiet, so I think that has a lot to do with it. I was never like that before I started doing music professionally. I don’t listen to as much music as I should.

KW: I understand that you used to lead praise and worship at your church?

Lisa: I used to lead praise and worship in Florida, but now I live in Tennessee. We have just joined a church, but we are not doing anything right now because we need to get settled. Doing what I do, it might be a long time before I actually do anything active (in the church), because you can’t really commit the way you would like to, so I probably won’t do a lot right now.

KW: In praise and worship, did you find God called you into that ministry?

Lisa: Definitely, it’s almost like, “How did I end up doing this?” I never saw myself leading praise and worship, ever. Even while I was leading I felt like I was the ‘oddbod’, because I didn’t really lead praise and worship like anyone else. I wondered, ‘was I too worldy?’ ‘Was it too jazzy?’ But people would come and encourage me and say, “be yourself, we like you being different”, and I think that’s what helped me to try not to be like the other praise and worship leaders, because I wasn’t the main praise and worship leader, I was just one of them, amongst 3 or 4.

KW: Would you ever do a praise and worship album?

Lisa: Never! That’s not me. That’s not something I would pursue but hey, God can do anything right?

KW: You brought your husband LT and daughter Diamond with you on this trip. How do you balance mixing family life and your work as an artist?

Lisa: I just do it! I do have an assistant who helps me on the road, and my husband helps a lot at home. I guess once I got out of the ‘I’m not superwoman’ mode that helped. At one point in time I thought I had to do it all and I was really getting worn out. Even now, when I see I am -


(2005) Live At The House of Blues (New Orleans)
(2003) - Soul Music
(2002) - My Diary, Your Life



With 3 projects under her belt, Lisa McClendon’s name has become synonymous with soulful music and cutting edge, heart penetrating lyrics. Now, this Stellar and Dove award nominee has returned with the 4th installation in her musical legacy, REALITY (BluSoul Entertainment).

Defined as “The state of being true,” REALITY is just what Lisa McClendon is focusing on as the CD goes in and out of songs that reflect the day to day lives of listeners. “There are a lot of things I have to own up to today because of decisions that I made yesterday,” McClendon states. “So, I really wanted to create an album that talks about things that we deal with on a regular basis and shine that flashlight called ‘reality’ on it.” And that she did as songs touch on subjects ranging from learning from those decisions made to being overwhelmed by responsibilities of life.

Haven written and co-produced the majority of the CD, REALITY captures the essence of who Lisa McClendon truly is personally and musically. “I have grown a lot…I have more experience with life. REALITY is me unfiltered. Anyone can buy this album and be connected…it leaves no one out. The unique thing about Christ was that He ministered and knew how to relate to EVERYONE,” says McClendon.

In her desire to reach the total man, McClendon penned songs such as “Let Go” which provide therapeutic melodies for those who feel overwhelmed with the cares of life and encourages them to give their problems to God, while the song “Make Over” puts a spin on what is often seen on TV and suggests, instead, an inward make over. “I envisioned those makeover shows when I was writing the song. They bring in the hair and clothes experts and they go into all of the details about [what they did] but no one ever touches the person’s soul. They are going to leave there beautiful but they are still messed up on the inside.”

Also included on the CD is a remake of Brenda Russell’s “Too Beautiful For Words” from the hit Broadway play The Color Purple. This rendition of the song is also being used as the anthem for the “You Are Beautiful” and the “Love My Body” awareness campaigns sponsored by to promote and ‘inspire young men and women to invest in their dignity.’ “I am humbled to be working with these two campaigns. I have the opportunity to encourage people to nurture and appreciate the masterpiece called "the body" that God has given to us. Our bodies need to be appreciated, admired, and cared for…this opportunity is priceless!" McClendon exclaims. As part of this campaign, Lisa McClendon has upcoming appearances on Good Morning America as well as other high profile media outlets.

Already being dubbed as Lisa McClendon’s best work to date, she is moving forward with new a new look, new self-owned label, momentum and vision. “I want to be able to look back 10 years from now and see the music I did 10 years prior still affecting people.” McClendon has teamed up with Grammy nominated, super producer Herb “Big Herb” Middleton (Mary J. Blige, Usher, SWV) to help bring that vision to pass. “This time around I can really do what I believe I am gifted to do. People don’t want to deal with reality, but it’s time to be real.”