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Lisa Weidner

Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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I began as a 5 year old sitting at a keyboard pounding on some keys. I picked that up quickly teaching myself how to play songs and creating a few original songs on the piano. I found myself intrigued after watching a few of my friends playing guitar so I was quick to pick up a guitar and learn. I am from a small town, as most people describe themselves to be. There is not much to do except sit around either at apartments, coffeehouses, and bonfires. Usually a guitar or some sort of music is involved so I have always been inspired to learn how to play. I have been playing now for 5 years and can barely set it down. I have been writing my own songs since I was thirteen years old so I have a lot of material to turn to songs. Everything that I write is what I have experienced first hand. I am now playing shows around my hometown and school between coffeehouses and bars, but I am not getting and playing as far as I would like to play. I have never taken singing or guitar lessons in fear that I may lose my original sound and own style. When someone teaches you, they usually teach you the style that they know and the style that they too have learned from. I would rather teach myself and figure it out on my own. I have always had an ear for music. I can often play a note I hear, but am not able to distiguish exactly what note I am even playing. This has been true with the guitar as well as with the piano when I was first learning that instrument. I love all types/ genres of music from rock to oldies to country to alternative. I usually don't find many female artist that truely inspire me or rarely see a female playing guitar making me want to play it and prove that we are just as good. I want to be able to write music that both females and males listen to and all ages can listen to as well. My biggest musical influence has been Jewel Kilcher and Ani DiFranco, others include Dispatch, Sublime, The Beatles, Tom Petty, Grateful Dead, Keith Urban, Jason Mraz, and so much more. I am open to hear all different genres and types of music, the more I am open to the more I can produce that particular sound or have a combination of all. If you were to ask my story I would say that I am a poor college student that has been dependent on myself since I was sixteen. I've been working since I was eleven so I have always dreamed to hit it big and have my big break to truely not have to work, cause playing music is not work, it's a dream. If you were to ask me why I play music, it would be to alleviate my daily stresses of work and school, to have something to be free and to do as I please. I have future plans and soon a college education to become a nurse, but my dreams still lie in music and in hopes that someday someone will hear my music and too be inspired.