Lisa Smedley-McKenzie

Lisa Smedley-McKenzie


The words that are contained in my music are not merely songs!!! They are declarations from the Word of God that are choreographed into sometimes catchy, sometimes soothing melodies that penetrate the hearts and spirits of the audience. I pray that the song sings on even after the music stops....


All that I ever remember is writing and singing. Through these gifts I have been able to find solace, strength, encouragement and peace.
For the majority of my adult life, I have purposed to surrended those gifts back to the giver of all good and perfect things The Lord Jesus Christ, whom is my Savior.
God has allowed me the honor of lifting my voice to Him in song through many ministries-choir, praise teams, worship leader and guest psalmist /worship leader.
It is not only who I am BUT it is truly the desire of my heart to serve and empower thru the ministry of song.....


Testimony - Testimony is a 4 song pre-release of the forth coming project currently in the works.
It includes the title single, "Testimony", "Speak To Your Circumstance", "God Loves You" and "You Are God"

Set List

Liftin Up My Praises
Because of Who you are
Holy Spirit- You're welcome here
Here I am To Worship