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Lisa McGlown and Friends


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Look What Radio Stations Are Saying"

Sylvester McPherson, WBIL Tuskegee, Albama
I love "Praise Fiesta" !!

Ricky Sykes, WEUP Huntsville, Alabama
I like "Praise Fiesta".

Irma Robertson, KTYM Inglewood, California
"Praise Fiesta" it great!

Melvin Williams, KNRY Seaside, California
I'm playing "Praise Fiesta"!! Can I get the whole CD?

Nawania Lyles, KALI Pasadena, California
"Praise Fiesta" is hot!! I need the full CD.

Bro. Steve, Hollywood, California
I really like the CD. I'm playing "Praise Fiesta"

Greg Lockett, WCLK Atlanta, Georgia
I like the CD. Playing "Praise Fiesta".

Kim Charlton, WXKO Macon, Georgia
"Praise Fiesta" is heavy. I need the full CD and an interview.

Joe Pope Sr., WGTG Newnan, Georgia
"Praise Fiesta" is heavy!! Listeners like it a lot.

Joe Pope Jr., WHIE Griffin, Georgia
"Praise Fiesta" is doing very well. I'd like the full CD.

Barbara Roberts, WBML Macon, Georgia
"Praise Fiesta" is doing good. I really like it

Mike Mitchell, WPZE Atlanta, Georgia
I love the entire CD! "Your Grace Kept Me" especially caught my attention.
it's powerful.

The entire CD is good!
Connie Flint, WPZE (Radio One)
Atlanta, Georgia

Vanessa Vaughn, Inspirations Across America
Love the CD!! I especially like "About My Fathers Business" because it's different.
I spotlighted Lisa McGlown on Easter Sunday and introduced "About My Fathers

Elie Taylor, KASO Minden, Louisiana
"Praise Fiesta" is heavy. Great song!!

Henry Davis, KJCB Lafayette, Lousiana
"Praise Fiesta" is HOT!!

Mona Johnson, WSCB Springfield, Massachusettes
This CD has been a blessing to my life!! It really ministers to me.
I listen to it all the time and share it with everyone because it
is so annointed. Continue to do Gods will. I'm playing everything!!
Can I get an interview?

Arnold Walden, WJSS Havre De Grace, Maryland
This is one of the best Cd's I've received!! It is so powerful and annointed.
I'm playing about 6 of the songs regularly. May I have an Interview?

Larry Young, The Light Network Atlanta, Georgia
I love the whole CD!! Love the live feel!! When I was listening to it,
I started looking around for the mobile recording truck in my office.

Twanda Black, WALR Atlanta, Georgia
The CD is awesome. It really blesses me. My favorite is "Praise Fiesta",
I play it every morning Mon.-Fri. and Sundays. I also play "Thankful" first
thing in the morning. This CD is a blessing to me!!!!

Larrt Tinsley, V-103 Atlanta, Georgia
I really like it!! Good songs and good production.

Zadella Curtis, WLUV Chicago, Illinois
Great CD!! Glad you took your time and did it right.
I like it all!! however; "Thankful" is what the listeners want.
"Thankful" is one of the most requested songs here at the station.

Debra Pollard, WJLB Detroit, Michigan
I like the CD. I'm playing "Praise Fiesta".

Dora Gill, WMPR Jackson, Mississippi
I like "Praise Fiesta"!!

Truman Ford, WESY Greenville, Mississippi
I really like "Praise Fiesta"!!

Vivian Brandon, WHIP Mooresville, North Carolina
"Praise Fiesta" is heavy and I need promos. It's nice!!

Ken Hinton, WSHA Raleigh, North Carolina
Lisa is heavy "Praise Fiesta"!!

Dr. D, WHCR Bronx, New York
I like "Praise Fiesta"!

Adriane Bradshaw, WONB Ada, Ohio
"Praise Fiesta" is good.

Jim Johnson, WDAO Dayton, Ohio
"Praise Fiesta" is doing good!

Will Garrett, WJUC Toledo, Ohio
What's not to like. This CD is the bomd!! "Your Grace Kept Me"
is heavy. Can a brotha get an interview?

Phyllis Bennett, WWII Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
"Praise Fiesta" is heavy. I love it!!

Chuck Washington Sr., WHZK Greenwood, South Carolina
"Praise Fiesta" is heavy. GREAT SONG!!

Dwayne Dickerson, WOJG Bolivar, Tennessee
"Praise Fiesta" is heavy. Good song.

Damon King, WNSG Nashville,Tennessee
"Praise Fiesta" is good.

Charles Hudson, KTSU Houston, Texas
"Praise Fiesta" is nice!!

Robert Walker, KAZI Austin, Texas
"Praise Fiesta" is doing good. Great song!

Jill Thomas, KPYN Texarkana, Texas
"Praise Fiesta" is heavy! I like it.

Doc Christian, WKUS Norfolk, Virginia
"Praise Fiesta" is hot!! I'd like an interview?

Babbie Mason, Christian Recording Artist
Great songs!! I really like it!

Jimmy Hicks, Gospel Recording Artist
I love the CD!!

Kendall Duffie, COO Alliant Music Group
I like the overall CD. Great songs!!

Anthony Truss, A&R BMG
The CD is great!! I immediatedly sent it off to a major record company.
So can I get another copy?

A &J Connections, Atlanta, Georgia
Lisa the CD is phenominal; We listening to your CD and cry while working. Europe would love "Praise Fiesta". I'd like to book you all overseas. Great songs, great vocals, great music, great production and live sound and feel.
I'm proud of you. I like it that you didn't over compress anything. You can really
feel everything.

- Tracie McKelvin


Let Me Tell It
Your Grace Kept Me
The Man You Want Me To Be
Praise Fiesta
Stand Still and Know
About My Father's Business
Someway Somehow
Your Grace Kept Me


Feeling a bit camera shy


Lisa McGlown was born and reared in Toledo, Ohio where her musical gifts were birthed and developed at age 6. Lisa began singing with "The Sunbeams" out of Toledo, Ohio where at the age of 7 she learned the joy of harmony.

Lisa and her sisters Linda, Shery, and Tila formed their own group called The McGlown Sisters which is known to exude heavenly harmony as demonstrated on their accapella number called "Thankful" (Lisa McGlown & Friends).

Lisa's professional music career began at age 12 as a drummer for various churches and groups in the Metro Toledo area. Lisa furthered her career in accompanying gospel greats such as: Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark, Twinkie Clark, Fred Hammond, Vanessa Bell-Armstrong, Vickie Winans, Donald Vails, Rance Allen, The Clark Sisters, Marvin Winans, Be Be Winans, Daniel Winans, and many others.

As a vocalist and songwriter, Lisa has worked with Daniel Winans, Angie & Debbie Winans, Vance Taylor, Candi Staten, Babbie Mason, Sonny Emory, Joey Britton, Percy Bady and many others.

Lisa's mandate is to present gospel music and song lyrics that will bring about an eternal change through Jesus Christ in the lives of all mankind.