Lisa Theunissen

Lisa Theunissen


"Her voice is not just powerful, it has the level of control that lets her excel on country, rock and soul numbers. The whole set just buzzed with the obvious joy that this lady derives from performing. Remember the name, this girl is here to stay." Halfmoon Gig Review by Peter Coulston, 20th Nov 08


Pronounced ‘Tennyson’…a South African singer-songwriter raising the roof...

Vocals, Keys and Songwriter
Performing in musical theatre, shows and TV from a young age. Studied Creative Music Technology at Brunel University and Musical Theatre at Pretoria Technikon (studio production, music business, composition, and performance). Runs a music company, Stuff Like That There:, which manages booking the various function bands Lisa plays in (originals/covers); session vocalist; voice-over artist; songwriter; vocal and performance training; and hosting the 15 Minute Club to promote artists.

During 2008 Lisa has...
* Performed over 100 gigs including respected festivals like GuilFest 2008 and venues like The Pigalle Club, The Bedford, The Halo; headling the Halfmoon Putney; and supporting Never The Bride who wrote the single ‘The Living Tree’ for Shirley Bassey.
* Dressed by designer, Vivienne Westwood, for GuilFest 2008, Aylesbury Festival 2008 and the Halfmoon Putney (20th November 2008). For photos please go to at
* Independently released the debut album, HerStory, in May 2008 on iTunes and Amazon, which was subsequently featured on Amazon in June as 'New and Emerging Artists for 2008'.
* Asked to perform in The Commitments show as one of the lead singers.
* Selected as the voice for Fable II, a new game by Xbox, for commercial use in South Africa.
* Nominated 'Best Pop Rock Act' in the Exposure Music Awards 2008 (sponsored by and also received a nomination as ‘Best Female Solo Act’ for the Guildford Brits Awards, from her local area.
* Organised all the promotion around HerShows this year for national radio (please listen to the last two tracks at and press (please view press clippings at Industry and fan reviews can also be found under the section ‘TheirSay’ on the official website

View live performances:
- Tell Me How To Love:
- HerStory:
- Sweep Me Off My Feet:

2009...What's the plan?!
Writing a new album, finding the right team of people to work with, and seeing lots of number 1 songs! Seriously though, there's a lot of work to be done to sail past the competition. So whether it's a publishing or record deal, that's fine, as long as it's in the charts, on film/TV and performed live, Lisa will work and work to achieve it :>

Influences include:
Aretha Franklin, George Benson, Alicia Keys, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Mary J Blige, Timbaland, Diane Warren, Brian McKnight, Beatles, Cathy Dennis, R Kelly, Babyface, Sheryl Crow, Michael Buble, New Radicals, Colbie Caillat, Norah Jones, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, George Michael, Lou Rawls, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson and Barbra Streisand!

Soul to raise the roof, rhythm to shake your soul and smooth melodies to make you go 'aahhh...sweet'. Lisa Theunissen is an artist to keep your eyes on...


Tell Me How To Love

Written By: Lisa Theunissen

Tell me how to love and get it right
Tell me how to see through a blinding light
When times are troubled and you fear the fight
Tell me how to love and get it right

Take A Back Seat, Boy!

Written By: Lisa Theunissen

So, take a back seat, boy
C'mon just watch the show
Ain't nothing like
You've ever seen before
Take a back seat, boy
These girls are damn fine
And we've got our acts together
Ooh, a mighty sound mind
Yeah and we know the deal
So take it or leave it
Ain't gonna be here for ve-ery looong!

Sweep Me Off My Feet

Written By: Lisa Theunissen

Sweep me off my feet
With those incredible eyes
Knew when we'd meet
I'd melt and then fly
Oh my, you're everything
It's just the timing
You see, I'm kinda hurting
And I wouldn't wanna
Blame you for his pain


Album: HerStory
* HerStory is on iTunes:
* HerStory available from

Set List

Depending on size of gig/showcase type, normally 30 minutes to an hour. All original songs which includes a mixture of soul, blues, pop, country and rock.

If you require a set with covers and originals, this can be incorporated and the time will be extended accordingly.