Lisa Tingle

Lisa Tingle


She slips between Aretha Franklin, Robert Plant & Julie London like a cat. Her voice and presence take you away, into the story of the song. Holding nothing back, she puts you face to face with your own emotion. A prolific songwriter and gifted performer.


Voted "Female Vocalist of the Year" multiple times in the Austin Music Awards, held annually during the prestigious South by Southwest Conference. Unbelievable variety of vocal style in this woman! She has 6 CD releases ranging from full-on rock to sultry pop/R&B. Born into a multiple generational lineage of fine musicians, Lisa Tingle comes full circle with her 7th CD release, due out later this summer, where she'll be paying tribute to some of her favorite soul & jazz singers and songwriters, but with that unique "Tingle attitude". She is amazing "live"because
of her intimate delivery of the stories behind the songs. She's the real deal, and then some...



Written By: Lisa Tingle


Le parole sono solo una perdita di tempo
(Words are only a waste of time)

Piango, non perche' sono triste
(I cry, not because I am sad)
per qualcosa di raro
(but because of something rare)
ma cosi meraviglioso
(yet so marvelous)

Piango, verita' straordinaria
(I cry, for extraordinary truth)
ho scoperto un'universo
(since I have discovered a universe)
che pochi vedranno mai
(that few will rarely see)
La dolcezza dentro te
(The sweetness that lives within you)

Sotto la dura strada un suolo fertile
(Under the hard street lies a fertile ground)
Il muschio cresce, il tempo rallenta
(The moss grows, time slows down)
io e te ci fermiamo
(you and I stand still)

Piango, per te, e per me
(I cry for you and for me)
Quello che non sara' mai, nella mia vita
(For all that will never be, in my life)
Non ci basta per riempire, la mia anima
(Is not enough to fill my soul)

Insegnami come
(Teach me how)
ricominciare, Il cristallo diventa fango
(To begin again, crystal becomes mud)


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2005- "Sugar on the Floor"
2003- "Trophies & Baggage"
2002- "Paradise"
2001- "Live at the Lucky Lounge"
2000- "Picture Me There"
1997- "In the Water"
1994- "Black Pearl"

Set List

No such thing as "typical", because she does whatever the show requires at that moment in time.
She molds to the audience and the venue, and can play shows with a guitar and vocal, or a full 4, 5, or 6-piece band with orchestra. Tingle has enough material to play 4 hours, and then some! She is a pro!