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Kjellerup, Central Jutland, Denmark | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Kjellerup, Central Jutland, Denmark | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Rock




"Flight of Belljár album review (danish)"

Rating: 4/6

Klodens undergang fortalt over tre numre og 22 progressive minutter

Det synes som det naturligste i verden, at aarhusianske Lis Er Stille beskæftiger sig med klodens undergang på dette deres femte album – et minialbum bestående af blot tre numre fordelt over små 22 minutter.

Bandets voldsomt bombastiske lyd og teatralske udtryk besidder således et uendeligt dramatisk snit, der klæder en apokalyptisk skildring som denne temmelig perfekt. Lis Er Stille er blot blevet bedre med årene, og det er forfriskende, at bandmedlemmerne i denne ombæring har valgt ikke udelukkende at håndtere deres foretrukne instrumenter - det giver albummet en rastløs dynamik og sikrer ekstra effektive eksplosioner, når de enkeltes forcer atter udfoldes.

Flight Of Belljár ligger i naturlig forlængelse af Lis Er Stilles hidtidige værker og er således en massiv og mættet sag med enkelte åndehuller hist og her – bandets episke format fornægter sig ingenlunde, og man dyrker fortsat den progressive rock med en inderlig og oprigtig kærlighed, det er svært ikke at beundre. Undertegnede synes dog at spore en anelse genbrug hér og dér. - Gaffa - National Danish music magazine

"Nous album review (german)"

Rating: 10/10

In Dänemark gibt’s nicht nur lecker Fisch und komische Häuser sondern auch tolle Bands. Eine davon ist LIS ER STILLE, die mit ihrem Debüt “The Collibro” in der Postrockszene für Aufsehen sorgten. Jetzt sind die Skandinavier mit ihrem Zweitwerk “Nous” zurück auf den Plattentellern.

Dabei setzen die Dänen wie schon beim Erstling auch auf klassische Musikeinflüsse und lassen nicht selten härtere Gangarten der Rockmusik durchgreifen. Wirklich grandios ist beispielsweise das neun Minuten Epos “The Bail”, das mit klassischem Pianointro und fordernden Drumeinsätzen beginnt, um sich zum dramatischen, bombastischen Postrockmonstrum zu wandeln. Dank der klaren, teilweise aber überforderten Stimmunterstützung erinnern die Titel nicht selten an MUSE. Besonders da die Band weiß, wie sie ihren Titeln eine dynamische Dramatik verleihen kann – so z.B. hält “Epitome” mit Tempiwechseln geschickt den Spannungsbogen auf Anschlag und selbst dem neunminütigen “Torchers” geht die Luft nicht aus. Leider verfällt man aber nicht selten auch in einen Soliwahn, was seltsamerweise gerade den “kürzeren” Titeln gewisse Längen einbringt. Diese Passagen nehmen auch ordentlich Power aus dem mühsam aufgebauten Bombast.

Die Nordlicht hantieren aber letztendlich geschickt mit verschiedenen Stilelementen und grenzen sich somit von Genrehelden wie MUSE, PORCUPINE TREE & Co ab. Leider sorgen einige langatmige Passagen für getrübte Hörfreude, bei der ansonsten bombastisch angelegten Gehörgangsmassage. - Terrorverlag

"The Collibro album review"

Review Summary: Unique and compelling. The Collibro is one of the best unsung albums of this year so far.

3 of 3 thought this review was well written

To call Lis Er Stille post rock in a sense of the conventional post rock which has become familiar in the music scene in which they have been labelled with would not only be completely unfair but also completely unjust to their latest work The Collibro. Post Rock, rightly or wrongly has to some become somewhat of a stagnant genre. After the emergence of particular big name groups like Explosions in the Sky, a whole range of bands have come and gone sharing the same characteristics and trends of post rock to the point where it can be argued ideas in the genre have been continuously been recycled. Often long guitar lead build ups (not always however) accompanied with subtle ambience, with the inclusion of maybe piano or string instruments with perhaps the inclusion of quite subdued passages leading up to a climax often near the end of a song. This is not to say Lis Er Stille do not have build ups or even guitar passages, but many aspects of their song structures, compositions and inclusions of styles and elements in their music manage to step out of the realms of traditional and modern post rock. With the inclusions of other genres like progressive rock and experimental tendencies even to the rather loose comparison of Avant-Garde, Lis Er Stille have stepped away from the post rock conventions and have truly moulded an unique sound of their own.

One characteristic of Lis Er Stille’s sound is that it is often piano lead. The Guitar for a lot of the album takes the backseat to some absolutely breathtaking piano leads and melodies which create some of the best moments of the entire album. Songs like Recalling the Cover are an example of where Lis Er Stille take the post rock conventional influences but use them in an entirely different context, switching piano and guitar leads on a dime with such ease, precision and fluidity . There is no ‘climax’ in a sense that Yndi Halda could produce in overwhelming fashion rather there are several moments scattered across the album which are thrilling and that are spread out across the entire song structures. This leads to a more overall satisfying and fulfilling listen and not one which is just built up for the climax or having an overall soundscape like the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Not to say however that Lis Er Stille have gone for a more song structural and rigid approach. This may appeal to more disillusioned fans of Post Rock who are tired of the same conventions repeated over and over and even may surprise the more conventional post rock fan too.

What also seperates Lis Er Stille from the rest of modern post rock is the inclusion of other genres melded into the overall sound. There are several nods to prog rock and progressive music in the way in which Lis Er Stille have taken a rather different approach to post rock and rock music in genre but also experimental and vaguely, Avant-garde. In particular one of the best songs of the album The Real Children has a very chaotic ending which can be seen to have been influenced by Black Metal. Fast Tremolo pick riffing is accompanied with high falsetto’s and fast piano notes layered over the top. This is only a brief climax to a well built song which in theory sounds horrible, but somehow they pull it off and ends up being one of the highlights to a superb album.

More than other Post Rock bands, Vocals are used throughout the album and become a prominent part. The Flow from song to song is excellent, and is absent of any filler. The shorter songs are used to great effect to continue the flow of the album, becoming part of the whole package, often accompanied with more subdued, sombre and Baritone vocals. In the Seed is a beautifully string lead piece which is almost developed enough to be considered a song rather than an overlapping interlude which flows perfectly into the closing track, an example the albums overall flow and continuity.

Overall, this album is an unique experience, whilst there are definite similarities to the more average post rock, it succeeds in creating something unique and compelling. Send in the Scouts may just be one of the songs of the year, building from the beginning bass and Guitar riffs into a truly explosive song with layers of guitar, piano and electronica all brought together from around the 2 minute mark which may be where the album really begins to shine and come together. Definitely one of the best unsung albums of this year so far. - Sputnik Music


Still working on that hot first release.



Formed in 2004, as an art project designed to put music on the emotions derived from paintings, LISERSTILLE has always been on a quest to redefine the way we perceive music and question the traditions of modern rock. In 2006 the band recorded their first demo to present to the business. This however became their debut album when Target Records (DK) decided to release the 4 track 43 minute recording. Following the tremendous success of The Construction of the AmpTrain LISERSTILLE opened SPOT festival, played Roskilde Festival and had showcases at PopKomm. Legendary music journalist, David Fricke also mentioned LISERSTILLE in the American issue of RollingStone Magazine and compared the band with the early days of Pink Floyd.

Exactly one year from the release of TCOFAT came the 2nd album Apathobvious, which both started the close cooperation with producer Anders Ruby and also put LISERSTILLEs music into a new and more professional approach to the recording process. One which lives today stronger than ever and contributes to the many dimensions and layers in the songs - even after a countless number of plays. Apathobvious was followed up by massive touring in Denmark and Scandinavia.

Three years of intense composing later, the bombastic and truly epic album The Collibro was finally ready for release in the spring of 2010. After being recorded in complete solitude in a lodge by the band itself, the tracks were brought to the north where Magnus Lindberg, drummer and producer of Swedish prog metal band Cult Of Luna, did a deep and warm analog mix and master, which completed the complex album. The Collibro was released in Europe by VME and gained massive attention from music media all over the world. Especially the German magazines agreed on the groundbreaking quality of the album and Germany's biggest prog rock magazine, Eclipsed, awarded it 'Album of the month'. The release was followed up by several full European tours, which among others took the band to the famous Belgian festival for progressive music, Dunk!Festival.

In spring 2012 the fourth full-length album NOUS was released once again on VME. The album was the first to be recorded in LISERSTILLE's own studio The Cube of Eternal Doom on an old farm in the outskirts of Aarhus. Once again mixed and mastered in the darkness of NIM by Anders Ruby, and once again critically high acclaimed all over Europe with even more countries on the list. NOUS is modern epic in high definition!

The time following from the release of NOUS was then used to rearrange and regain the full strength of the creative many-headed monster, which is LIS.
A strong cooperation with Enough Said Music will ensure, that the future of LISERSTILLE takes presence and representation to a whole new level. Also a deal with Friendly Fire Licensing about getting LISERSTILLE's music into TV and movies has been signed as well as a contract with the European booking agency Colossal.

During the harsh winter of 2012/2013 LISERSTILLE once again entered The Cube of Eternal Doom Studio with a mission. To counteract the fact that people spend less & less time on more & more, LISERSTILLE was to determined to accept the challenge of compressing the bands bombastic dimensions into a less time consuming design. And the mission succeeded.

Flight of Belljr was released on the 16th of September 2013, containing three stages, three stories, circulating the ultimate destruction of planet Earth nothing less! Instruments are exchanged, and the result shows that the huge tension and release, always stated as the bands greatest strengths, is furthermore emphasized though a natural insecurity walking unknown territory. Then, when the musicians finally intake their signature positions, the release is enhanced far more than ever before!