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Phoenix, Arizona, United States | INDIE

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | INDIE
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"You Asked For It... Lisa Savidge - Stolen Sounds Review"

...Opening with a little finger picking and a distorted bass line on "Victory," the band sounds mature, and when vocalist Dan Somers gets a little more emotional about two minutes in, that impression grows stronger.

The second song was my favorite. "Nightmare" is a garage-y quasi-cover of Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me" with a nice fuzzy feel.


Things pick up a little more at the end of the record, though, with "90 Pills," a pop-punker with a nice little "oooooOOOoo" leading in to the refrain. It's a very catchy song that, with better production values, could really be a standout.

Despite some technical setbacks, and a loss of momentum midway through, I was pretty impressed with Stolen Sounds. Lisa Savidge has a great sound and well-tuned pop sensibilities and has put together a great first record. -- Martin Cizmar - Phoenix New Times

"Lisa Savidge VS. The City of Tempe"

...Let me toss this out there, since I definitely feel for the guys: Listening to "90 Pills" again, it's clear Lisa Savidge is capable of writing some of the best pop songs in this town - Phoenix New Times

"Featured Artist"

Featured Song: Appalachacha (Pts. 1&2) - Deftune Podcast

"Featured Artist"

Featured: Fire Exiting - Radio Orphans Podcast

"BCR Comp Review"

My biggest surprise on the compilation was Lisa Savidge. I knew these guys had talent, but it rarely shined through on their first album. But with the skittering guitars of “Fire Exiting” and the genre-bending stunner “Appalachacha (Pts. 1 &2),” the band shows that some lineup changes and an expansion of their sound have paid great dividends. - Yab Yum Music

"Live Show Review"

I've heard what stripped down, raw energy sounds like, and it sounds like Lisa Savidge. This 4 peice from Phoenix, AZ subscribes to no fad, hype or the empty promises of today's harsh digital times. They come out and hit you where it hurts... right in the guts.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to catch a live performance from 'Savidge at The Modified- Downtown Phoenix's legendary indie music venue, and my guts were ripped right out of my stomach like a scene from Indiana Jones Temple Of Doom.

The set started out with fast, melodic fury, as the band played a handful of the more agressive track from their Stolen Sounds EP. Edgy, twangy guitars, pumping bass, head drilling drums and pulsating keyboards electrified the audience, sending shocks down spines.

"90 Pills," an overdriven, feel good early Radiohead-esque track from their debut, shook the PA's and shredded our ears with delight.

Subdued songs like "Headspace" and "Swept Along" mystified the night, providing a dreamy, soothing atmosphere, glueing the harder songs together and keeping the dynamics flowing.

The band's sound floats somewhere within indie rock quantum space, but refuses to be pinned down to an encased format. There are certainly remnants of things within their music, (traces of heartbroken college rock, deep grunge and progressive post-punk) but the styles work together. Imagine if Butch Vig and Billy Corgan sat down to produce a record featuring Dinosaur Jr., Pink Floyd, Marcy's Playground and Face To Face... Lisa Savidge is what it may sound like.

-David Jackman - Radio Phoenix

"Show Promo"

Lisa Savidge -
Post-modern rockers Lisa Savidge (that's a band, not a person, mind you) will appeal to those who still remember the day their ex tossed away a closet full of flannel, that well-worn pair of Docs and a drawer full of thermals. Dwell in your sorrow and fond memories with Lisa Savidge--this Doc's for you. - Arizona Scene Blog

"Flyer of The Week"

OK, it's not exactly easy to understand what's going on with this poster from Chandler indie rockers Lisa Savidge (not actually a girl, as previously reported) but that's kind of great. You have to look at this bad boy for a little while to figure everything out, during which time you're subconscious will be evaluating your options for Saturday night while simultaneously factoring this show at The Ruby Room in. - Phoenix New Times


Stolen Sounds - LP
Live @ Radio Phoenix - Single
When in AZ - Compilation
Alice Cooper's A Taste of Christmas Pudding - Compilation
Black Cactus Records Vol. 1 - Compilation
Lisa Savidge - LP (release upcoming)

"Fire Exiting" [PP/FF EP] - Featured on several CMJ stations, streaming on Phoenix New Times, and Radio Orphans Podcast

"Appalachacha (Pts. 1&2)" [PP/FF EP] - Featured on several CMJ stations, DefTunes Music Podcast/Blog, Positive streaming on and Jango



"Lisa Savidge" is the forthcoming second LP from Phoenix-based NoisePop band Lisa Savidge. This record sees the band developing as sonic architects - building beautiful and expansive soundscapes from noise and guitar fuzz.

Lisa Savidge was originally founded by Dan Somers: Having gone somewhat mad during brief but illustrious career doing Very Bad Things as an intelligence operative for the government and various mercenary organizations, he decided to turn his efforts toward good instead of evil. Toward this end, he assembled a band of merry musical miscreants - a violinist on guitar, a classical percussionist on drums, an electronics wizard on keyboards, and a technical guitarist on bass - to push the limits of what is possible and prod at the ears and minds of the Vox Populi.

The end result is something of a love letter to the music that ushered in the current millennial generation: Post Punk, Shoegaze, New Wave, Prog, and Alternative. Frequent comparisons include U2, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Pink Floyd, Pixies, and Arcade Fire. In the years since it's inception, Lisa Savidge has become known for intense live performances, socially positive leanings (having raised tens of thousands of dollars for a variety of charitable organizations), and "colorful" marketing (web-tracked chain albums, guerilla distribution of unusual items, mailing prepaid cell-phones filled with coded messages to various members of the music industry, and so forth).