Lisa Stafford

Lisa Stafford

 Los Angeles, California, USA

"Bizarre and brilliant... alt-country, slightly pop...folk." -- The Hook; Charlottesville, VA


Virginia native Lisa Stafford lives in Los Angeles, CA. Having written with pop songwriter, Robbie Seidman (Belinda Carlisle, Alvin Lee), she is currently recording her first album of original material as a solo artist, with the help of her husband, composer John Paul Gladwell (The Matrix: Special Edition DVD Box Set; PBS' Roadtrip Nation). Not intended for inclusion on the to-be-self-released album, the first song they've recorded is a cowboy-lullaby version of "Silent Night." Lisa grew up singing in church with her mother and sister, and the dreamy harmonies on this track conjure that same spirit.


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Click the "VIDEO" tab to watch John Paul and an about-to-burst-pregnant Lisa perform Robbie Seidman's "Desolation Angel" live.