Have you ever experienced victory in the middle of defeat? Just when you thought you lost the battle and wanted to give in to the haunting call of death, God made you victorious. This is the story of Lise's life wrapped and prepared for you to witness in the testimony of her music.


Elise Barnett was destined to sing. Elise started singing in the church at the tender age of three singing with the Scott AME Zion church choir "The Angelics", where she received her training in diction, vocal control, choir etiquette and vocal performance. At the age of six she attended the Gospel Music Workshop of America in Toronto Canada and received additional workshop training conducted by Reverend James Cleveland. At the age of eight she was a member of the "Wilmington/Chester Mass Choir" under the leadership and direction of Reverend Ernie Davis Jr.. She graduated to the "Youth Coral Ensemble" as a teenager and ministered with them in the "McDonald's Gospel Fest" where they placed Second in a competition of over two hundred choirs.

As a young adult she traveled the east coast with "The Gospel Vessels", it is through her work with the Gospel Vessels that she met the Jackson Twins and started her own group True Vine. In 1992 "True Vine" recorded a live album featuring all original material written and produced by Elise. She also traveled the country with "Praise Ministries" under the direction of Minister Walter Brown. Throughout the years Elise has been a professional background singer, singing for such gospel artists as Twinkie Clark, Vickie Winans, Tammy Lindsey, Albertina Walker, Shirley Caesar, John Pee Kee and a host of others. She has had the privilege of singing abroad in Norway and London in the "Molte Jazz Festival" where she shared the marquee with B.B. King and Erika Badu.

Elise has been known to grace the theatrical stage with an anointed grace. In 1984 Elise began her theatrical career under the direction of Dr. Phillip Morris performing in such noted productions "Walk Together Children", "Tambourines to Glory" "The Amen Corner" and host of others. Elise was part of the company that performed a private show of "Drum Major" for Revered Jessie Jackson and Rosa Parks. Elise was a featured actress in the hit play "Good Lord, What is the World Coming to..." where she graced the stage with Meagan Goode and Vincent Ward. She also performed on stage with Be Be Winans, Larry Gatlin (of the Gatlin Brothers) and Debbie Winans in the production of "North and South".

Elise is a wonderful playwright and poet she won the amateur poet of the year award in 2003 and has completed a variety of scripts to include "The Powers that be, Introduction to the Spirit World", "Lessons In Love" and "30 Seconds Left" (which was co-written by Cynthia McKnight). Elise is the owner of "Her Music Publishing" a publishing company dedicated to delivering his message through her music.

In 2001 Elise was hired as a vocal producer and arranger for Groove Control Productions where she wrote for a number of secular artists. In 2003 Elise served as a producer for the Sony/Epic showcase tour. In 2004 God spoke to Elise and she decided that she could no longer work in the secular industry but that she needed to devote her gift to the Lord. She resigned as a producer for Sony/Epic and Groove Control.

In 2005 Elise was a featured vocalist on True Vine's self titled CD release produced by End Tyme Productions. She is currently working on a tour to promote her solo project entitled "The Fruit of My Lips"